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  1. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    I haven't found what the issue was. I went straight to EVO8 ecu. The car hasn't started since my home made balance shaft eliminator kit lock up the oil pump and decide to remove the engine/tran for cleaning. Prior to pulling the engine, I look at the trace and look normal with rev increase.
  2. Any one need a ECU conversion to 1G DSM to EVO 8?

    I have made myself a patch cable to the Galant. I bought a bunch of connector and pin for that purpose, I want to put a package for the do it yourself guy out there. It took me awhile to gather all the information to complete the task. Just me PM if anyone interested.
  3. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    I actually use that procedure to test ECT. I would get 306F for the short and -44F for open. Power source is 4.7V. No grounding issue and wire resistance in low at 4ohms. What that said, it should be good. I verify the operating temp to voltage at ECU pin out to confirm correct temp to voltage...
  4. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    Really thanks for all the reply. I haven't been an active member in any forum. I missed out on the last winter storm here is Portland, this year my mission is to get this car on the road.Thnx for help.
  5. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    dime2nr is from Portland. We should meet up these day, just to share the same passion about these car. I have been a long time fan of these car and the mitsubishi brand.
  6. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    I'm running tuner pro and already flash the EPROM for the current setup. I'm logging it with Kalon ADX and waiting on my palm pocket logger to arrive. I just PM another member with a stock ECU and hopefully he can meet up with me to swap ECU. That the only way I see this resolve.
  7. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    My motor is pretty much stock. The car is venting to atmosphere for now. I order the tubing to recirculate the air back. Recir or not, the car will run rich if vented. My problem is the idle swing due to incorrect temp sensor and my idle switch signal is open at closed position during running...
  8. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    Understand it not going to change the hardware of the engine. I took out the ISC motor to watch it retract and reset just find. I even order a new one.
  9. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    Yes I inspected the OHM reading from each pin. Removed it to see if the plunger would reset, which it did. It was reading 40 ohms. I bought a new ISC motor and it still did the same thing. I'm searching through forums to get a replacement ECU to prove my theory. I loved troubleshooting and...
  10. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    Thanks for the reply. I checked my ECU, the CAP has been replaced. I didn't see any burn mark or any sign of corrosion. I know it common for certain resistor, caps, and ISC driver to failed on this ECU.I would do more research and test some components. That bad things about testing CAP, it must...
  11. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    Update: I was reading through the forum and found a post in regard to ECT temp troubleshooting. Running Tunerpro logger, the feedback for ECT was @ 270F at normal operation temp. That almost a short reading. Checked the actual feedback using the voltage to temperature reference table and my...
  12. Need help please!!! ECU issue or not?

    Recap what going on with my car. I took my car out of commision to installed suspension parts, 2G Maf, chip flash with Tuner Pro for 550cc injector. The car was a runner with 450cc injector prior to this project.Now the car has: 550cc Evo 8 injectors Big 16 Turbo 2G Maf 501I'm not new to...
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