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  1. Back into it

    Hey everyone. Thinking about getting another VR for but I’ve been out of it so long I don’t even know where the prices are. What am I looking at for one that’s been modified, but nothing crazy.
  2. FS: Kensington Grey 1992 GVR-4 (50/1000) Kansas City, MO $3,500 SOLD

    wish I would have decided sooner to get back into galants. I'm thinking of buying another before winter and yours was close. :P
  3. 14u2nV, Kenneth Brian, Location Agency/St. Joe, MO

    I am on top of this issue, and have been the whole time, as well as in contact with buyer.
  4. FS: bunch of parts

    I found a non-electric antennae too. $30/shpd
  5. FS: bunch of parts

    downpipe sold
  6. FS: bunch of parts

    no bites huh, make me some offers, don't make me junk it all.
  7. FS: bunch of parts

    Found some lug nuts too. I had them on my galant with my 17's. $30/shpd ?
  8. FS: bunch of parts

    I'm cleaning out my garage and found a bunch of galant stuff to get rid of. All prices are shipped CONUS, and obo. I've been out of the galant game a while, so my price starting points may be off so bear with me.*I will not ship the exhaust, but may work something out to meet up or such...
  9. FS: SS laser cut gauge plates $150/shpd conus

    No bites huh? $100/shpd to your door, cheapest I'll go. I'll give it another week then they will get stored away for posterity.
  10. FS: SS laser cut gauge plates $150/shpd conus

    I'm cleaning my garage and found these on the shelf, I won't need them again so I'm seeing if anyone wants them. I made them years ago when I worked programming lasers, and had big plans for them but lost interest. They are SS painted black. I've had them in my cars since, and always intended...
  11. FS: left over parts $bo

    radio pocket/brackets and shift knob sold.Also found 2 heater blowers, winter is coming. $25/shpd/eaGot a good pair of headrests, soft and good shape $50/shpd/pairStill got a 344 motor mount too. make me an offerFound a driver side 91 tail light, good condition. $40/shpd...
  12. FS: left over parts $bo

    Bump, anyone interested in this stuff? Cleaning the garage and want it gone, figure I'll try one more time before I start pitching stuff. Prices are pretty reasonable, but I may take less. No trades, I don't need anything related to mitsus anymore. I may add some other parts later if I get the...
  13. EgonOlsen

    Same here, not one issue. I wouldn't be scared to sell him more.
  14. FS: Clear plexiglass toilet seat

    lightly sand the underside of the lid and add a blue led. TADA, instant cool toilet lid. Good luck with sale
  15. FS: 91 Engine harness with quick release inj plugs $old

    everything is in good working condition. I repaired any issues back when I put the car together
  16. FS: 344 front motor mount $45/shpd

    I can get a pic if you really need it, but it looks just like every other one. I won't have any use for it and know how hard they are to find when you really need it.
  17. FS: 91 Engine harness with quick release inj plugs $old

    Good shape, came out of my running car. I installed the quick release plugs by depinning the old and swapping, no solder/broken
  18. Any sources for windshield trim?

    When I had my last windshield installed, I had the glass place ditch the factory trim and install the rubber type. Looked much better and stays black. :P I'd recommend it to everyone. They said they'd do the rear too, but it would have cost me to have it taken out, then reinstalled and I...
  19. FS: left over parts $bo

    One last bump before I pull the ad and ebay the rest.
  20. FS: left over parts $bo

    Bump, someone has to be eyeballing this stuff, make me some offers if you are on the fence. Also adding some more things that I've found.
  21. FS: left over parts $bo

    I've also got a 3" exhaust for galants. I'll do a package of the downpipe, glasspack and full exhaust for $150, but I won't ship it. I paid almost $200 for a shop to make the pipe for me. No muffler, but I had them leave a straight section so I could add one later. Downpipe to rear bumper...
  22. FS: left over parts $bo

    bump, I sure would like to get rid of the rest of this stuff. make me some offers.

    So I'm curious "usethe4ce", why are you asking for help in newbies on fixing this car and then listing it under another name for sale? Sure looks like some kind of scam to me. Btw, changing your name doesn't change your IP.
  24. board broke

    I'm on FF.
  25. 90 trans

    they wouldn't have gone together if the splines were different, you can't force a square peg into a round hole.
  26. 90 trans

    I may still have a complete 90 shifter/cables/brackets assy I could make you a good deal on. If interested let me know and I'll see if I can find it.
  27. FS: 832/2000 shell (roller) in Va Beach 1000

    I tried and tried to sell my shell, had rolling shell for $500, no bites. It goes to the scrapyard this week. Hope you have better luck than me.
  28. 90 trans

    did you change out the whole bracket, or just 1 of the 2 pieces? the "bracket" is actually two pieces. Are you sure you have 91+ cables and shifter?
  29. 90 trans

    You need the shifter, cables and brackets for the 90 OR the brackets for the 91+ with 91+shifter/cables.
  30. board broke

    I posted it where you'd see it, it started working again so I didn't see any need to say anything more
  31. board broke

    Clicked Anything Goes, got this message:Internal Server ErrorThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything...
  32. FS: left over parts $bo

    no, I need cash to buy parts for my truck.
  33. FS: left over parts $bo

    Stuff not going to scrapper. Prices are not set in stone and pix will be added tonight/tomorrow of everything. Make me offers, nothing reasonable refused.1g stock uncrushed bov - $25/shpdboost and oil gauges $30/ea/shpd *they are dark when off, white when key is on and orange...
  34. q: galant gsx harness and galant vr4 turbo same?

    I'll sell you a complete vr4 harness for $400/shpd. that'll save you some headaches.
  35. WTB: Side mirror Glass

    if that doesn't work, it only costs like $10 to have a glass place cut you one around here.
  36. q: galant gsx harness and galant vr4 turbo same?

    You will need to wire in the injector resistor pack, I think the coil/ptu are different.
  37. Slow to start what's draining the Battery?????

    Do they test the battery for volts or CA? I've had a battery test 12v but not have any amps, thus making it junk.
  38. FS: 91 VR4 333/2000 St. Joseph, MO ***Getting parted out***

    Stapler is junk, blew out the end and now it won't staple right. Tried to take it back to sears, but with no receipt they wouldn't take it. Said those only have a 1 year warranty, mine is a couple.
  39. FS: 91 VR4 333/2000 St. Joseph, MO ***Getting parted out***

    Sad thing is that no matter how good of a shell it is, it's worth about $xxx/scrap. Betcha that's where my shell ends up. No biggie to me and one less vr4 in the world for those that think they will be worth a fortune one day.
  40. FS: 91 VR4 333/2000 St. Joseph, MO ***Getting parted out***

    I give up. I made a list of everything I can sell by parting it out, and the value is well over $2000. See parts for sale section for my part out thread.
  41. Fog lights not working? How to ground h3 bulb?

    Did they work before you pulled the bumper? Are you sure you didn't pinch the wires going to the lights between the bumper and frame?
  42. FS: DONE

    Car is going to scrapyard.If you've payed, they will be on their way to you. If you are stalling, get on it.I will list a few things that I know will still sell eventually but the rest is gone. Thanks.
  43. FEELER: 90 turbo fwd trans with shifter and cables

    Bump, no input? I know it's still worth something.
  44. Shift knob id

    cool, thanks.
  45. Shift knob id

    I asked in the other thread, but since it got locked I don't think I'll get an answer.Found it in a 1g, weighs a pound, has 5spd markings that are worn off.
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