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  1. FS: amg replica grille 85 shipped, dual walbro 65 shipped

    I have a replica amg grille. Its in very good condition but no longer have my vr4. Asking 85 shipped CONUS. I have a dual walbro 255hp external setup thats in good working condition. Asking 65 shipped CONUS Im not on here that much anymore so best way to reach me is 978-881-8665John
  2. Window vent visors

    The ones on ebay fit good. They have no purple tint to them at all. Just black. They use double sided sticky tape though to mount. Make sure to prep the door where it sticks and you should be all set. They hold on really good. They have seen 120mph + and are still on!
  3. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    I sold it to a good guy in Illinios. I picked him up from the airport and made a 20 hr ride home.
  4. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    The car still has the same rims and everything as in the pics. Its currently on oem rims with snow tires but still have the 5zigens. The only thing missing is the aem wb, aem boost gauge, hks turbo timer and greddy profec b ebc! Otherwise the car is the same as before. I will take new pics...
  5. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    Up for sale now again to a good enthusiast! I got her back with every intention to keep her but now its for real this time i can not keep her due to certain events that have taken place. :/ it sucks i have to get rid of her but i will make sure it goes to the right person this time. Please text...
  6. FS: real short shifters

    Im sorry lol! I completely missed that!
  7. FS: real short shifters

    Whats the turn around time for one of these?
  8. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    And my god damn cupholder!!! Thats annoying!!!!
  9. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    And in the proper hands it is. Back in my possession and in my driveway. He took my turbo timer, wideband, and aem digital boost gauge. Atleast though i have it back which is the most important part of them all.
  10. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    Going to buy my car back now as we speak
  11. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    I would buy it back in a few weeks for 4500 (wat i sold it for) Sucks i had to sell it for my financial issues. But now that im out of them i would def buy it back if someone were to buy it and re sell it for wat they got it for!
  12. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    I dont want to be the one bash on anyone but i specifically said that i wanted the car to go to someone who was an enthusiast. Not someone who would go and flip it. I was asking 4800 on the board, 5000 on craigslist. He told me he would do 4500 cuz he had ever intention to restore it more than i...
  13. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    This pisses me off!!! I sold the car to him because he said he was a huge enthusiast. I didnt want the car to go to some1 who would neglect it due to how rare they are and the condition it was in. I tried my hardest to take good care of that car and maintain it as well. I really wanted to keep...
  14. FS: walbro 255 inline fuel pumps, amg grill, MAFT

    Bump! make a reasonable offer you think i cant refuse. Id rather see people use these instead of just sitting here on my kitchen counter lol
  15. FS: JL audio 500/1 mono amp

    I have a jl audio 500/1 mono block class d amp and awesome condition. This was powering my jl w7 with no problem but im upgrading my setup. Dont let this amp fool you. This is a very good quality amp and can power a lot! Looking to get 260 shipped CONUS! Please text or call 978-429-6491
  16. FS: walbro 255 inline fuel pumps, amg grill, MAFT

    It mounts to two pre exsisting holes that are near the hood height adjuster bushings.
  17. FS: walbro 255 inline fuel pumps, amg grill, MAFT

    Sold my galant and have parts extra parts laying around. To best reach me text 978-429-6491I have two walbro 255 inline fuel pumps 6an in and out with ss lines on them. Both were tested and work fine 70 each or 120 shipped for both or b.oI have an amg replica grille in great condition. Color...
  18. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    Nope did it before the flywheel was in. It was the FIAV. Bypassed it and all set to go! Btw the car is SOLD!
  19. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 1810/2000 $4800 NH - SOLD

    Its time to let my baby go. Its a 1991 galant vr4 1810/2000. There is no rust on her with the expection of the front of the hood. I have another spare hood that is rust free that will be thrown in with the deal. Ive put a lot of time and money into her but im just getting out of the game now...
  20. FS: today only sale hks electronic boost controler 75.00 shipped!

    Im surpised no1 has jumped on this. If i didnt have an ebc id be all over this. Bump for a great deal!
  21. VR6Eater

    He paid for a gauge pod i sold him right when he said he would! This was a very smooth transaction and hes very friendly too! I would definately do business again!
  22. FS: galant specific full A pillar gauge pod

    Hey guys i have a galant specific dual gauge pod that replaces the whole a pillar. Its gray in color. Now before you want this lemme tell you about it. Its setup for 52mm gauges BUT the previous owner cut the top gauge holder for a 60mm gauge. So now it holds one 52mm gauge and a 60mm gauge...
  23. Diego

    This guy by far is the best seller ive done business with. We traded a few items and everything was as described. He's a very friendly guy and it was a smooth transaction. Thanks again Diego for the Grille!-Johnathan
  24. thedsmguy

    Bought some roof rack parts off of him. He shipped immediately and sent me the tracking number as well. Very friendly guy and would do business again! Thanks a lot man!
  25. FS: random parts I will prob never use, price dropped/updated

    Messaged you for the msd ignition.
  26. FS or FT: pte 60 trim bolt on turbo

    I have a pte 60 trim turbo for sale. Its internally gated and a complete bolt on turbo. The compressor is clocked to work with our intercooler piping but can easily be clocked back. It has a small amount of side to side shaft play but no in and out and did not burn any oil. No broken bolts or...
  27. FS: Thule rack parts see pics

    Payment sent! Thank you!
  28. WTB: front grill ***FOUND ONE****

    Mine fell out today at a stop light and i ran it over . Looking to buy a belize green front grill, or a black 90's N/A grill or an amg grill. Im paypal ready. Plz text me with what you have and of course pics and your price 978-429-6491.Thank youJohnathan
  29. FS: 14b turbo. Bad housings good shaft/fins

    This is great deal! I would buy this if i didnt already have a back up turbo. Bump for a good deal!
  30. 1991 vr4 1810/2000 400hp budget build

    Im gonna get it welded tomorrow! Also i'm going to ditch the half sized radiator and get an afco one. My ac dont work anyways Is this the radiator that everyone uses in place of the ac condenser? click
  31. FREE: You cover shipping - random items

    Ill take the oil relocation stuff. how much to 03045.
  32. 1991 vr4 1810/2000 400hp budget build

    Santa came todayNew mishimoto silicone radiator hoses and 14 inch mishimoto slim fan! Over heating now will not be an issue!
  33. 1991 vr4 1810/2000 400hp budget build

    I had to get a n/t water pipe to clear the huge ass compressor on the hx40. Well there was no water pipe fitting that goes to the oil filter housing on the n/t waterpipe so i cut both pipes in half. I think we can put two and two together lol.I also put a pipe over the connecting hose to...
  34. 1991 vr4 1810/2000 400hp budget build

    I didnt know at first how to mount my half radiator.... Then it came to me! I took the oem radiator brackets and mounted them under the car. And the radiator sits nice and flush! I used a little angle iron though for a support bracket on top. Not the cleanest or best looking bracket but its...
  35. 1991 vr4 1810/2000 400hp budget build

    Now its time for my hx40 install. I had a little trouble with the oil drain clearing the motor mount bracket so i had to cut away a little. Heres what i did. Also i had to go with a civic half radiator.
  36. FS: Old school safc Free + shipping!!!!

    New price! Text for fastest response!
  37. FS:

    You sir have a pm
  38. FS: Old school safc Free + shipping!!!!

    Bump! Make offers... Im sure someone could use this
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