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  1. balance shaft removal

    get rid of them, its a PITA to get them out after you start driving her again.
  2. Back in a GVR4!

    Quoting prove_it: KG for the win.Green is the fastest color.welcome back raptor!!
  3. Corner light removal

    They have a spring.When that is removed you can use the screwdriver, gently.edit: before anyone else says, learn to use the search function quick search with "+corner +light +remove -re:" yielded a howto posttook me a while to remember how to use the dam search function.
  4. FOR SALE: evo flip key reopened!!! 40$ shipped 35$ for 2 or more

    1: boostedbeast - 2 keys 2: LIV4PSI 3: PlatypusOfFury - 2 keys 4: JamesFoster - 2 keys 5: DustyDuff 6: MellowVr4 7. desant78 8. LordAthey 9. Defiant 10.Xfactor 11.DarkEaglTSi 12.gotclutch87 13.Racah15 14.coolclean577 15. Jasonvr4 - 4 keys 16. Solidviper89- 2keys
  5. No power to fuel pump

    doesn't it wait for the cas signal?
  6. where i can find or buy the 5 plug conversion?

    Quoting steveGLS: :facepalm:
  7. Hypothetical build

    fucken steef. Quote: $15k? I'd get hookers and Blow, then owe some...
  8. tps sensor questions

    FIAV? or ISC?one of those?
  9. Differential Woes?

    web pagelink at tuners with many tests... by toybreaker? is it the same toybreaker?
  10. No start

    Fixed it, just like MT said...I checked clutch switch and figured out how it works. The little plastic disk thing broke in half.I disconnected the switch and it started right up
  11. Developed another water leak.

    ^+1Check for leaves or other crap that clogs drains.
  12. No start

    MT helped me diagnose the no start problem my car has. She seems to have gotten the flu. I asked cru today for helped and I got answers from MT. I did what MT told me to do and find 3 wire connector, where stock battery used to be. I got the wire going to the starter solenoid a yellow/black wire...
  13. under hood battery relocate

    cool, I made my own nonblingtastic tray for my galant for freeit was my first time using a MIG welder, so it ain't pretty, but it works.I bought a Kinetik HC800 Power Cell on ebay for 120... but they can be had for much less
  14. Coil Packs and Dwell Time

    Quoting broxma: Quoting belize1334: Are you saying that the MAS plug actually fits with the 7-pin '91 igniter or just that it's a source for a male/female pair that can be used to build a harness?I am. It is the exact same harness plug with a wire in a different position. If we could remove...
  15. front axle/cv joint

    Is it leaking tranny juice?
  16. Mounting springs to shocks...who has a how-to?

    Quoting speedyvr4: compressing the spring is kind of a dangerous task if you've never done it before. It is not difficult, but does require you to pay special attention, again if you've never done it before.Specially the first way it was described of doing it.There's just no way of telling wich...
  17. Meth discussion

    Why a foot? I am a noob, enlighten me
  18. Only making 125hp on the dyno? Let's double that!!!

    If the turbo is spooling like crazy then you might have an exhaust leak or boost leak..(?)
  19. oil return

    Not on AN fittings.Simple Google search revealed this.
  20. after market parts

    Another thing to add to what JS said is that DSMs' are sometimes referred to as TEL(talon, eclipse, laser).JNZ is place to get OEM parts I have also had good luck with ExtremepsiAnd like everyone else says do the maintenance before attempting to have fun, or you'll end up Jack Stand Ballin'...
  21. 3" Ebay downpipe - doesn't fit

    order another? return the old one...
  22. hot wheather thermostat

    The only thing "better" is open(no thermostat). Have you tried "wetter water"?Do you stock or aftermarket fans? Have you done a radiator flush lately?
  23. Converting all wheel drive to front.

    My car is RWD right now, not by choiceTrust me its' not as fun as it sounds...
  24. New problem

    Oh good job, what was the outcome of your research?
  25. Stock EVO III Injector Size?

    I have a question, if the 2g flow 450cc @ 43psi what do the 1g's flow? Are they also 450cc @ 43psi? Or do they flow 450cc @ the stock fuel pressure?
  26. leaking coolant, driver side?

    The purge valve thingy? Maybe its open?
  27. evo 3 fuel pump

    I have a hose clamp around mine, I think the whole sending unit is grounded. IDK maybe someone knows for sure.
  28. 379/1000 First Start ....Build Log

    We had no choice but to finish or we wouldn't be able to drive home, talk about motivation. Get it done, and do it right. That day was an awesome learning experience!
  29. Slipping but not the cutch????????

    I thought that was Wop's for a secondMaybe clutch, weak PP, flywheel. I don't know much about that area
  30. ATTENTION: Evo Owners....

    Quoting broxma:Which car do I want to drive. The Galant. Why? This is where I cannot be objective because I will be unable to make you understand or experience the same thing. When I get in my GVR4, I am happy. It has no AC. I'm elated. The seat is still ripped, Wonderful. It reeks like gas...
  31. alternator

    Sweet well there you go, I never knew there were soo many different alternators.
  32. timing belt tool

    Screwdriver method is awesome
  33. ECU Damage

    Terry I'm sure he could chime in.
  34. timing belt tool

    Or you could use a screwdriver, it takes two people but it works. Just get underneath(assuming the motor is in car) get a flat head screwdriver and put screwdriver into one of the tensioner holes
  35. timing belt tool

    A screwdriver
  36. alternator

    well kinda, I have a 1g alt in my galant, they fit the same but the 1g is a lower amperage one, its 75amp IIRC, and galant is 90amp IIRC.
  37. Tear down and rebuild of MadBeachDSM's #145/2000

    That wrinkle black looks so awesome!
  38. What is the purpose / use of your vr4?????

    Sweet, I cant wait to see evo IIthe purpose of my Galant is to always make new noises. When I fix one noise, I find another one.
  39. 12:54 - Restate my assumptions

    Sweet, That's awesome, I wanna go on a drive
  40. What is the purpose / use of your vr4?????

    Quoting mikewitdaspike: Quoting Kojack: I use mine to piss me off in the event my wife isn't doing so at that time.i almost fell off my chair laughing when i read that!!oh snaps LOL
  41. 12:54 - Restate my assumptions

    Any updates on how the galant is doing?
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