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  1. WTB Left and right turn signal, driver fog light

    I am looking for both front in bumper turn signals as well as the Driver side fog light.shipping to 99206please reach out via the below optionstext/call: 509-521-6656 Facebook: information in my profileThanks in advance!
  2. DSM vs GVR4 power steering rack/ tie rods

    recently put a DSM rack into my galant. This made the toe horrible on the alignment due to what seemed to be an incorrect length on the tie the rack itself the same or different between the DSM and the GVR4? (internet research has so far yielded different part numbers for the power...
  3. custom 20g bolt on setup, manifold, 3" vband downpipe, ewg etc..

    interested...when did you see boost occur rpm wise?
  4. FS: #1941 Part Out NOT ANYMORE

    Pics of exhaust please w/shipping estimate
  5. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    the car does idle now! Thanks for all the help and tips. despite the ISC testing good from a resistance stand point I decided to remove it power cycle it to see how the plunger behavior was. This showed me a plunger that was not smooth so I decided to replace it with an Oreilly's unit. I have...
  6. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    made some progress, made a boost leak tester, did a boost/air leak test from the intake elbow back for starters found many leaks more coming soon after the FSM is read
  7. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    thanks for the info breakerrr. I will stop/start there. I have learned more since the O2 sensor post but not enough to completely solve the problem.
  8. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    ECM link is in the car and reading data (my 1st time ever using the program) stream shows accurate coolant temp close to oustside air temp on cold start, however stream also shows 5 deg timing when off and ~40deg timing @2500-3krpm. Also front O2 reads 0.06v constant. Timing seems off and O2...
  9. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    ill put the link in and see what happens. also it looks like the large black orings arent on the end of the 1000cc injectors so I will fix that.
  10. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    jepherz, I am not familiar with the fuel pump test connector. will it be obvious when I get it out? Also, wouldn't this not be the case if a second ecu ran the same way?brisvr4, on the thermostat housing (1st gen eclipse thermostat housing fyi) the upper temperature sensor was replaced because...
  11. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    you can see that the spark plug seems to be quite black which I see as a sign of running rich(correct?). That being said I do not know what kind of O2 sensor is installed on the car whether it be wideband or other, but there is no gauge for it so that I could see what the AFR is. I could switch...
  12. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    so I had to put time towards some other projects for storage around the house and time towards my Datsun which is non-moving/broken in the driveway, but! I did check fuses which were good and I moved forward with getting a fuel pressure test kit from Oreilly's. I am unfamiliar with the...
  13. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    Not stock maf, gm maf with translator. Nothing fuel related has been checked. same for spark plugs since the initial 2 starts or so. As far as tuning I picked up the vehicle as is from someone else a few days ago so I do not know what is on the chip for the tune. That being said I have an ecm...
  14. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    Getting fuel at all? I must be getting some for it to run, however I do not know how much. Are you thinking fuel pressure check?
  15. car will only run for 4 seconds and caps are good

    bought a parts car for with motor and other go fast bits for my galant. 93 talon turbo awd with socketed and chipped ecu with GM Maf and translator. initial issue was no spark, CAS replaced. -> car starts but only runs for 2 sec. ECU caps investigated and appeared to be good so I double checked...
  16. 89 dodge colt vista, G63B engine

    So, i just got a very clean 89 Dodge colt vista for basically nothing but it has a blown motor (hole in the block). I see these motors left and right(at junk yards) but because of my galant having a "less" blown motor, I now have 2 donor 4g63t 6 bolt motors. My question is regarding the...
  17. WTB: 90 OFH & oil cooler

    I am ready to buy a 1990 OFH with or without plumbing/oil cooler. Check out my good guy thread(its short but so is my time as an active GVR4 owner) I usually pay same day if at all possible. This will need to be shipped to 99004PM or text 509-521-6656
  18. I have questions for my GVR4 resurrection please help!

    I dropped of the engine locally at a place called Gibson Performance Racing here in Spokane. It was right at the end of business but based on just touch, maybe rod journals can be polished but the crank will have to be cut/ground. after taking a closer look we both confirmed that there was...
  19. I have questions for my GVR4 resurrection please help!

