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  1. A proper build thread for 1501

    Battery relocation is finished, along with the kill switch. We used:-Taylor battery box -Moroso billet battery terminals -Data Panel 200amp solid state relay -Flaming River kill switch
  2. A proper build thread for 1501

    It’s made by JXB Performance. Only costs about double a stock one. They offer two different hardness levels. Super easy to install as it’s a two piece design.I’ll try and update more of what we’ve been up to. In the middle of quite a few things
  3. A proper build thread for 1501

    It has IDS rear shocks that we added for this season. It’s had the STM drag brakes for a few years now. Added the JBX carrier bearing this off-season as well, with the DSS shaft I’ve had for a decade 😂
  4. A proper build thread for 1501

    It’s coming around 🫣
  5. A proper build thread for 1501

    I can't seem to get any pictures to upload, but I've dove into a pretty in depth build for this winter. I've been working hard on real estate for the last few years and this is my payoff.Hoping to race IFO FIS class, Street Car Takeover and the Shootout of courseCliff notes are: -FP Xona 82*67...
  6. Carbon Fiber Parts?

    Carbonetics is supposed to make a good, trunk, roof and drag wing this winter. Someone already bought him a GVR4 to make molds from, so its almost a definite
  7. A proper build thread for 1501

    Thanks to Ginev all of my rare CF goodies will be a dime a dozen come winter
  8. A proper build thread for 1501

    What at this point of my ownership makes you think I would part it out?I'm a lifer. And if I get half my winter plans done, I won't be able to afford to ever sell it
  9. A proper build thread for 1501

    Ashamed to admit I was stolen by the world of FB. Pretty active on the page there, and have a ton on GVR4 guys on my friends list. It makes me feel in the loop, but this place will always be home
  10. A proper build thread for 1501

    Long time update. Car is finally all together.
  11. New Owner Of 1546/2000

    Quoting G: #3? Dude you're freaking nuts!My thoughts exactly. Its look pretty clean though
  12. #860/1000 diary

    +1 for dye the carpet. I used 6 bottles of RIT dye, and a couple spray cans of fabric day. It made a huge difference
  13. New Owner of #860/1000 (Mac's old car)

    Welcome. I would love it of my girlfriend had an XT. I'm stuck working on a Taurus
  14. New Personal Best with 1837

    Car looks great as always Brett, and definitely has some more in it
  15. jnava

    Bought a grill from jnava. He knows bubble wrap can crack the corners, so he used shrink wrap instead. Thats the kind of expertise and professionalism that is free when you buy parts from Juan. Guess what else is free? Approx 80ft of shrink wrap
  16. the build of 806/1000

    What injectors?I've been wondering what happened on that elimination pass. I can't believe it was just a vacuum line
  17. Face Plated gear sets from Liberty Transmission

    Yes Mellow. Its removes the syncros and they modify to stock gears with a dog engagement.But its not as good as a PPG dogbox, because the weak stock gears are still being used.
  18. Face Plated gear sets from Liberty Transmission

    I plan on doing it as well. I think EMX and BlackVR4 are the only two guys running one here. Justin had around $2k in his when it was all said and done. That was with the metal enhancements, other parts, etcLiberty takes a couple months for turn around time I believe
  19. A proper build thread for 1501

    Quoting clevr4: Love the seats, great idea on the carpets. I'll have to do the sameThanks. I sliced my finger open on a bracket while installing my gauges. I thought I was going to ruin my new entire by making it look like a crime scene haha
  20. A proper build thread for 1501

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: Looking good, Craig! This thing going to be ready for the Shootout?It better be haha I'm not sure if it will be race ready, but hopefully at least ready for the 2 hour drive
  21. A proper build thread for 1501

    Got my EVO IX steering wheel installed. Thanks again Curtis
  22. #740/1000 BUILD

