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  1. Not for sale anymore - Black GVR4 - New Jersey - NO TITLE

    In Vermont you don't need a title to register a car that is older than 15 years old. In fact even if you have the title, the dmv won't take it. There are a few other states like that too. So you just need to find the right buyer.
  2. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    If you ever decide to sell it again please let me know. I'd really like to find a rust free green one without the sunroof.
  3. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    I wonder what he did with the 5zigens. I really wanted to buy this car first time around but didn't have the cash. I tried to work out a deal with the seller for a 3000gt vr4 I had for sale. Sucks this guy has it now. A rust free green galant vr4 without a sunroof is exactly what I wanted.
  4. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    Looks like the guy who bought it is trying to resell it for $7k
  5. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    bump, still shocks and turbos. I'll drop the struts $10 for now. I think $340 shipped is fair on the struts. I'd do $300 local pickup. The front were literally just put on the car less than 2 months ago and cost me $320 shipped alone.And for the turbo setup how about $400 shipped for...
  6. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    strut bars sold, just the AGX struts and turbo/manifold left now.
  7. WTB: CycloneIntake

    My roomate has one. I think it comes with everything. It's been sitting in my garage for over a year and he doesn't even own a dsm anymore. Shoot me an offer and I'll ask him.
  8. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    Some stuff is still for sale, turbo, manifold, strut bars, and agx struts.
  9. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    So it looks like Leon decided he wanted to keep the njectors after all. Sorry guys. DSMLink, and Cams also sold. - Charlie
  10. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    I'll have to get some shipping quotes. So the injectors are still technically mine, but I don't have them right now. Leon bought the car from me without a bunch of the mods. I drove the car to Boston, we removed what he didn't want, and then I caught a ride with my friend back home. He happened...
  11. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    Yeah, Leon is the new owner of the galant. He bought it without quite a few of the aftermarket parts, but mostly complete. I have what's left posted in the parts for sale section.
  12. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    Just got back from Boston. Galant is sold. It's late so I'm going to get some sleep. I will take pics of everything that's available in the morning then start accepting paypal. I'll PM the people who are in first in line for the cams and struts. Leon did buy the springs so the H&R's are no...
  13. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    afraid not. If anything it would make them more expensive because I would have to get them removed. Plus no one is going to pay to mount tires that are on there way out, maybe good for one more winter season. I have shipped at least 10 sets of wheels in my time. Typically it cost between $20-$30...
  14. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    I'd like to keep the link and ecu together. I'm worried I'd mess something up trying to remove it. You are welcome to buy it, then resell the ECU:)
  15. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    Well with any luck they will be for sale Sunday/Monday. I just don't want to start taking payments incase something happens between now and then. But definitely be ready for them if you want this set, someone else is already 2nd in line.
  16. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    I could do that if you cover paypal fees:) I'll put you first in line. Let's wait til after saturday though before sending any money. I want to make sure he follows through with buying the car. The car sale has fallen through twice already.Thanks - Charlie
  17. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    No idea on the exact milage of the cams, but the previous owner put them in a little over a year ago.
  18. FS: Cams, DSMLINK, AGX Strugs, 850 injectors, EVO Rims, 20G + more

    EDIT: Leon has bought the galant. I drove it down there, we removed the parts he didn't want, then I caught a ride home.Here are some pics of what is left:20G AirResearch turbo (no shaft play). One of the fins has a little nick on it. It's been like that since I originally...
  19. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    Sick of buyers wasting my time. Parting out now if the shell goes. Will take me 1 day to pull EVERYTHING and get the shell ready for pickup. Must receive $250 deposit on shell first.
  20. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    I want a 2005ish F250 powerstroke diesel that is white lol. So I doubt anyone will have one looking for a galant. I may just part the thing out in a few weeks once I finish my 3000gt project/partout. I'd make more out of it anyways. - Charlie
  21. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    Sorry that is not going to get my a truck:)
  22. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    Still for sale. Willing to sell just a shell with abs delete, lsd rear end, manual seat belt conversion, jdm hood vents, brakes, and 5 lug swap for $1k Would need engine, exhaust, suspension, ECU, and wheels
  23. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    Guess car is not sold. His parents don't want him to have it. Let's try $4000
  24. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    Someone will be looking at the car on Monday. Willing to part out as well if I knew someone would buy the shell.
  25. FS: 91 rust free galant vr4 shell $500 Milton VT

    EDIT: Well seeing as I still have the car I am willing to part it if the shell sells. Anyone want a clean title rust free 91 galant vr4 shell. Will need struts, brakes, engine, tranny, rear end, wheels etc... I will leave most of the interior in tact except for manual seat belt conversion unless...
  26. How to bypass fan resistor?

