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  1. constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Check to see if the pcv is clogged or stuck.
  2. FS: Rear subframe and mustache poly bushings

    As title says, these fit the 1gs and GVR4's as I'm sure everyone here knows. Looking for $140.00 shipped and paypal fees. Hit me up for the paypal if you want these.
  3. Occasional stall issue

    Yea sorta sounds like an ecu issue. If remove the plastic piece under the dash on the passenger side, closer to where your right foot sits when your sitting in the car. that's where the ecu is. With ot removing it see if you can get a rotten egg smell coming it. You could also remove it and...
  4. Spare engine - should I buy?

    I believe the 93 & 94 engines are 7 bolts. Unless they swapped it with a 6 bolt.
  5. FS: 1094/2000 Roller project, Merrimack NH

    What car are those Steele's from?
  6. 736/2000

    That thing sounds sweet, their is a montero thread in the anything goes section. I had a few of these in the past. Recently gotten back into 4runners and stuff but sure do love the 1st gen Montero.
  7. 736/2000

    Holy crap that sounds intense lol you inspiring me to do a fast truck build like that because I just know its wicked sweet. Nice job dude
  8. 736/2000

    I've had a few of those Montero's 1st gens and always wanted to install the 3000gt TT engine. But that set up is sick and I bet is tons of fun!! What kind of suspension do you have on the Montero? How does it feel hauling ass? Lol
  9. CV axel

    Have anyone that rebuilds them in your area? If you have the OEM axles in the car now I'd say just get them rebuilt. By the way have you checked your axle support bearing for wear? That sometimes causes some noise if bad.
  10. 736/2000

    What's the engine set up on the Montero?
  11. FS: rear doglegs

    These are still available, only have what's pictured as far as which ones are passenger and drivers.
  12. FS: rear doglegs

    Hello everyone, I have a passenger & driver side rear doglegs body pieces. One is Belize green and the other is some money green type color. Obviously not a factory color. Shipping on these items would be somewhat expensive I'm guessing. 30$ shipped each one. Let me know
  13. How much does recirculating BOV help keep boost up between gears?

    I have mine on SD also with a synapse bov vented and have been tossing the idea of recirculating to see what happens.
  14. WTT: My 272s comp cams for your 264s cams

    Hello all. As title says, let me know.
  15. Random shutdowns

    Take the ECU out, open it up and take a peek.
  16. FREE: Front bumper foam absorber

    Damn i have one of these too! Doesnt seem to be a hot item though lol
  17. FS: Magnus fuel rail

    Sold to thomcasey
  18. FS: Magnus fuel rail

  19. FS: Magnus fuel rail

    Whats up everyone, got a Magnus fuel rail with hardware for sale. 85.00$ shipped paypal [email protected] you
  20. FS: SoCal - BBS EVO MR Wheels, *SOLD*

    I bought a set of these wheels last year summer and they also are in fantastic shape. Paid 50 less then what your asking.only have 5k on them.Glsw
  21. Grinding noise from under the car

    If it doesn't make the noise on the stands then it's only when the wheels are on the ground. Have you drained your trans fluid to check for metallics?
  22. Grinding noise from under the car

    I would put the car on Jack stands and go through the gears and see if you get the same result.Well and of course see if you can find the horrible noise that way. Just be careful and make sure your on somewhat of a level floor to set all four Jack stands up.
  23. FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 (#1444/2000) $9500 Knoxville, TN

    This car is definitely worth the price if not more! GLWS hope it goes to a good home.
  24. #1607 Destroyed in Structure Fire Yesterday - Need Valuation Advice

    Sad sad sad, not cool this happened to a clean vr4! I would be as bummed as you are about this whole situation. Sorry for your loss.
  25. Transfer cases

    Thank you!
  26. Transfer cases

    Just looking the differences in gear ratios of any.
  27. Transfer cases

    I believe the transfer case on my GGSX has had its last leg today. I have access to another but Is from a dsm.. I know the spline are different but I'll just change the shaft in the trans to match spline. My question is are the gear ratio the same on the t-cases on dsm's and ggsx ? Mine still...
  28. FS: Hartford, WI House 3.5 car garage

    Place looks decent, great area in my opinion. Houses around that area usually don't last long. I'm sure you'll have it sold soon. Glws
  29. WTB: Fuel filler hose

    I believe I ended up with the last one lol. Mine was also cracked on the ggsx and saw that they only had 2 left. Their is some spare stainless steel piping at work and as thinking of fabricating a couple if people are interested..
  30. Rocker panels.

    I'm not sure if they are available aftermarket. I would just try and find a rust free one at a none yard and cut about a foot into the floor.
  31. Rocker panels.

    It would work. Only difference is they are missing the mounting holes for the rocker panel skirts.
  32. FEELER: Door striker covers.

    I'd be down for a set.
  33. FS: 1990 Galant GSX $1900 Snohomish, WA

    I know I will. Thanks for making this entire transaction go smoothly, I really appreciate you answering all of my questions and just working with me in general.
  34. Clutch pedal assembly

    So wait wait, they are different but will work with out swapping anything out?
  35. Clutch pedal assembly

    Yeah they definitely look different.. damn.Thanks though guys
  36. Clutch pedal assembly

    I don't see anything regarding the clutch pedal assembly in that or any of those pictures.
  37. Clutch pedal assembly

    Hey all, wondering if anyone here knows if these assemblies are the same from a dsm or not.Any help would be great.Thanks in advance
  38. Any Wisconsin vr4 member

    I'm in Milwaukee. Call or txt if you have any questions 414-477-3044
  39. Goddamnitsomuch

    Hmmmmmm, where did they go?
  40. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Very VERY nice
  41. Oil filters

    I go to Napa for my oil filters for the vr4. Part# should be 1381 and that's a wix, But they also have others that are supposed to be OEM replacements and even have the oe number on it. Don't know the part # on that one tho.
  42. New Owner of 820/1000

    Also interested how that CF spark plug cover holds up after awhile.Would be appreciated if you can keep us updated on this please
  43. Injector Inquiry e38a SNPF4 Bolivia

    You can always order one from the U.S and you would need an adapter harness also.
  44. Injector Inquiry e38a SNPF4 Bolivia

    Bienvenido! I believe you would have to swap to a 2G maf with those injectors and you shouldn't have any issues running both of them at the same time. Other wise you might be running a little rich if you keep the stock maf.
  45. New owner of 733/2000

    Should be the coolant temp sensor failing on you. Sort of a common problem ...
  46. Scirocco radiator blues

    Quoting EfiniX: Well, I think my Scirocco radiator experiment is coming to a close. During normal driving, I'm right between 196*-206*. Run it even moderately and it warms up. Of course it does. The thing is that with normal driving after some spirited shenanigans, it just doesn't cool back down...
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