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  1. Got another one

    Well that sucks!
  2. Got another one

    The car did live for a little but shortly after getting it running it started knocking. Come to find out I put the wrong stubby oil pump shaft in the motor. Since then the car has spiraled out of control.
  3. FOR SALE: evo flip key reopened!!! 40$ shipped 35$ for 2 or more

    Well I’m interested if you do them again
  4. Stupid transmission

    I can't really say I was getting that much because that rear bolt was missing. I will put one in and check tomorrow
  5. Stupid transmission

    Quoting gvr4ever: Is the flywheel step in spec with the clutch you used?Sounds like your doing everything right. I've always felt the clutch system was a weak point in our cars. I'm not sure what people are doing to make it all work.The twin disc came as new setup from extreme psi. It...
  6. Stupid transmission

    Thank you, I just jacked the car up and pulled the t-case and down pipe. I will go pick up one before I go to work. Thank you again for the help
  7. Stupid transmission

    I definitely don't have the bolt in on the back side of the motor. I played with it yesterday but I didn't find one that fit. Whats the size M8 or M10? is that the bold that is cone shaped on the tip?
  8. Stupid transmission

    I have a SS line on it and the clutch came with a fork
  9. Stupid transmission

    Will this transmission work on gallants? (W5M332NPXV) I have been trying to bleed this clutch every day. I have replaced the clutch master and I have an extended slave cylinder rod on it. I can not seem to get the clutch to release. The clutch is a twin disc competition clutch (New) I have tried...
  10. old video just uploaded

    I see you
  11. Got another one

    Thank you and Yes it is.
  12. Got another one

    Update: Got the radiator fan to work with factory sensors and system and mounted fan. Reinstalled Hood and put hood bra on. Checked over headlight, and marker lightsLast on the list is to adjust clutch master Install Bike rack Reinstall exhaust Cut bumper support for intercooler Cut bumper...
  13. The last radiator fan wiring thread

    I second that. works like a charm
  14. WTB: GVR4 Radiator fan

    In need of the cooling fan assembly
  15. WTB: Moroso oil pan 6 bolt

    Anyone have one for sell?