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  1. FS: 1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI Arlington, TX

    Great car for a dd. Used to have a 96, got 700miles to a tank of diesel. And technically it was home heating oil, not even road going diesel. It was still running strong at 412k miles before I gave it to a friend
  2. Guess this bolt (Round #3)

    Oil pan. Or maybe throttle cable bracket bolt?
  3. First engine build

    I've only had one bad experience with e85 and that was when I let my Saabaru sit for 5 months unused and I had to clean my fuel rails and injectors. The "black goo" clogged everything. That being said, in the gvr4 I've been running it in the stock lines with 0 issues. Some people have it affect...
  4. First engine build

    Everything that Jverts said basically. I'm not on here a terrible amount but personally I'm running an hx40 6 blade with a .55ar BEP flange and at 32psi with e85 its a monster with not much lag,I still hit 30psi right around 4k. Over at tuners they have a page dedicated to the different holset...
  5. hood vents

    I passed one on the highway today and thought,"that might work for a gvr4".
  6. WTB: 344 front bracket

    Just bought Nate's, sorry
  7. WTB: 344 front bracket

    with the Hx40, I had to take some from the top to make the mount work. The previous owner hacked the a large section of the bottom, and I really dont trust it at this point.
  8. I am having two problems with my car! Help please!

    Hmph. I know after mine once it got cold (
  9. I am having two problems with my car! Help please!

    The cold start issue sounds like a bad/blocked off FIAV on your throttle body. If previous owner did a FIAV block of some sort, you'd have to hold the pedal until it starts to warm up.
  10. FS: evo seat brackets interest

  11. another RHD vr4 in the states

    With that 2.2 I dont forsee you having any issues. EJ22 are probably the most reliable subie engine made.
  12. #610/1000 Current status

    So I'm hoping by this weekend she'll be up and running. Everything has come together quite nicely. Still waiting on some odds and end to be delivered, but front suspension should be on Sunday and I can plumb in all the vacuum lines and start prepping a base tune. I'm really excited to drive the...
  13. #610/1000 Current status

    Link v3. I've been really impressed with it, especially since my last aem unit on my Saabaru gave me a headache. They fixed everything under warranty, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I realllllly wanted to go 10.5:1 but I'd be strictly limited to e85 and someone on here gave me a great deal...
  14. #610/1000 Current status

    So its been a few months. With everything going on here, this was thrown on the back burner. Checked cylinders for any scratches and then bore. Everything was surprisingly great, just needed a good hone. Threw some new Wiseco's with a 9:1 comp and buttoned everything back up on the bottom end...
  15. PSI+timing+AFR sweet-spot?

    Personally, with the fuel and turbo you have I would start at 16psi and play with timing. You'll probably be able to get more out of it that way. Once you get it dialed in there, you can play with a little more boost if you still aren't happy, but you may end up needing some water/meth to make...
  16. What tells the fuel pump to run/ dumb cold start drama

    Plug temp range is a huge deal on start up/cruise. Granted 7s aren't terribly cold, but for a stock dd that doesnt get driven hard often you could fowl them out pretty quickly. Which leads to starting issues. That may or may not be the issue now, but for
  17. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    300 for 45 minutes.
  18. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    Just had issues with the same thing on a holset. I put the whole turbo in the oven for 45 mintues, took it out then upside can of compressed air the center section. Came apart very easily after. Tried soaking/heating/Hammer and nothing worked before that.
  19. #610/1000 Current status

    Hmm, I did not know that. Figured I'd have to find a used one. Thanks
  20. #610/1000 Current status

    So work has slowed down a bit so I was able to do some work on the car. Removed pistons/rods/ect and checked the block. Everything was still in spec. Went ahead and re-honed everything. Bought Wiseco 9:1 so I can still run pump and made a dual pump tank hanger for e85. She went on a diet and...
  21. Updated: Injectors, MBC, andFuel Sender

    Updated, added an extra fuel sender I had in the garage
  22. #610/1000 Current status

    Quote: What pistons are those? Ross?No, wiseco. The 4032 alloy, not the 2618. Ill take another picture but that one is very deformed now. Only 1 other piston had slight damage. The other 2 are still usable. The car actually ran like this, but not well. Swapped plugs since the electrode...
  23. #610/1000 Current status

    So I don't post nearly enough but I figured might as well start now. I've had the car for nearly 2 years now but in that time I've moved 3 times going from Indiana to lower NY and now to upstate NY. I had your typical "built" motor with a pte 60 trim and since I moved away from e85 I went with a...
  24. Grey 1991 VR4 in local u-pull it yard.....what should I try to get?

