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  1. Tuning help!

    That car had no aftermarket regulator. That I can recall. It was mostly stock car performance wise. Nothing crazy
  2. Tuning help!

    Might want to post something over on Dsm tuners. I tried to down load tmo logger stuff but can’t get it to work. Got find my old laptop that had the software on it for that stuff. Mabe have those injectors flow tested?
  3. Getting there PT.2!

    Looking good. Should have checked out carrier bushing from jxb performance. They are solid set up and easy to install.
  4. Tuning help!

    You get all the spare parts with it also. He had good stuff to go along with it. I must of missed it but week or so.
  5. Tuning help!

    If I do remember I’ll let you know for sure. I know the car has been sitting for long time
  6. Tuning help!

    Not if the top of my head. But i remember the grounds out front for battery relocation wasn’t the greatest setup on it. He had tons of software to go with it. If you had hard drive usb stick with you. He showed me it all. He used to rebuild Ecu’s back in the day for people.
  7. Getting there! 1410/2000

    Get ahold of Rix racing. He does remote tuning and can get you hooked up with Dsm link. If that’s the route you go.
  8. Tuning help!

    That car had ground issue out front also. I remember him telling me about un plugging something at times car would run better and reset itself. I chatted with him for awhile the previous owner.
  9. Getting there! 1410/2000

    He had tons of tuning stuff to go with it on hard drives and all. That the stuff from back in early 90s to 2000s. I remember using them. Car looks good
  10. Getting there! 1410/2000

    You got good car there. I was going to buy that also from Tommy. On here. Needs ecm link or Hal tech setup. It’s got old school stuff for tuning in it.
  11. SOLD: 1991 VR4 #1410/2000 - Northern NJ

    is car available still. like to come look at it.
  12. SOLD: 1991 VR4 #1410/2000 - Northern NJ

    Is car still available? How many miles on body? I am about and hour and half from you. Defiantly interested in the vehicle.
  13. FS: 1990 Galant in Rock Island, IL 750.00

    is this still avabile. i have 1991 gsx chassis that i would trade you.
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