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  1. FS: 23/2000 LOOKING TO LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER. $4000 location indiana

    I put the evo 8 layered gasket on & added the rtv to make sure it was nice & sealed & no leaks. Prior mesh gasket blew out from boost so wasn;t having a exhaust leak this time. . Also previous owner who not sure upped the manifold bolts to the 10mm so I had to open up the holes on the gasket...
  2. FS: 23/2000 LOOKING TO LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER. $4000 location indiana

    only rust is in the rt rear rocker back at the dog leg behind the molding, i will add more pics. underbody is clean & undercoated.
  3. FS: 23/2000 LOOKING TO LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER. $4000 location indiana

    My first post got deleted I guess, So here's the run down fast like I traded for a crotch rocket I had love the car but don't have time for it, Lots of motor work done through the years most of the forum knows about this car and the prior owners, I had the engine all tuned up by a master mech...
  4. JDM projector foglight hook up

    Thanks a TON... Last question unless it doesn't work (i screwed something up) will this allow the fogs to power on whether or not the parks or heads are on? I read thats how the true JDM's were.
  5. Clutch pressure problem

    If your talking about your engagement not being until you hit the flooror just off the floor, then I just went through this same issue & my friend who has a Gvr4 said it's in the pedal assyembly they wear out & you have to adjust it he said he had to weld his. Mine now has the "throw" at the top...
  6. JDM projector foglight hook up

    So here is my delema, (lol spelling) I want to have the outside beams (fogs) come on with the park lights like the factory JDM cars and switch off with the high beams come on & turn on the inside fogs. How can I get that I can take on power from the parks to turn on the outside fogs & power from...
  7. JDM projector foglight hook up

    Can anyone tell me what size of relays to get? & what the best way to rewire the fog switch to have constant power to turn on the fogs at any time like you stated? I just got a pair of these & got them to fit & now see that they can't just be wired in cause to much draw & found per your post...
  8. FS: random OEM parts off 91 vr4(updated may 11th)

    do you still have the steering wheel?

    I Need a transmision.looks like someone before me took the trans apart & didn't know what the were doing. Trans fluid all shiny & grinds so sad that people ruin things because they don't let someone who knows what they are doing do it!
  10. WTB: fog lights for this bumper

    I have 23/2000 & from I can find everyone just calls it a jdm cover but my prob is someone along the way decided to take out the fogs & now it looks wrong & i can't find them anywhere that look like they would fit. Someone in China says on eBay they have them but they look too curved on the edge...
  11. 2nd gear slow boost pop noise then loss of power WTF??

    NGK BPR7ES plugs & I can't that I gapped them to any thing, I should of thought of that when I put them in, I just put them in about a month ago. I have no clue what they should be gapped to. here is the list of mods..- Eagle Rods - Wiesco Pistons - Arp Fasteners & Head Studs - 4...
  12. 2nd gear slow boost pop noise then loss of power WTF??

    It felt & sounded different then when I have blow a intercooler pipe out of its' boot, & what was odd is that I could get right back into it and had boost it was just like i built up to a point to where it just blew it all off or should say dumped it out the waste gate. Does that sound logical?
  13. 2nd gear slow boost pop noise then loss of power WTF??

    I haven't tried to dup more then just once due to I was worried I may damage something. So didn't try any other gears, all pipes are still in their clamps but I will check tightness. I am running about 17psi at max but I unfortunately I was not watching boost guage when I duplicated because I...
  14. 2nd gear slow boost pop noise then loss of power WTF??