    I have been really busy but no excuses i guess.Just to recap tho, iceman, when you say substantiate do you mean measure, or get quantitative data to base my decision off of?These measurements would then be obtained most accurately from the machinist I am assuming?And will any...
  20. WTB: rear calipers, 3g lifters

    whats with the tears G?
  21. I have questions for my GVR4 resurrection please help!

    so here are pictures of the junk
  22. I have questions for my GVR4 resurrection please help!

    so just have the machine shop say yay or nay on the crank? i couldn't tell ya if it is good or bad. should i post pics of it maybe?
  23. FS: some random parts

    pics of exhaust? i am interested and my bro is in portland right now...
  24. I have questions for my GVR4 resurrection please help!

    So, here is the full story for my car to help aid suggestions/ comments. car originally bought and irresponsibly driven for approx. 1500 miles with ps leak and oil leak...water pump dies car gets parked 7/2013. during the 1 month-ish of driving i started compiling a large list of things that are...
  25. WTB: rear calipers, 3g lifters

    I have already recieved supposed good calipers for 45 shipped for the pair. pm sent to jnava regarding lifterswiz,how can i tell if the pads were installed properly?also, regardless of how they were installed how can i confirm that I am installing them properly? rtfm?
  26. Talk to me about lifters.

    I am in search of these 3g lifters but it looks like engnbldr's new 3g lifters are not as good as they used to be? any other purchasing options? can't i just go buy a set for a 3g eclipse or 00-05 sonata from rock auto?
  27. WTB: rear calipers, 3g lifters

    yes i do, i have both rears but 1 is sticking so i figure a rebuild won't cut it since its prolly the piston sticking to the casting
  28. WTB: rear calipers, 3g lifters

    in need of rear calipers for a 91 GVR4 and 3g lifters or equivalent shipped to 99004
  29. doing my first clutch replacement...ever

    So i'm doing the first clutch that I have ever done besides a dirtbike and I have a few questions.What I have: 91 gvr4 all stock as far as turbo injectors, boost, pressure. no air box and tubular exhaust manifold(unk. brand)Long story short the car had multiple leaks that required the motor...
  30. WTB: Lower Timing Cover

    Part purchased
  31. WTB: Lower Timing Cover

    LIV4PSI, pm sent cheapest shipping plzthat being said, Purchase imminent
  32. WTB: Lower Timing Cover

    still interested anyone? unbroken lower timing cover needed
  33. WTB: Lower Timing Cover

    shipping was too expensive sorry.
  34. WTB: Lower Timing Cover

    I am in need of a Lower timing cover. Please pm me and I will get back to you promptly.
  35. FS: real short shifters

    pm sent
  36. FS: galant vr4 part out

    PM sent
  37. GSTwithPSI

    Brett gave me good info and the parts I asked for in due time with good communication through out the process.
  38. WTB: Balance shaft delete, valve cover, stock recirculation hose, 3G lifters

    Still need 3G lifters and Balance shaft delete. Only interested in new oem balance shaft delete stuff
  39. ECM link V3 questions

    So i am pretty sure now that I have all the parts but the recirculation hose. I am under the understanding that one of the stock radiator hoses has the right diameter and bends to make a suitable replacement once it is cut. Does anyone know if this is the upper or lower rad hose?
  40. WTB: Balance shaft delete, valve cover, stock recirculation hose, 3G lifters

    I will paypal for any of the above parts shipped to me. Please pm me if you have any of these parts. (See title)
  41. ECM link V3 questions

    Already in the process of getting the stock BOV, thanks for the information
  42. ECM link V3 questions

    I hope these work...
  43. ECM link V3 questions

    sry I was out of town for the weekend. What Turbowop said is what I feared was the case. Considering i do not plan to run speed density just yet, what part is missing? I doubt that the BOV installed is stock.for the vacuum line, sounds like I should just size up a new one and reattach it?I...
  44. ECM link V3 questions

    I am getting ready to do a bunch of different things to my galant but as far as the motor and engine management goes I think I have narrowed down the main issues with my car running poorly. I have listed them below.1. ECU has bad CAPS2. Vent to atmosphere on a bone stock ecu(Under hard...
  45. FS: Links and turbo

    PM sent
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