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  1. GVR4 Custom shift knob group buy 2?

    Do a second run for the members. i'm sure none of us from the first batch are that worried about others having the knob.
  2. Hello all, new to the Vr4, 400awhp plan.

    Good to see your loving the car. wish i had time for her but seems it's in good hands. keep the updates coming would love to see what the outcome is.
  3. FS: alpine iva w200

    sorry sold
  4. FS: alpine iva w200

    Have a alpine double din touch screen dvd player already wired to a harness for the galant with a bypass to watch movies while driving for sale. Asking 250 shipped
  5. FS: Custom Galant Vr-4 Shift knob buy is over and done!

    yes an update would be nice.
  6. sold please delete

    photos please \
  7. WTB: Turn signal light pigtail

    Bought a set of clear corners but didnt come with the pigtails if anyone has a set to sell Pm meThanks
  8. sold please delete

    As in part out? No never haha
  9. sold please delete

    Price drop need gone guys.
  10. FS: 1G shifter

    Alright thanks.
  11. FS: 1G shifter

    are these still available ?
  12. Cassette player help.

    If all else fails you can buy my stock radio
  13. WTB: Orange Corner lenses. (jdm)?

    hope this helps there aftermarket but i purchased the same set and love them!click
  14. WTB: big 16g

    would like to get my hands on a 16g pm me prices thanks.
  15. ignition switch question(resolved)

    thanks thats the answer i was looking for. so just drill above the headless bolt and it should be able to spin out?
  16. ignition switch question(resolved)

    what is needed to get the ignition switch unmounted from the steering wheel. all thats left is the goldish or bronze screw that doesnt have a head.
  17. EB: ebay list

    i cant seem to find info on the stage 3 eprom can you add a link for the info curtis?
  18. FS: Custom Galant Vr-4 Shift knob buy is over and done!

    you should ask for a photo of one of the finished products just so i can get my jollies haha
  19. sold please delete

    no reasonable offer refused!!
  20. sold please delete

    1991 Galant vr4 890/2000 93000 original miles Originally from Massachusetts garage kept with no rust still has owners manual in leather case dash plaque still here also comes with reproduction key fob pretty much stock besides 16g turbo and dnp manifold 2.5 catless exhaust/ have new high...
  21. push start shift knob

    no the key ignition is gone.
  22. push start shift knob

    when i bought 890 it came with a push start on the shift knob and i had plans to remove got lazy but now it has crapped out on me. So my question is what is needed to put a stock ignition back in and if anyone has parts to sell for this id really appreciate it.
  23. Custom Fiber Glass Hood?

    Quoting rmontalvo23: "Stupid high price tag"That's all relative to who you are selling it too. The copies are going for $400 plus shipping at the moment. It all depends how bad you want it, and I want it bad!where can some attain these so called copies for 400 at haha
  24. FEELER: Gauging interest in CF bits

    this hood needs to be made!! click
  25. WTB: jdm rear door decals..

    i ordered mine from gabor for ten a pair recently, try asking him.
  26. WTB: spare tire cover

    bump. still looking.
  27. WTB: radiator support

    i dont remember what the price was that you had told me the first time, can you tell me again what its gonna cost. thanks
  28. WTB: radiator support

    No still haven't, i get alot of people saying the have one but have been to busy to send it.
  29. WTB: radiator support

    any news so far
  30. WTB: radiator support

    Alright sir, sounds good keep me updated.
  31. WTB: spare tire cover

    just looking for a replacement for 890 so pm me, thanks.
  32. FEELER: Gauging interest in CF bits

    "If there is definitely some interest, I'm willing to work with these guys."You've got my interest!
  33. FEELER: Gauging interest in CF bits

    the a pillar and interior trim would be cool.
  34. ktmrider

    Mike is a stand up guy He saw my thread about the seat belts not working and sent me both sides free of charge. Didn't even charge shipping. Cant thank you enough now that i know my pregnant girlfriend can actually drive in the car with me safely.
  35. WTB: radiator support

    Thanks again transparent.
  36. WTB: radiator support

    come one someone has to have a down galant at there local junk yard?
  37. WTB: radiator support

    If anyone has a galant in there local junk yard and would like to cut the rad support out for me send me a PM so we could discuss it more.
  38. WTB: manual antenna

    Quoting G: You need one from a galant not a pretty sure one off of a 1g. thats why my buddy is using for his, but then again i might be wrong so thanks for the info.
  39. WTB: manual antenna

    looking to get a Black antenna from a 1g dsm.
  40. catalytic converter process

    What converter would you guys recommend? my piping is 2.5 in diameter
  41. catalytic converter process

    would a highflow mangnaflow work you think?
  42. catalytic converter process

    I looked it up last night, dingle berry. No, no sir im not new to the internet, i just thought someone else already had this information. and what are you? a Dick?
  43. catalytic converter process

    thanks transparent
  44. core support

    Yea i called to but no luck. i ordered one from for $160 never bought anything from them before but, im hoping for the best.
  45. catalytic converter process

    Quoting transparentdsm: yes. just make sure you mock it with the exhaust hanging in place so you have the cat angled properly so it doesnt hit the driveshaft or the undercarriage.where would you consider the best placement for the cat?
  46. catalytic converter process

    I live in arizona so how would i go about finding if my car would be counted as exempt from emissions?
  47. catalytic converter process

    As of right now i have to pass emissions to register 890. When i bought 890 it was running with just a test pipe and no catalytic converter. My Question is, is putting one on as simple as just welding one in place?
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