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  1. Power Windows

    I can't figure out how to get into the door, properly, so I basically jiggled the wires from the cluster end of the loom, and tried the switches.(1) I read somewhere that if the passenger side switch is bung, then everything is bung. so i have swapped all the switches around...
  2. Power Windows

    Sorry I forgot to say that this car is a Mitsubishi Mirage 1992 (but I'm unsure of that, google says its a 1995).
  3. Power Windows

    Hi there, I can't get my power windows to work! They work sometimes and then cut out! Which one of these is the fuse and the relay for the power windows? its driving me INSANE!I have pulled out all the fuses and found they are all intact. I have pulled out the power window buttons and...
  4. 4G67 DOHC Swap

    ooo thank you, I'll certainly be having a look at that when i find it. I think I've caught the whole Galant bug.Well I just wanted to come back and say that I have installed the engine, and everything was fine, at least I thought. Unfortunately I forgot to bolt down the crank pulley, and...
  5. 4G67 DOHC Swap

    Phew, So its been a bit of a week, but got a lot accomplished!Well, lets take the bonnet off first! and jack that sh*t up!I'll start with all these wires!And these weird looking tube thingys!Unbolt that big thing, on the front of the other thing...Tell that bitch whose boss!Pull...
  6. 4G67 DOHC Swap

    Hey Guys, I've managed to get a hold of a 4G67. I've started tearing out all the wires and shizzzz on the old engine. Slowly getting to the point now where I can detach the axles, and yank the damn thing out! Hopefully the next photos will be of the engine halfway out! Then swapping bits...
  7. 4G67 DOHC Swap

    Oh wow! I didn't get a single notification that I had people responding to my requests here! Thank you so much for getting involved! I really appreciate it!I managed to find a 4G67 up north of where I live.I got it for $300 and picking it up this weekend. The thing is, we don't know what...
  8. 4G67 DOHC Swap

    Hi there!Well, my cam belt snapped and I'm thinking I have valve damage. I took the covers off, and turned the cam shafts, seemed sweet to me. My father doesn't seem to think so. I understand why, but maybe, just maybe I may have gotten away with it? It was pretty interesting where the...
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