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  1. Strengthening Drivetrain

    After have tons of experience with our drivetrains in the dsms it's not just the drivetrain you need to worry about.4-bolt swap is a must. I've cut consistent 1.4s with a stock 4-bolt. It's all in how you launch. Tcase same thing. Higher mileage cars will trash ujoints. Don't buy part house...
  2. WTB: 4 Bolt B1H & a few other items

    I have a cyclone intake. Lemme know what your looking to spend.
  3. FS: JDM Clusters, WINGS, Bumper, Door cladding, FOGLIGHT, Taillights *PICS*

    SHoot me the best price shipped for one of those JDM clusters. Nevada 89433
  4. Garfield @ Tunersnation

    I have received the intake. After finally get in contact with you about this via email, you stuck to it and made things right. Thank you. I appreciate you comin through.
  5. Garfield @ Tunersnation

    I to have ordered an extrude honed intake manifold in mid December. Same thing happened and he said it will ship out. It's now end of January and still no intake. Called quite a few times no response. Sent a pm on dsmlink where we originally talked about the intake no reply. Sent an email today...
  6. cam sensor

    The car wouldn't run if it was 180 out.
  7. WTB: 2g intake pipe

    Ive got a stock 2G pipe pm me an offer.
  8. FS: NIB translator

    Knowone needs a translator???
  9. Magnus introducing the ultimate cast intake manifold.

    I'd be interested in seeing the results. I'm sure it compares to the jmf drag. It blows the magnus smim away. There's been guys that's gained switching over to a jmf after cracking a magnus. Marco does claim it will out perform any smim. We will see.
  10. 3 port BCS, flutter. ATTN: curtis!

    Just a couple rules to follow when hooking up any boost controller up. First never tee into or have the bov on the same line. Second run your boost source as close to the turbo as possible. Most compressors have a flat spot to drill and tap for at least a 1/8 npt hose barb. I've always done this...
  11. T3 ERL manifold anyone running one?

    Pics are up go to my sig for the pump gas build.
  12. #1868 Project pump gas (Finally under the knife)

    OK here are some of the pics of my return line. Im probably going to take a little more off the mount so that it doesnt touch with vibrations. Take note on how close the bolt is to the fitting in the first pic.Now I didnt originaly intend on going this far. But the car having over 200K on...
  13. T3 ERL manifold anyone running one?

    This is the first I ever had to trim an engine mount. It was just the bracket. I took pics just havent uploaded them. I will post them in my build thread. It was minor trimming. I also went to summit to see what fitting options I had to keep clear of it before cutting it. I ended up with a 1/2...
  14. T3 ERL manifold anyone running one?

    Just made it a pain to do a drain on the 6262.
  15. #1868 Project pump gas (Finally under the knife)

    I just got parts back today from the powder coater. I'll be getting some pics tomorrow. I may have went a bit overboard. I've never really been a good looks kinda guy. I was happy as long as it was clean and performed well. So I'll let you guys judge the parts.
  16. T3 ERL manifold anyone running one?

    I'm in the process of installing one on my gvr4. What turbo you plan on running?
  17. O-Ring Cylinder Heads/Blocks - Discussion

    O-ringing a block is not really needed. My engine is o-ringed and this was done before they came out with all th enew stuff. First off make sure the head and block surface is very straight. Setting the torque on the standard arps up to 100ft/lb helps with an mls. That should hold for a very long...
  18. FS: COP coils

    Ok good looking out.
  19. FS: NIB translator

    Ive got a brand new never used 1G/gvr4 translator. Its still in th epackage with the instructions. I was hopeing to get $175 shipped for this. I can get pics upon request.
  20. FS: COP coils

    No offers on these?
  21. Lousy customer service

    Had a feeling it was jon. I had this happen once. He stacked my trans with the cores. He's a great guy and will go overboard to make up for a minor mistake. If anyone has had a bad experience with TRE it was more than likely the customer that didn't understand. I felt bad the day I bought a...
  22. 555 of 1000 NEW PB ET & MPH!

    The cars looking good so far. Gives a motivation to want to get my together sooner.Turbowop you beat me to the punch on the roof rack for looks. Ive read that now notice every 4door has a stupid ass rack and wonder, whats that for.
  23. Anyone got roof racks?

