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  1. WTB: Rear Windshield Trim

    Thanks I'll check this out. Have you ordered anything from this site before?
  2. WTB: Rear Windshield Trim

    Just the left and right side trim. Bottoms are still good.
  3. WTB: Rear Windshield Trim

    Looking for the rear glass surround trim in good condition for the VR4.
  4. East Coast MOD 2012

    VR4 Group picture MOD 2012.
  5. East Coast MOD 2012

    I should be there again this year. I have been there the last 2 years so might as well make it 3 in a row.Here is the pic of the venue in Camden last year.A nice Outlander Sport GT
  6. No power at all ... need help diagnosing

    I'll check both, thanks. Currently, the only wiring that is aftermarket is for the alarm system. Fuel pump has not been rewired yet.
  7. No power at all ... need help diagnosing

    Finally got the car running. The power loss was due to a totally dead battery so I hooked up another battery and the car started immediately but but when I stepped on the gas it started cutting off and there is a spark under the dash right by the ECU. There are no sparks at idle and the idle...
  8. No power at all ... need help diagnosing

    Thanks for the replies. I will check again and see what I find.
  9. No power at all ... need help diagnosing

    No power inside that cabin at all (no radio, light, seatbelt) so cannot even crank the motor.I checked the fuse that is attached to the + terminal (specially the 100 AMP) and it is good.
  10. No power at all ... need help diagnosing

    Drove the car today after a month and filled up with gas. Car was running great until I got home. While parking the car, it suddenly died. No power at all. I thought it was the battery so I charged it (it wasnt dead but did need a little charge)and tried again with no luck. I checked all...
  11. FS: Tein Front Camber Plates **Group Buy**

    Payment Sent. Jojo Guerrero Qty = 1
  12. MOD EAST 2010 *PICS*

    Hey Hittman that was my KG VR4. Wish there were a lot more VR4 but at least we represented
  13. Anyone headed to MOD EAST Oct 16 in NJ near Philly?

    How many more people are going?For those coming from up North and taking the NJ Turnpike, we can meet along one of the rest stop if interested.
  14. GOOD GUY: UtahGalant

    Good guy, will definitely deal with again in the future.
  15. Timing ground connector on a GVR4?

    Search +timing +connector +pic in the How to section.
  16. lights wont stop blinking when car is off

    That just happened to me. Just remove the battery and it will reset. ABS light, might want to look at your brake fluid level.
  17. rear windshield wiper/washer wiring diagrams

    Welcome. Tell me how you do with it since I'm too lazy to get mine wired up.
  18. rear windshield wiper/washer wiring diagrams

    This is what I got doing the search:click me
  19. remove alternator

    This might help you out.Clicky
  20. Doing the brakes, question

    You can remove the caliper from the sliders and re lube it if its not sliding easily unless its rusted on.
  21. Doing the brakes, question

    Yup, as long as its not locked up you can turn and push it in at the same time.
  22. Doing the brakes, question

    If you have the brake tool, you will need it to turn the piston back in. If not, you can just use long nose pliers and turn it that way (hopefully its not locked up). Do not push it back in.
  23. Installing springs and struts, the rears are kicking my a**

    I sprayed it with something like a W40 for a few days (soak it real good) and use a puller. It took me a few days to get it off this way.
  24. FS: Go Away People

    1. JSchleim18 (Jeremy) 2. Jesse_W (Jesse) 3. TMG (Jojo) PAID 4. Armitage (Matt) PAID 5. Flip4g63 (Phillip) PAID 6. ktmrider (Mike O.) PAID 7. strokin4dr (Ryan C.) 8. Thecman02 (Chris) PAID 9. Hertz 10.Myles ($100 deposit w/ two Jew payments of $200) 11 Sean92AWD (Sean W.) PAID 12...
  25. FS: Go Away People

    Just waiting for Kamil to drop in before putting my deposit.
  26. thadirtybird

    Good communication, will do business again. Thanks Robert.
  27. FS: Go Away People

    1. JSchleim18 (Jeremy) 2. Jesse_W (Jesse) 3. TMG (Jojo)
  28. Lifter Replacement

    The lifter itself would need to be lubricated inside with oil so the noise at start up is minimal. To do this you will need to insert a pin inside the hole then submerge it into the oil to soak it up inside. Before putting the lifter in, you would need to insert the pin again to remove any oil...
  29. trunk lock cylinder, how to remove?

    The linkage is easy to remove, it is only held by the White plastic and just unhook it. Once that is removed you can pull it from the outside.
  30. Rear Caliper Piston Removal

    I will be redoing all brakes so I started on the rear but the first Piston is stuck and hard to take out using the pliers, the brake pad and rotor were metal to metal. I already took out the boot so I'll be ordering the Caliper Brake Kit to replace all the boots and seals.What kind of grease...
  31. Rear Caliper Piston Removal

    Thanks John. I'll try that and see what I get. The piston is stuck right now and hard to turn.Is it worth it to do a rebuild or just buy a reman? I heard things that after a self rebuild a lot of them leak. Not sure why.Jojo
  32. Rear Caliper Piston Removal

    Trying to remove it to do a rebuild. Manual is showing a special tool to turn it, what can I use to rotate it without this special tool? Thanks.
  33. Rear Caliper Piston Removal

    Can somebody tell me how to remove the Piston from the rear Caliper? I tried the search but did not get anything close.I think that it is a screw type and not a sliding type. I dont want to use a c-clamp to move the piston back if its suppose to be turned.Thanks for the help.
  34. JSchleim18

    Good guy to deal with. Quick shipping.
  35. Car audio experts looking for advice.

    Try this site:click
  36. WTB: 1991 Galant Vr4, in the CT, NY, tri state area

    JoojooBee from NJ just posted a VR4 in North Bergen. You might want to PM him.
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