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  1. WTB: stock air can

    Would love to use it, but I'm in California so to pass smog I unfortunately need OEM equipment. Leaning towards just going with a 2g air box for stock looks and a 2g maf with slightly larger injectors. Thanks for the response though, I do appreciate it
  2. WTB: stock air can

    Hey thanks for the heads up. I'll take a peak myself
  3. WTB: stock air can

    Yup. Just looking for the stock air can, don't need a maf but if it's a package deal I will. Shipped to 92027. Hopefully someone has one. Thanks in advance
  4. Rear end locking up over 50

    w5m332 wqyk so finally got a chance to look at my transmission today and this is the code I have on it from what I can tell this is off of a JDM RS model? Trying to see if this might be the reason for my problems anybody has any info on would like to chime in I would appreciate it
  5. Rear end locking up over 50

    If my memory is correct the transmission came out of another vr4. I'll double check part numbers this week to make sure, different ratio trannys should have a different part number right
  6. Rear end locking up over 50

    Hey sorry for the super late reply really appreciate all the info here guys. I did do a full fluid Swap all the way around seems like the proper amount of fluid came out everywhere with no noticeable metal shavings coming out. I've blown a transmission before and I've seen the gold pile up...
  7. Rear end locking up over 50

    Looking for a little direction here, hoping you all could lend some insight. So the long and short of it is my vr4 sat for close to year(occasionally warming it up and driving around the block, but thats it). So on its maiden voyage I let it warm up took it around the block a few times and...
  8. WTB: transmission near so cal

    Just as the title states I need a new transmission. I have two broken transmissions I can throw I can throw in as well. Let me know what you got
  9. Female connector to ground

    click should be able to help you
  10. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    and another update... So I thought i would try the CAS again. This time it was a little quieter out so I picked up a strange sound pattern for the injectors, When spinning the CAS it was popping the same injector multiple times in one spin while only seeming to give partial clicks on 2 more...
  11. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    alrighty just a little update, So i rented some noid test lights from the parts store and after hooking them up to the injector plugs, I confirmed that the incjetors are infact getting no signal. The fuel pump does run while cranking although not as strongly as when turning the key to acc after...
  12. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    alrighty... so i checked the CAS and once i started spinning it you could hear the injectors clicking. so it would appear thats working. upon listening to the relay in the car(90%sure its the mpi relay) it only clicks when i turn the key to crank the motor, and once after i turn it back about 3...
  13. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    hah i learned that after buying one haha, its only been three years now but i wish i coulda slapped myself back in the day for wanting this as a dd and project car.... new turbo, crank and main bearings,and a few other parts later the car was running great, only to have this happen. But i guess...
  14. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    Yeah i know the caps have been replaced on the ecu but ill pull it and check for other wear. I tell ya if it wasnt for people like you and this site these cars woulda died out long ago, thank you sooo mcuh
  15. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    Awesome, Thank you for the quick reply. Looks like im gonna have a fun night ahead of me. Now heres a question that i hope i wont need answered... but assuming this dosnt work, what would be the next step? resistor pack? maybe?
  16. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    ill pull it when i get home and check to see if it fires the injectors or not(just saw another thread here where they say to pull the CAS and spin it and listen for injector cycles) will that work?
  17. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    also i didnt have my volt meter on hand yesterday so i took a little buzzer i had from radio shack and hooked it up the injector wire, I didnt get any signal, not sure if that takes to much(the buzzer) and the wires wont give enough
  18. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    the filter is only about 6-7 months old, so im 90% sure thats not the issue. and i did pull the fpr(also 6-7 months old) off and had fuel come out of the rail, plugged it up and pulled an injector after another crank or two, and had some more fuel in it, I didnt see it pumping but its clearly...
  19. Car not wanting to start(story inside)-just cranks

    Alright guys so heres the story, My gas gauge has been a little of AS OF late, but nothing thats to bad. On my way home i am coming up a pretty decent incline on the freeway, and towards the very top its start sputtering and losing power...(running low on gas i thought) im less than an 1/8 of a...
  20. broncfan56

    pretty good guy, had some shifter cables sent to me but somehow they wernt the right ones, despite us both being stumped on that issue he quickly offered me a refund and wanted to make things right(and for that i would def. buy again from him)
  21. When did you fall in love with the GVR4