    In second gear if i take & build the RPM's & boost slowly & get to I'd say around 4500 RPM there is a horible pop sound & loss of all boost & power, I let off & can get right back into it. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Thanks
  15. I am looking for a 4" intake pipe

    Close but no need for the secondary pipe coming off it, I saw a completely 4"bent tube that you just use a reducer hose to come down to 2.5" but can't find where to buy. I you seen the one I injen made for the 2g? That would work also but haven't found it either.
  16. I am looking for a 4" intake pipe

    Some jerk off had a great dsm 4" to 2.5" intake pipe that I bought on eBay but he was a scammer and never sent it so I am trying to find a pipe of that sort, that bends up to where the battery would be since I have the battery in the trunk. So very simply does anyone know where to find a intake...
  17. Need Help O2 & Fuel Trim

    I have a pda logger & I'm about 98% positive that it has a wideband in it, but that is from the fact that I removed it when I put new down pipe on. ( from knowing what they both look like this was a wideband )
  18. Need Help O2 & Fuel Trim

    I am trying to tune this thing still I have a data logger a A/F guage that doesn't really tell anything other then rich lean & stotic but I have a better infofrom my TB Timer on the O2 voltage & the A/F & I'm trying to figure out how I get the trim percentage from this. I mean wtf is 100% what...
  19. Clutch engauge

    Okay so I have been reading around and find that some people say that the clutch should engauge just off the floor, Now that can't be true? I know mine does now but that was how I got it and it is next on the list to get figured out. There is no way that the proper throw is just off the floor...
  20. urethane motor mounts

    Quoting prove_it: FWIW, I did my front and the trans and engine side mount. I left the rear alone for now, but honestly I don't think it will make a big difference. The engine doesn't really move much now anyway.The driver side stock was not in bad shape but the front and rear were, they...
  21. urethane motor mounts

    Quoting belize1334: Holy run-on sentence batman! Are you sure that you're not using a DSM front bracket? 'Cause that'll mess everything up. Which motor mounts are you using? i.e. prothane? torque solution? Are you replacing all 4 or just a subset?I'm assuming they are for the gvr4 they look...
  22. urethane motor mounts

    Anyone else installed these? I'm trying to but they are not going in as I would of thought the passenger side one was in when I got this car I installed the front one fighting it but got it when I released the driver side one factory one but could not get it or the urethane back in so loosened...

    I need one rear half shaft for my 91 vr4. Rt rear 4 BOLT 2G

    Quoting EHmotorsports: Chop. Noob questions belong in the newb section.this is the newbies section
  25. REAL QUICK Is there a certain 3" GM-MAF

    I work at a dealership body shop and have access to a few 3" GM-MAF I just pulled one off a 2005 malibu 3500 that is 3" but it is all plastic it does not have the metal center like I have seen on everyones cars. I saw a list someone posted on dsm tuners and it had older 3500 malibu's but just...

    QUOTE" The TDO5H on the turbo refers to the turbine wheel size. TDO6H is bigger and won't work. That's on 20g turbos though. The 14b, S16G, B16G all share the same turbine. The difference in housings is that the size of the inlet and turbine inlet are bigger on the 16G's. This effects high rpm...

    Quoting coyotes: you can find replacement housings on ebayclickyou can also use a 14b housing.THE 14b is the same ehaust housing? No SH_T! I figured since the intake side was a bigger inlet hole the exhaust side would be also.

    Quoting Spyke169: Is there a problem you are trying to correct? Or simply a hypothetical, would this be a good idea?In theory you could construct a bracket that fits over the internal wastegate flappers arm, and attaches elsewhere to hold the flapper closed. Would it seal 100%? Who knows. The...

    Quoting prove_it: Quoting chop91vr4: Quoting prove_it: If you haven't set up the turbo yet, how do you know it creeps?If your going for more than 20 psi I doubt you'll have much creep anyway. It tends to happen more at lower psi targets.I never said anything about boost creep, just that...

    Quoting prove_it: If you haven't set up the turbo yet, how do you know it creeps?If your going for more than 20 psi I doubt you'll have much creep anyway. It tends to happen more at lower psi targets.I never said anything about boost creep, just that I have been researching and see that...

