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  1. Bonecollector

    What should I look out for when buying a vr4

    History of all service records would be my first question for the seller, with 120k the timing belt should be on it's second change interval. (every 60k miles) nice part about an all stock car is that you only have to worry about its service history.Rust! common spots are... the lower back...
  2. Bonecollector

    HotBits Suspension

    I bought a set of Hotbits DT2's for my vr4 back in 2016 (at the time it was the only direct fit 2 way damping suspension available.)Your review gives me some peace of mind, I say "some" because someone over there at HB put the top mount plate for the rear shock on upside down, i'm guessing...
  3. Bonecollector

    Transmission Service Manuals for DIYers

    Hi guy's, I've noticed several people ask basic Transmission rebuild questions on what i like to call "The scroll hole" a.k.a. facebook, a.k.a. the black hole for information, so i wanted to drop these here as a permanent place for everyone to read and learn from. Also if any of the more...
  4. Bonecollector

    Smoking like a freight train. Looking for some diagnosis help...

    If you put too much engine oil in the car ie: 6qts instead of 4.5qt this will block turbo oil drain causing it to go out the turbine side of the turbo. Also if you have an aftermarket turbo oil drain line that uses rubber hose sometimes those can kink and casing the same drainage issue. If it...
  5. Bonecollector

    HLA Pressure Regulator Question

    So... I have a Piston and Spring style "Lash Adjuster Oil Pressure Valve" (see attached photo for parts diagram). Have any of you use one, and tested the pressure they are regulated at?
  6. Bonecollector

    EVO 3 radiator in your vr4

    Yeah, i just found that out, lol. I recieved the GPI radiator in the mail a couple weeks ago, which is also shorter by about 1". What did you use for your spacer?
  7. Bonecollector

    EVO 3 radiator in your vr4

    That baby fits perfect.I ran the flex-a-lite 420 fans on my old talon, which is basically a double fan version of yours (i was living in Peoria, AZ at the time i owned that car) only really had to turn on the second fan when stuck in traffic on a "death day", some days would be so f***ing hot...
  8. Bonecollector

    EVO 3 radiator in your vr4

    @moduleunknown Is that the 14" flex-a-lite fan that you're using? The koyo radiators look pretty thick, were they 3 row?I emailed GPI Racing to see if they would build me a radiator, mainly so i won't have to weld a bung. I'm using their radiators on my 01 Honda cr250 and have been...
  9. Bonecollector

    EVO 3 radiator in your vr4

    Thanks for the replay. Do you think it would fit with the factory intercooler bracket?Koyo doesn't make an evo3 rad option anymore, but I've been seeing several evo 3 radiators on eBay in the $150 range
  10. Bonecollector

    EVO 3 radiator in your vr4

    Anyone here using an evo-3 radiator in their galant vr4?Aside from the overflow nipple on the filler neck being a different orientation and the temp sensor bung not being there (on some brands) the evo 3 radiator looks pretty close to being a direct fit. my main worry is the mounting tabs...
  11. Bonecollector

    1991 Galant VR-4 676-2000

    This is the Build Thread for 1991 Galant VR-4 676-2000. Reply below.
  12. Bonecollector

    First trans rebuild questions

    @yubh8tn Attached are the w5m33 manual (first attachment) w5m33 training manual (second attachment) all the information you'll ever need. (hopefully you're able to DL them) If you still can figure it out how to rebuild the trans after reading the "manual tranny repair school" attachment, you...
  13. Bonecollector

    First trans rebuild questions

    It is almost impossible to diag a trans with the symptoms you're describing without taking it apart and inspecting it. By driving the car with a busted trans there's a high possibility that you only made things worse (speaking from experience) i broke 3rd gear in my old talon, at first i...
  14. Bonecollector

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    could it be that you used photobucket to post them? Shortly after that company started charging for their service I noticed eveyones pictures were showing up missing or broken on here.TBH I dont even now what happen to my photo bucket account. I'm thinking it's either gone or being held...
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