    Probably 2006 or so and my freind, who was really into wrx's and jdm whatnots come cruiusing up to me as im leaving high school. He pulls up in a faded and rough 1991 bg vr4 that i thought was just some junker car(seriously didnt think anything of it). That is untill he told me to get in and...

    mine are going pretty badly starting to fray and pop out help meeeeeee. so sell me your old shift cables
  23. FS: 1720 part out colorado

    pm sent for shift cables
  24. FS: gvr4, dsm, evo parts

    any chance i could buy the 1g to 2g mad adapter plug? if so how much
  25. dsm10o0

    great seller, got the parts shipped same day as payment and got them a few days later, highly recomend business with em
  26. BPU925

    Real great service, got the parts shipped right away.When they got here i was pleasantly surprised in the great condition of the parts... Thanks man!!!!
  27. FS: H&R Lowering springs

    pm sent looking to buy asap when paypal goes through
  28. Back after 5 years.

    Some may call you a glutten for punishment.... but i certainly wont be the one to do it as that would be the pot calling the kettle black haha. either way welcome back:)
  29. FS: 93 TSi AWD part out

    pm sent ill take the 2g mani and o2 housing
  30. FS: 93 TSi AWD part out

    hey you wouldnt happen to have the ex. manifold and o2 housing do you? if so shipping to 92010?
  31. WTB: looking for 2g manifold and o2 housing

    looking for them asap, preferably together but beggars cant be choosers i guess, let me know what u guys got
  32. ECU Question

    ill second battery terminal, i had bought new battery terminals for my car but they sat a little higher than the stock ones, becasue of this they would hit the hood sometimes on a hard turn or bump and would short the system out and casue the same clicking sound your hearing(would also restart...
  33. FS: water pump whiteline camber bushing etc...

    dibs on the injectors sending pm now

    thanks for the reply i gotta see if i can find one a bit closer first, IM GETTING READY TO SELL MY SRT4 AND NEED TO HAVE THIS THING RUNNING ASAP

    looking for a stock injector here boys, local would be awesome but im not picky, let me know what you guys got i need this asap
  36. WTB: clutch slave cylnder asap

    Im in so cal and i need one quick. If you have one within 45 miles or so ill pi k it up today
  37. FS Denso Supra, 2G MAS/adapter/intake-- PRICES LOWERED

    How much,shipped,to 92010
  38. All items Sold

    Does the srt4 intercoller have the pipimg for a vr4 or are,those pipes from a dodgr
  39. FS Denso Supra, 2G MAS/adapter/intake-- PRICES LOWERED

    Yes please, I have a 2gmaf and injen intake but no harness,ir,filter for it,yet
  40. FS Denso Supra, 2G MAS/adapter/intake-- PRICES LOWERED

    Wiuld u split up the filter and maf adapter?
  41. FS: stock turbo,hks bov,manifold 02housing clamps etc cheap...

    still interested in he turbo can i please get more pics of it
  42. FS: front bumper, headlights, doors, fuel pump housing, more *pics*

    Pics of the turbos please, mines starting to howl and need a new one failry soon
  43. FS: stock turbo,hks bov,manifold 02housing clamps etc cheap...

    can i get pics of the crack on the turbo? im in the market for a newer one as mine is failing
  44. FS: Garage Clean Out

    can i get pics of the 2g maf with injen intake?
  45. Quick sun visor question,

    Hey guys I just dyed my visors finally after months of not having them and in the process lost the screws, I was wondering uf someone could tell me there sizes?
  46. FS: cheap parts

    pics of the turbo and s intake?
  47. GSX_TC

    Hes a good man, hit me up in,the wtb thread and had exactly what I was looking for, I met up with him the next day about 20 minutes from my place and after a very fair trade I ended up getting my new trim. I would recomend anyone who is fortunate enough to purchase from him to go through with...
  48. WTB: passenger side a pillar

    sounds like a deal my new friend, just say when and where and ill be there, my email is [email protected]
  49. WTB: passenger side a pillar

    as it says passenger side a pillar for the auto seat belts and if possible the trim that runs from the a pillar back across the windows
  50. FS: "A" pillar in awesome shape ABOVE door trim Pass side

    Do u have the rest of the trim I.e. the trim that goes over the passenger windows
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