    Car looks good on the dyno. Good numbers too!
  23. New Owner of 820/1000

    Shiny turd indeed. I don't know how anyone has the patience for two GVR4s. They sure are a good looking pair though
  24. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    ^^^ I hope we can have a few more beers and make fun of the bro-tards
  25. A proper build thread for 1501

    HKS 272 cams and HKS cam gears are installed. I think this is the first time I've had less parts waiting to be installed than on the carAlso installed my JMF small battery tray. I couldn't bring myself to add a kill switch to the outside, so this was my plan be. I was pleasantly surprised...
  26. small battery tray

    I plan to go once a week
  27. small battery tray

    I do like the trunk location. I don't agree that if your moving the battery it should go there though. If you race, that setup is completely wrong and won't pass tech. I know EMX has gotten lucky with that in the past.Anyways, that's why I changed my plans. I didn't want to drill a hole for a...
  28. small battery tray

    I think JMF is who you are referring to. I just installed mine tonight
  29. 1458 and 539 what ID to use. Ethical Opinions.

    Glad you're making some progress. And thank you for keeping the original badge with it's chassis
  30. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    It's more about hanging out with the car family than it is racing anyways. Just come and have a good time
  31. New Owner of 1837/2000

    Wheels do look great. I didn't even recognize the color. Superb work like always Brett
  32. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    We will have to make sure we meet up this year Joey.
  33. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    Definitely bring the longboard. 1501 is still JSB. I keep adding more to my to do list, the closer I get to being finished. I'm not going to cut it as close as I have previous years though (trimming leaking fuel filler neck the morning of haha)
  34. FS: B&M oil cooler

    It's good you're honest about the spun beating. But for what they cost new, someone would have to be crazy to buy this
  35. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    I want to do the 11.5 dial in class as long as all goes well. I hope you make it again this year Redwood. Good times as always, I'm sure
  36. Ralliart GVR4 Engine Mounts

    Galant mounts and DSM are the same
  37. A proper build thread for 1501

    I finally took the center sections out of my EVO IX wheel and DSM wheel, to have them welded together. Hopefully it matches my seats nicely
  38. WTB: gvr4 intake snorkel

    I have one. $10 plus shipping? $20 shipped?
  39. A proper build thread for 1501

    Half tool box, half wanna be race car
  40. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    I'm going as always. Hopefully racing for the first time this year
  41. new guy parting VR4

    Are you seeing if I was right, Brett?
  42. new guy parting VR4

    Quoting DRG: Ty, I will try that.Also a two sentence minimum for the post counter. Haha That's so spammers just don't comment "cool", "awesome", etc and still get member status.Anyways, lots of good parts on that car. Thank you for not just junking it
  43. new guy parting VR4

    I think you only need 25 posts to lose the newb status, and have access to the classifieds. You already have 15, comment on some build threads and you will be golden. You're almost there.Pro-tip: only posts with proper punctuation counts
  44. VR4 engine

    Engine $500-$600 Transmission $300-$400 EPROM ECU $150 14B turbo $100 Engine harness $150-$200 Badge $125 Rear dog legs $50 Fuel tank and sending unit $250 Front bumper $150The easy sellers will make you more than $1,500.
  45. new guy parting VR4

    This is definitely against the rules. There is a reason you can't post in the for sale section.
  46. FS: Evo seat rail adaptors for gvr4 making a run of them.

    Everyone would have been happy with them just as they were sent to me. But two of the most respected members here offered some suggestions, and Evan wants everyone to have the absolute best product available. He even offered to swap me a revised set and to pay shipping when the time comes...
  47. Progress on my car, #674 finally going back together with lots of new goodies!

    Looks great as always James. It's awesome how quickly you get everything installed once you get back home.What specifically failed on the last transmission?
  48. GSX_TC's Galant VR4 Build Thread #550/2000 (Samara)

    Quoting GSX_TC: Yeah I saw that, he only did 250 miles though. I'm doing over 1,000 miles.I drove my STI home from Orlando, exactly 1,000 miles. It's fun, be safe and enjoy yourself
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