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  1. FS: palm with data logger: SOLD

    Is this still available?
  2. Ecm link ?s

    I will have to look into that idea, I always read about people using the palm pilots. Thank you for the guidance, I’m still trying to learn about these cars and how to clean and modify them correctly. I finally got a new wire harness installed and she’s running but like I mentioned I’m nervous...
  3. Ecm link ?s

    I do have a few spare covers and ecu’s so I will swap that out, thank you for looking out though. And the only real reason I wanted to swap over to the link was to make sure it’s tuned properly and not running to rich/ lean or any problems with timing etc. I was really hoping to have full...
  4. Ecm link ?s

    Sorry it grabbed the wrong picture
  5. Ecm link ?s

    So I’m looking to switch from the key chip to the ecm link. But I have some questions as it’s the first dsm amd obd1 Ive messed up compared to Subaru’s and Lexus. Anyway where is a good site to go find one? I was looking at ecm But I want to make sure I select the right and correct...
  6. #205 checking in for duty

    Quoting iceman69510: What that paper tag with the list of criteria is telling you is there is a "Keydiver" chip in the ECU. It says 2g MAS, so you should have a 2g mass airflow sensor on there potentially already.ECM Link is a newer more capable version of the control system, which also...
  7. #205 checking in for duty

    Almost 100% finished with the new harness and repairs. I have maybe 4 wires to solder on new connectors and figure out where they go.... but otherwise I’m happy with my first harness retape and repair job so far, only 5hours in and another maybe 2 left.
  8. Removing engine harness

    I did remove the connectors already and the clips but I will have to check behind the heater as I missed those. And I understand what your saying now about the tabs under the rubber grommet. THANK YOU guys for helping me out
  9. #205 checking in for duty

    Well finally have had more time and weather permitting to work on her (garage without heat sucks to work in) But thank you iceman for the parts and pieces I bought from you. That has helped ALOT!!! Now I’m finally feeling Halfway better about turning her on. Just finishing up my new wire harness...
  10. Removing engine harness

    Ya I was trying to study my new harness but was worried about breaking those tabs on accident. But if all I need to do is pull the rubber groomer back then I feel a lot safer Thank you
  11. Removing engine harness

    So I’m at a stage where I’m removing my wire harness to clean it up and redo a handful of connections. I cannot get it removed from the firewall though, I got the rubber grommet facing up like it says but I still cannot get it to pull out, I’ve already disconnected everything inside as well...
  12. Trying to decide if I should sell and how much

    Just curious if I should sell my galant #205 It only has 120k on it and it’s a very slow going project. I was talking to someone else and they wanted to sell theirs with a lot more miles but way better shape and a lot more work done but not needing as much work done to it minus t belt and some...
  13. FOR SALE: evo flip key reopened!!! 40$ shipped 35$ for 2 or more

    I will take one as well when you do them again
  14. non-sunroof has sunroof?

    Just make it a moon roof with some lexicon plexiglass 👌
  15. Colorado vr4s?

    Curious how many people there are in Colorado with vr4s I’m trying to replace my wire harness and it would be awesome to have another galant here to reference and maybe a helping hand. My harness is trashed and spliced in 50x places. I have a new one on its way and I plan to clean it up and...
  16. FS: Part out 91 GVR4, #597, aftermarket and stock

    Do you have the main wire harness for the engine bay still?
  17. FS: '91 Gvr4 Partout (560/2000) NB *Updated May 10th 2022

    Engine bay wire harness available?
  18. WTB: wire harness and door locks

    Looking to buy the engine bay wire harness and also a full set of door key locks. Hopefully not anything in terrible shape
  19. Difference in ecu's?

    I fixed it, thank you for letting me know
  20. Difference in ecu's?

    Original ECUNEW ECU
  21. Difference in ecu's?

    I was just curious if there are differences in ecu numbers? My original ecu was marked 6574e and my new one which was from a manual as well is labeled 7378e. This Is the number printed on the outside of the covers. Are these still compatible? Also I noticed that the ecu board itself is...
  22. Carbon Fiber Parts?

    I wish there was more parts, I've been looking and cant really find anything else besides these and the duraflex hoods. I wanted a CF hood and trunk.
  23. transparentdsm

    Huge shout out to the great deal and helpfulness!!! He hooked me up with some great goodies and it was quick and easy. I owe you even more then what I paid you for all the help and parts!
  24. WTB: ecu and wire harness

    I will gladly take a harness and the ecu just pm me your PayPal and the amount
  25. WTB: ecu and wire harness

    Looking for an ecu for my 91 and then also some extra wire so I can splice a few things. So even if it’s only a 2’ chunk of a harness for the intake harness or something similar please let know.
  26. iceman69510

    I got a fuel filler hose from iceman and it was perfect!! No complaints at all!Thanks
  27. #205 checking in for duty

    So where can I find the 2g mad and wire harness? I was reading about that and I couldn’t seem to find the wire harness that swaps it all or computes it. Plus how can I tell if I have the upgraded parts or the ecmlink ? Sorry for the stupid questions
  28. #205 checking in for duty

  29. Upgrading turbo opinions

    Very much appreciate the info and no I’m not looking to throw stuff at it without doing everything else. I have the exhaust, pump, injectors, FMIC, and maintence work done. I’m just in need of a better intake and a time. But I’m just curious what the expected hp gains would be with this turbo. I...
  30. Upgrading turbo opinions

    So going from a stock turbo to a pte3431 57mm trim would that be worth it for $200? or should I save up and wait for a bigger turbo? And how much power do you think that would yield me? Sorry I’m new to the Mitsubishi line up and turbos
  31. #205 checking in for duty

    Thank you on that info and yes I’m doing all fluids,belts, hoses and any other small stuff now. I just did the oil change and plugs next is the gas I want to get rid of and get a new pump as well possibly. The one thing I also wanted to check was the fuel pump relay behind the glove box but I...
  32. #205 checking in for duty

    Just wanted to introduce myself here, as cory or #205 with my 91 galant vr4. 🤗Finally picked it up after begging my neighbor to sell it to me. So far it had exhaust and FMIC installed but nothing else I can tell is aftermarket. I’m hoping to get it running as the car will turn...
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