    Just posted this in another thread the other day. You can remove both relays. Just cut the resistor wires, remove the resistors, then solder the remaining wire ends together. Now when your fans should be on low, they will be on high. Pull a/c fuse and your a/c button will turn on your fans:)...
  27. Help! New Clutch-No Fans

    ground the connector on the back of the thermostat and see if both your ac and radiator cooling fan turn on high. This will test your fans. Make sure the 6 pin connector going to the radiator fan is plugged in.Stock, your coolant temp sensor on the thermostat neck need to see 190 for the...
  28. Nile Black w/ Evo MR Wheels

    I would paint/spray them bronze:)
  29. WTB: Rear passenger caliper brake pad clips

    I haven't checked with the dealer but if anyone has a rear passenger side caliper around let me know. All I need are the 4 metal clips that snap onto the caliper for the brake pad ears to slide into. Some of mine are missing for some reason and it's causing my pad to slap around when driving and...
  30. Finally cut H and R springs....confused about results.

    How long have you let it sit? Did you drive it? Maybe it needs to settle more. Did you shove the top rubber bushing all the way into the tophat? I cut my coils last weekend and it's the same on each side. I did 1.25 coils.
  31. FS: USDM foglights

    SOLD. Guy sent payment without seeing pics.
  32. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    So you are painting your engine bay bright white but the car flat black? I would have loved to make my galant white just because it's a more forgiving color. I just didn't want to paint all the door jams so I went with the stock color.
  33. FS: USDM foglights

    Anyone interested in a set of these with brackets? I paid $100 for them a few months ago with the intent of using them. I need a front plate on my car and can't figure out where to mount it without covering anything up. I don't want to place it on my fmic. Good condition, no cracks or flaking...
  34. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    I used a scotch brite pad in between coats. I still need to wetsand buff I just haven't had the time lately. I finished up the wheels last night, registered it and took it on it's maiden voyage to work today. Took some pics when I got here.
  35. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    yeah I haven't wetsanded or buffed it yet. I parked it in the sun for the last 2 days so the paint will harden better. I will see how it buffs soon enough.
  36. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    I decided to mix up the rims too. Rustoleum antique brass. Looks bronze. I only bought 1 can to see if I liked it. I'm going to buy a few more Monday.
  37. WTB: foglight brackets?

    bump, someone must have a set of these kicking around. I tried to fab my own today and it wasn't pretty.
  38. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    more together. Painted all the door locks black too. Rear bumper and spoiler is back on.
  39. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    I did the final (3rd coat) this morning. I wetsanded all of the orange peel away before the 3rd coat to try and make it as smooth as possible. Especially for the pieces I won't be buffing. I'm going to give it a few days now before I wetsand and buff, just to let the paint harden fully. I'm not...
  40. FMIC question

    I left about 1/4" of the vertical sides so you get more support. Otherwise the strip at the top would be more prone to flexing. Here's a pic.
  41. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    So I finally got the first coat of black sprayed. I scuffed everything up and sprayed it with high filler primer (Omni 282 and 283 hardener). It's actually expensive stuff (around $120 a gallon) but I had some left over from when I did my green 3000gt. If I was doing a top quality job I would...
  42. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    Boost4U, could you describe the problems you had spraying it? (Runs? bad orange peal? not covering well? fish eyes? not filling scraches well? still being tacky afer several days? dullness? Have you ever painted a car before?I have left over primer from when I sprayed my green car, so I'm...
  43. Porting and Polishing

    I watched this video before. I'd feel comfortable trying it myself, at least the exhaust side and intake runners. As for the combustion chamber I'd feel comfortable getting rid of the sharp edges and smoothing it out, but I wouldn't take off too much here unless you really know what you are...
  44. Cleaning up some Rust

    Mine had a little bit of rust there too, but not as bad as yours. I was really surprised too. When I did the 4ws delete, all the bolts I removed from under the car came right out. Nothing was really rust at all. The area behind the front fender just gets filled up with dirt. Then moisture gets...
  45. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    Yeah white is a pretty forgiving color. I had some time this morning to start working on it. Ended up pulling the bumpers, sideskirts, door panels, door trim, window trim, door handles, roof trim, fenders, tail lights, spoiler, hood etc.. I also sandblasted a few things. I had some rust starting...
  46. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    Well I sanded down most of the hood today, filled in a few dings it had too. The front under edge of it was rusty so I sandblasted that and cleaned it up. I think I'm going to try the roller method on just the hood first. A gallon of the rustoleum paint is $36 at Lowes. I pulled off the chrome...
  47. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    Well I know how to paint. I have all the tools to do it right. I just know it's a lot of work and seeing as this is just supposed to be a daily driver I don't want to spend $500ish on primer/sealer/paint/clearcoat and have a ton of hours into it. Here's the 3000gt I painted, more pics from start...
  48. Rustoleum black paint jobs?

    Has anyone tried this on a galant? My paint is to the point where anything would look better. My car has a lot of dings that need fixing, the roof has clearcoat pealing, one of my sideskirts is cracked, my trunklid looks like it was keyed at one point in time. I'm thinking I can't make it any...
  49. stereo wiring?

    For the love of God please do not cut your radio plug out. They make a harness. The galant I bought had the stock connector cut out of it:/ I bought one off a guy parting his car, soldered it in, then used the harness. I bet walmart will carry one that will work. 2 white connectors. 91-93...
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