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  1. new owner of vr4 with issues.

    Use search, we're big fans of using the search button.Your ecu is most likely any 91-93 dsm ecu but could be a 90 dsm ecu with a rewire or a 91-92 gvr4 ecu. Break it open and search ecu threads to identify which and if its chipped for link.Cyclone is the type of intake plenum you have not...
  2. Need Help with Bearing Diagnosis

    Yea he does that. He's THE man
  3. JUNE 7-9th, 2013 - AWD MEET - OCEAN CITY, MD

    Bump for one week count-down. PM me if anybody needs a free place to crash
  4. FS: Maryland 91 vr4 1232/2000 "SOLD"

    Part it out kev! I'll come over RIGHT NOW
  5. Front 02 not cycling at idle.

    You should get a wideband and run o2 simulation and see if you get anywhere!
  6. Anyone using CXR TD05 Big 20G Turbo?

    I was looking at the same turbo!Then i ran into a guy at a show two weeks ago and he was running a big 16g on 25lb with e85. He said he has to rebuild the turbo every season but with a on e a year rebuild it wasn't a bad deal with a stock turbo.
  7. WTB: 4 bolt dif (maryland)

    I'm buying another 4 boly from a different member so turbo4door's diff is up for grabs!
  8. Rear Diff Grinding/Diff fluid recomendations

    I'm picking up a 4bolt LSD this weekend hopefully! Like wiz, rather upgrade than rebuild
  9. WTB: 4 bolt dif (maryland)

    Hey guys!So my dif is on it's way out and it's not a 4 bolt so it's time to upgrade.I'm in matyland and would drive to pickup (i'm assuming shippig would be rediculous) so if anybody can help me out, much thanks.
  10. Decreasing 92 Taillight Suckage

    AHH HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HOW THAT LOOKS!!!???I heart 92 tails (exp with front all amber corners) sloooge!
  11. Yay me! Being bad during camshaft install.

    I have a gasket and rtv blue on mine. No leaks, but wouldnt recomend using a gasket, snapped two pan bolts getting to fasten down
  12. 2004 Vr4 meet in NO. VA pics

    Did this meet happen? I wanted to go!
  13. Rear Diff Grinding/Diff fluid recomendations

    Hey Guys!We to drive to work this morning and seems a muffled grinding has developped. It's coming from the rear of the car and only makes noise when i downshift a decelerate in gear. Soon as i touch the gas or push the clutch in the car rolls with no noise. So i think it's my rear...
  14. JUNE 7-9th, 2013 - AWD MEET - OCEAN CITY, MD

    That would be amazing! 995 and 996!
  15. FS: trunk sale

    pictures of radio bezel?
  16. JUNE 7-9th, 2013 - AWD MEET - OCEAN CITY, MD

    Hey Fellas!3 day meet in Ocean City, Maryland with the main event (500+ awd vehicles) on Saturday, June 8th 2013.Link to the official website: clickI was registered last year but too much was wrong with the vr4 to finish her in time. This year I am ready and registering this week!The...
  17. First Time Build from Maryland

    Thanks Guys! More pics in Events forum
  18. JDM bumpers

    I'm also interested. Are there amg wings down there?
  19. First Time Build from Maryland

    New wheels and first trophy!Wheels are 16x7.5 CCW's with e100 yoko'sTrophy was for runner up in sleeper class!
  20. DC/Balto 2013 King of Mitsu Car Show Pics

    Took runner-up in sleeper class. First car show and first trophy!
  21. overheating

    Now i'm sweating because not only do am i running without a thermostat, but i've been running withot a thermostat all winter!!Stays around 154-164 degrees withfans constantly on
  22. catalytic converter process

    Is your test pipe welded into place?When i deleted my cat i had my guy weld a couple flanges on the testpipe so it was removable. If your flanges are still there you should be able to bolt a cat in no problem (thats assuming the flamges are still in stock position, if not there will be some...

    Use that first link prove_it gave you!! I use ECMLink wiki like i'm paid to. Their forum is also great, and if you email Tom and ECMLink he's more than friendly and ready to help with questions, comments, and concerns.Some general input to help you get started with link;I would run 2g MAF...
  24. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    says kevin while I'm fighting traffic to keep up with him cruising after the carwash...
  25. overheating

    Turn the engine on. Don't let it over heat but let the temperature climb. Kill the engine and go feel your radiator hoses. If the top radiator hose is significantly cooler than the lower hose, you have a circulation problem and I would suspect the water pump.This is assuming you have removed...
  26. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    Kevin drives tooo fast for debris and water to fall into the vents!
  27. First Time Build from Maryland

    Updates and Pictures!- boost controller and tuned for 15lb - Wideband FrontO2 simulation - HID Headlights - Deleted Cat for 3'' Test pipe
  28. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    some picsand under the hood
  29. FS: JDM pre face fog lights

    Come onn payday
  30. Couldn't find a JDM hood so i did this.....

    looks great kev! I want to come over and check it out!
  31. First Time Build from Maryland

    Here's a link to the vr4; clickCan't decide if I should continue this thread with further upgrades, or start a new one.If any of you local/mid-atlantic boys want to get together this summer, PM me. I'm definitely doing AWDFest in OC, MD this summer.
  32. FS: gvr4, dsm, evo parts

    Pm sent
  33. FS: JDM pre face fog lights

    Pm sent. I want those amber corners!

    Yea! Was loading my straight pipe into the car and half way through saying 'don't let it scratch the arm rest' he let the metal tear a 5 inch scratch into the leather. AAHHH!!!How much for you to ship to MD 20905

    Must be leather!
  36. WTB: 650-ish Injectors

    Hey guys, i'm leaning out up top on these 450's. I need more fuel!Looking for 550-750cc Injectors, post or PMShip to Maryland, 20905
  37. New New Yorker taking on a gvr4

    hey ade,I don't know if anybody's said anything about that plug coming off the ecu harness but if it's anything like mine (and it looks exactly the same) a previous owner had tapped into the front o2 wire for one reason or another and the green wire/white male plug was just hanging there. I...

    Hey guys, like it says; I need the arm rest for the back seatShip to 20905
  39. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated FEB 2023!

    Still have 1992 fobs?
  40. WTB: Passenger Side Interior Headliner Molding/above windows plastic piece

    Not sure what you call it, but i need the black long plastic piece that extends over the windows/doors on the edge of the headlinerShip to 20905
  41. WTB: Clear Corner Headlights with springs/clips

    Hey All,So I was pulling into my friends driveway and the bit of plastic with the hole for the spring/clip broke and the corner headlight went flying into the road.I want a clear pair in good condition (no big chips) to replace them and i need at least one spring/clip.I already have a...
  42. Robby's 91 GVR4

    My name is Robby and this is my Galant.A very Special Thank You to Shaun Sully, Hondasi88 (and his wife), toybreaker, and Jason in Waldorf MD for their patience, understanding, much appreciated help and contribution.As well a much owed Thank You to VFAQ, Tom at ECMLink of Frederick MD...
  43. WTB: N/A Throttle cable and Interior Trim

    Hey guys,I'm looking for a non-cruise control throttle cable, the long interior ceiling trim piece for passenger side above windows from front windshield to rear windshield, and one of those circular plugs that goes into the door handles to hide the bolt used to hold it to the doorThanks!
  44. 650cc injectors on Apexi SAFC

    Would 450cc/2gMAF/apexi setup work?
  45. WTB: 650cc/2gMAF chip/ecu

    Hey guys. I need a chip or ecu for 650cc injectors and a 2gMAF
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