    Quoting GVR4kauai: You could save a lot of Money and just run a holset acuator! It actually lets you start with around 15-18psi on just the spring alone no boost controller. So if you add in a ebc or mbc you can have up to 30psi of solid boost.So I just did some searching and couldn't come...

    Quoting tektic: Is your waste gate opening smooth and ported? Did you consider a larger diamater wg valve?I'm currently running the 14b, my 16G I'm rebuilding new seals bearings compressor and turbine wheel and shaft, so I don't know how it works it was in pieces when I got the car, so...

    Quoting brisvr4: Oh god! Why???why? because I've read that a external is more accurate and if I buy the header that has the mount built into it then I was wondering how to use the same turbo but have a external for better regulation of the boost then what the internal does. Does that...

    So since my big 16g td05 has a internal wastegate can I get a bracket to hold it clossed then install a external wastegate instead?

    Quoting jepherz: Technical? I think not.So then what is your definition of technical? technical should be anything that involves a mechanical question or electrical,or something that has to do with non General questions. henc my question in regards to a mechanical issue.

    Quoting 467: There's a large o-ring on the pipe where it fits into the housing. Are you sure it isn't the o-ring seal leaking?No it seems to be leaking at the smaller pipe where it is welded. looks like I need a new pipe.

    Quoting chop91vr4: Does anyone know if any other dsm motors will fit this motor? mine decided to spring a hole right where the heat exchanger tube meets it.motor 1g, part the water pump inlet pipe.

    Does anyone know if any other dsm motors will fit this motor? mine decided to spring a hole right where the heat exchanger tube meets it.

    I did the FIAV bypass rerouted the coolant lines and screwed in the FIAV all the way, well ever since I did that it seems that it increased the coolant pressure to wear I'm now fighting the top of the lower coolant hose leaking where it goes to the motor, so I replaced the hose and cleand the...
  40. anyone live near me

    Quoting chop91vr4: just got a hold of a 91 with lots of motor mods (don't have the current list handy) but I am new to this motor and not sure all the stuff they did to it was correct or a hack job. looking for some people in my area that may be able to help me out.. WELL I got my high...

    Quoting EHmotorsports: remove vacuum source and plug to prevent an air leak. start car and adjust to factory spec if you are not running ECM link. after pressure is adjusted reinstall vac line to's currently set right about 40 is that close or should I back It down closer to...

    Okay so I have searched and searched the web and I can't find anything to follow as per how to properly set your fuel pressure, just as for a basic's but I know I have a 255 fuel pump, 560CC INJECTORS and a AEM fuel rail with regulator
  43. anyone live near me

    BpuVr4 Not sure why your post don't have quote but this in reply to your last post, I tested the isc it's fine all coils seem read 30 or just above. I got to do a boost leak still but I just happened to have a coolant hose fail today so I'm fixing that first
  44. anyone live near me

    lancer99yes one of the visors are green, it still has a shifting issue at anything other then just babying it into 2nd it grinds. I'm going to rebuild the front diff & make it awd again and going through the rear diff cause it leaks, also did the FIAV bypass, fixed the oil cooler bypass leaks...
  45. anyone live near me

    so drove it to work this morning and idled around 100-1100 will check it again this afternoon and it was plenty up to temp. I'm posting a pick because you can see the factory tach reading a higher number then my a/m tach which hooked up to the ecu on the correct wire. my question there is, is...
  46. anyone live near me

    okay so I have cleaned up the vac lines no more screws lol, just finished up bypassing the fiav coolant lines and twisting in the fiav spring adjustment all the way, so we will see how she runs tomorrow. ordered seals and bearings for the rear diff and mits still offers a front diff gear kit...
  47. anyone live near me

    If I buy a DSMlink v3 from ECM Tuning would it convert over the old OBD1 to a OBD2? or will there be a cable that will allow my laptop to connect through the OBD1, I've looked around on the website and it really doesn't say much about OBD1. And would I be able to use the socketed ECU that...
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