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  1. FS: 05 WRX

    Hello all!! Looking to trade 05 WRX for a Galant VR4. WRX has 140k miles and is all stock except cat back exhaust. Hss tein coilovers with electronic damper control, whiteline swaybars front and rear. Car drives and handles amazingly!! Smog legal. Located in LA area. For sale for 8.5k or trade...
  2. FS: 1038/2000 NorCal $6300

    Hello,still available? I'm very interested and I'm located in Socal. If so is it registered? If not how far behind? Would you be interested in trading for an 05 Blobeye WRX?? 140k miles. Stock except cat back exhaust. Runs great!! Just thought I'd ask. Its currently for sale at 8.5k. If it sells...
  3. 1994 Eagle Summit

    It runs, starts right up. But the trans is bad.
  4. 1994 Eagle Summit

    Ok, so I picked up this pretty clean 1994 Summit AWD for $150. Yes you heard correct $150. Now comes the 4G63t. But my question is, other then the 4G63t, 5sp trans, ECM. What other things would i need to complete this swap?
  5. Got #511 Back!!

    Damn, I like that!!
  6. Got #511 Back!!

    Bought the car like this. Not too bad seeing that everyone has one with stock color. Same green,same black,same white all played out.
  7. Got #511 Back!!

    Hello guys and girls. Just wanted to let you know that I got #511/1000 back!!Sold her, but guy went to jail for 4 years and it's been sitting and rotting away. So I got her back cuz I couldn't stand to see her like this. Putting about 7k into her asap. It's missing the badge with the limited...
  8. FS: 1992 AWD Colt

    How hard was the AWD swap? Looking to do it to my 92 Colt Vista. Out of what car did you get the AWD out of? Looking to throw in a 4g also. Would make a great sleeper.
  9. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    Nice wish I had the money. I drive this for now.
  10. GalantVR-4.Org Shirts?

    No buy some.
  11. GalantVR-4.Org Shirts?

    Hello is there any shirts or merchandise available for purchase?
  12. Why is my font so big?

    Yes I am on a mobile device. Ok cool just didnt want to brake any kind of rules for posting with giant letters lol. Thanks for the help.
  13. Why is my font so big?

    Hello I'm new here and cant figure out why my font is so big. Can anyone help?
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