    Front engine mount if possible. Just realized mine isnt straight anymore Don't really trust it with the new holset setup going in.
  25. Updated: Injectors, MBC, andFuel Sender

    Added: Have an extra fuel sending unit now. Everything is solid and works fine. End of outline line was cut and fuel line was clamped on instead. $135 shippedMaking the switch over to e85 since the new house has a gas station down the street that carries it so I'm getting rid of some...
  26. WTB: Knock Sensor

    Need a working knock sensor
  27. 3KGT Brake Question

    My question is can you install a line lock system into the brake line and use that as a parking brake. I know a few of my 4x4 friends that do axle swaps go that route. Most do a manual valve controlled line lock, though one has a low voltage solenoid that barely uses any power. As long as the...
  28. FS: AMG sparkplug cover, VC, Misc Injectors

    They are low impedance
  29. FS: AMG sparkplug cover, VC, Misc Injectors

    Sorry about that, added prices. Got a ton of Pms, going on a first come first serve basis. JNava was the first about the AMG cover
  30. FS: AMG sparkplug cover, VC, Misc Injectors

    Cleaning out some of the drawers. Everything is Best Offer to the .org people, just making some room. Everything was working fine, injectors stored in a bag with wd40. Can get better pictures of separate items if wanted. Evo 8 560cc Injectors-Sold Keydiver chip for 560cc Injectors, 2g mas...
  31. WTB: Driver side front axle

    Boot torn and starting to click, need a new one.
  32. Unbalanced clutch disc?

    I know that was is in because as I took it off for my throw out bearing install a few weeks the head broke off and had to get it out and find a new bolt. Checked the upper two and the bottom front one and they all seem fine, but if it that one backed out for whatever reason, could it really...
  33. Unbalanced clutch disc?

    So recently as I started driving 610 around more I would get an occasional bad vibration under all conditions, even idle. Its not all the time, and as soon as I push the clutch in it goes away. It seems like if I feather it out or let the clutch go at just the right time its fine, other times...
  34. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    Is it a new or used AFPR? I've had one go bad and as soon as I hit any boost it basically blocked off the return line.
  35. WTB: shifter cables

    Got the car back together and as I get her off the lift a cable snapped. Anyone that has a good set shoot me a pm. The sooner the better!
  36. Another one bites the rust

    Well the underside of it is gone(cant show it with a piece of wood on the pinch weld) and it extends to the B pillar section of the car. I did have my friend who is a welder look at it and say he could make a new rocker pretty easily, but it would be a late summer/fall project when work slows...
  37. Another one bites the rust

    So this past year I've been all over the place while trying to build 610 to a respectable sleeper. Now that its finally a bit warmer and I'm all settled in after moving back to New York from the mid-west, I bought a bunch of bushings and had the goal of dropping the rear sub and doing all the...
  38. stumbling above 4K rpm

    You're very welcome. Its easier than you think to build a timing table rather than using sliders and much more effective.
  39. stumbling above 4K rpm

    Go to your max timing map and click track datalog, you can also detach it and scroll across your log as your do your first gear pull. Find the individual cells at which its knocking in first, lower those and the few surrounding ones.
  40. Drive train noise

    I would start by draining the fluids and looking for metal shavings.
  41. FS: Gvr4 engine wiring harness

    Any pictures?
  42. 560cc injectors 16g 2g maf q's

    Sent ya a pm. I have a Keydiver chip laying around tuned specifically for what ya need.
  43. GVR4 ABS proportioning valve question?

    Quote: I'm no engineer, but I was under the assumption the VR4 required more front brake bias for effective braking, hence the higher split point. I haven't made any modifications to the chassis, the vehicle's weight or the brake system, so how would I brake more effectively with a lower split...
  44. Drive train noise

    Once I changed mounts, deleted balance shaft, did a lightened flywheel, unsprung disc, and everything else I a weird decel noise too. It was kind of like a drone coming from underneath me but give it gas and it went away. Checked everything out and it appeared fine and then I read that and it...
  45. Drive train noise

    click good read about where it could be coming from. Someone else had it posted
  46. Stock part limitations?

    You should be fine with a 2g/Evo Maf, I actually kept mine until it broke and I was running a gt3076 and now a pte 60 trim. I was scared to switch to speed density but once you do, its really not bad. Especially with the Maf adapter, no cutting or splicing wires
  47. No start after sitting a few weeks

    Well after last time when my MAF went but I thought it was my CAS, I still had yours at the house. Sadly the girlfriend doesnt enjoy the amount of parts I'm starting to accumulate between this and my next project, fd rx7 next winter.
  48. Ecmlink Ethanol sensor

    I'll be ordering the parts in the next week. I just spoke to them about it, min oct map is tuned for pump and max octane is tuned for the highest you would be running(E85/90/100) the sensor reads the mixture and interpolates the two graphs based on the exact mixture. Its all pretty straight...
  49. FS: 1975 Colt Wagon/2nd Gen Galant Wagon $1800 Bellingham, WA

    Why are you so far away!? If you lived on the other coast I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat
  50. Stock part limitations?

    I went the full sleeper route myself. For intercooler I have a Spearco front mount made for an EVO 3 and its all black. Might not be the most efficient but the water/meth helps with it and you cant see it at all behind my slats at all. Engine bay was kept "rugged", not a clean finish but cleaned...
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