    It couldn't be either or?? What's the no brainer?No point in getting a rack for looks.
  24. WTB: Valve train parts

    I am looking for a set of evo rockers. Let me know what you got.
  25. FS: COP coils

    I have a set of used 300M coils that I got from a buddy. I have no use for these and just need to sell them.I was hopeing to get $80 shipped.
  26. 6765 or GT42

    If your gonna go with a 42R sized turbo and no nos you would benifit from running a twinscroll setup. A ball bearing center on a drag car will help with between gear recovery. It will also help get that thing spoole dup faster on the 2-step syou your not waiting forever and getting the exhaust...
  27. Found in scrap yard #?/1000

    This is true. If we get our cars apraised is there a slight chance of getting them covered for what there worth?
  28. transmission and transfer case fluid

    This is the reason im going auto. Havin my trans out 3-4 times in a season and tore apart to check things out and adjust preloads isnt fun. Glad I did everytime since it kept me from breaking stuff. Dont have time for that every season.
  29. #1868 Project pump gas (Finally under the knife)

    Oh wow that is butchered. I'll get a few pics of mine tomorrow. I still may take more off the mount itself just to be safe but I can take it off without messing with the mount now.
  30. transmission and transfer case fluid

    You be surprised on how much torque it take to pure strip teeth off a properly preloaded gearset. Our trans it's the 4th and it will straight shred teeth.
  31. WTB: 7bolt FWD flywheel

    Well I have a turbo 7 bolt. Non stepped is n/a :-(
  32. transmission and transfer case fluid

    I run straight MT90 in the trans and shockproof in the tcase. No need to mix unless your making alot of torque.
  33. WTB: 7bolt FWD flywheel

    Title states needs 7-bolt fwd flywheel. Two posts up he says needs used oem. So I guess an aftermarket awd does him no good.
  34. WTB: 7bolt FWD flywheel

    Have you found one yet?
  35. #1868 Project pump gas (Finally under the knife)

    Got yourself a 6262 do ya? My dreaded drain ugh. I spent a good couple day trying to get that POS in there. Theres no way I coulda put a -12 drain. I did a -10 return and its very tight. I guess I could post up a couple pics. I really wasnt going to show that part off because I was a little...
  36. 6765 or GT42

    A pte 6262 or a hta3586 will get you a 9.9. Just keep in mind that if you plan on driving this everyday pick something that is on the smaller side of what will net you those times. To much lag in a street car is no fun. You might want to look into turbos that will support 550-600hp marker. With...
  37. #1868 Project pump gas (Finally under the knife)

    I guess at over 200K miles on the clock #1868 didnt like how it rode and decided to puke all over my garage.
  38. Found in scrap yard #?/1000

    I would pay more for a car like that. You may never find another one like it.
  39. 6765 or GT42

    Precision turbos are good and have broken some records. I just have heard of the garrett stuff lasting longer. The 42R included its dam near bullet proof. The turbine wheels can sure take a beating from excess exhaust temps to. I guess you can narrow it down to performance over reliablity.
  40. just ordered ecm link

    You should be posting over there on the link forums. Thats what they are there for. Read the entire wiki section before you ask questions though. It explains all about ecmlink and all the functions of ecmlink. From there if you have questions post up in the forums and im sure you will get your...
  41. 6765 or GT42

    You wont have any issues hiting those times with either turbo. Precision is nice but garrett is wasy more durable. Its center section is one of the best out there. They have held some of the most demanding conditions. If you go DBB then its gonna rely on how well you take care of the turbo that...
  42. Found in scrap yard #?/1000

    KBB is just for guidelines. You can get whatever the street value is. It seems that the more I see up for sale the more money they are starting to bring. Its like this I had a 91 chevy I bought for like $4000. I wrecked it and it only booked for $3500 at the time. Street value at that time was...
  43. BC Coilovers

    I totally understand the business stand point. I don't like waiting for any of my parts. That's what's lame. I'll acually be ordering a set from you sometime this week.
  44. BC Coilovers

    Lame, so basicaly it's build to order.
  45. Running rich...need help

    Another thing to check is make sure the caps in the ecu haven't leaked out.
  46. Found in scrap yard #?/1000

    That's just to bad. But I guess the more that get crunched, it brings the value up on the ones currently driving around.
  47. #1868 Project pump gas (Finally under the knife)

    Its been awhile since I have been on here. Just thought I would update some of the stuff I have been doing to the car. It sat for a bit since I was working on my Talon. I got the talon into the 9s and now have better goals for it. So while I am saving for it I figure its time to start working on...
  48. got some dyno numbers!! Video added!

    Ya the iPhones not helpin lol. When do you expect to have it running again?
  49. got some dyno numbers!! Video added!

    I was just curious as to how you knew before you pulled the head. It is obvious with the head pulled that there was seepage. Standard arps torqued to 100ft/lbs woulda cured that at your level now. Who knows at what point you would need a the L19s. Is the hole your talking about in the piston the...
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