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  1. SOLD>>FS: 91 Black Galant VR-4 1218/2000 Yuma, Az SOLD

    I offered him 6K, and he replied with 9k would buy it now. Before it moved to AZ in 2000, he said it was in Wyoming.
  2. e85 and braided rubber lines

    According to the Ethanol and E85 Compatibility Chart, the Summit hose is compatible since it is synthetic nitrile rubber. Although, first hand experience by mutiple people has shown some degredation ("drying" and stiffening) of the line over time. Sound about right?Has anyone had a...
  3. e85 and braided rubber lines

    I've got Summit's brand of ss line.I've read that it does get brittle, almost "drying out." As long as it doesn't leak or crack and send small pieces into the injectors, I'm ok.Thanks for your input!
  4. FS: JDM front bumper (uncut) projector fogs, JDM bumper beam $750 SOLD

    What color is it? I can't really tell from the pic....
  5. e85 and braided rubber lines

    I'm finally back to working on my car and planning on mounting the pump and running the fuel lines this week. I have ss braided line from Summit, but I've been having second thoughts. I've read a lot of differing opinions regarding nitrile rubber lines and E85. What are your real world...
  6. Progress on 1190

    I have been making slow progress on 1190, but at least it's progress! It feels good to be bolting stuff back onto the car. I've now got the engine bay painted, the rear subframe mounted, the front struts assembled, new front wheel bearings, brake components installed, and the abs wiring...
  7. Suspension woes

    The cheapest that I've found is here on Parts Geek - KYB AGX on Parts Geek. $105.85 for the fronts and $55.85 for the rears.These are listed for an Eagle 2000 GTX, but I'm pretty sure that they're the same for a GVR4.
  8. Front Case Bolt Length/Size

    Thanks for that link, Spyke! My project is slow going, and I've accidentally mixed up a lot of my nuts and bolts. This info is a big help!
  9. paint/body guys, two step chrome paint

    Powdercoating can be done on non-conductive surfaces. The pieces being coated need to be heated first to get the powder to stick. Maybe a chrome low-temp powder would work?I would wonder if the coating would be reflective enough. Also, I wonder if the housing would withstand the temp...
  10. Just a quick hi and maybe a few questions...

    The library link at the top of the page has pdf's of the fsm and a lot of other useful info, too.LibraryGood luck with your project!
  11. WTB: Factory Service Manuals

    I'm looking for a good condition and complete Factory Service Manual. I think that it's three volumes total. Taking the laptop into the garage and using the pdf service manual is kind of a pain....Let me know if you can help!Steve 765-960-5148 or pm me.
  12. WTB: Filler neck

    I've got one. Text me at 765-960-5148.Steve
  13. Removing ABS wiring

    I'm in the process of removing the ABS wiring inside the car. Most of it has been unloomed and traced from the connector (F-23) at the ABS computer in the trunk. There are 6 wires that go up under the dash and I'd appreciate your input on what to do with them. Hope this isn't too confusing...
  14. Painting Engine Bay and Trunk Questions

    I finally have my engine bay and trunk ready to paint. This will be the second time for the trunk since my first attempt had a few issues.For those of you that do/have done body work, what are the best products and process to use for a quality budget job? While I understand that quality...
  15. Good trustworthy shops.

    OP, you might want to register with Indy Stars and check with folks there. Indy StarsI don't know any of the people personally, but the forum seems like a good resource for the Indiana area.
  16. Rear diff vent part number?

    Can anyone provide me with the part number for the diff vent? I looked around in CAPS but couldn't find it. If there are any easy auto parts store alternatives, that would be even better.Thanks!
  17. FS: Parting 379/1000 BG Almost everything can go

    Quote: To the guy that bought the underhood drivers side vent, I shipped it USPS but I lost/don't know your username so I couldn't send you a PM personally, because I am an idiot.That's funny. Thanks for letting me know. Still interested in the non-ABS stuff. Thanks!
  18. Engine bay A/C electrical connection

    I took my engine and harness out without labeling the connectors. Duh. I've been using the factory service manual and methodically identifying connectors based on their position on the harness, the number of pins, and the wire colors. I can confirm that connector is B-05 for the AC.
  19. Can someone post some pictures of the Front stock sway bar?

    Not sure if this helps or not. The photo is at a weird angle.....
  20. Progress on 1190

    Thanks for the encouraging words!To answer your questions, this car will be primarily a street car, but it will definitely make it to the track. All of the patch work was done to the passenger rear wheel well area. The cell is a 12 gallon, and the pistons are 8.5:1.I got a chance to get...
  21. Progress on 1190

    I purchased 1190 in May of 2010. Shortly thereafter, I decided to tear it down and do my best to clean it up. I don't have much time to work on it, so progress has been slow. I finally have enough done to share some things. Any input or criticism is welcome. This is the first time that...
  22. scirocco rad feedback

    Have any of you had luck using a Scirocco oe replacement? The Afco unit is nice, but it if an $80 radiator does the trick, I can think of plenty of uses for the money saved. Are there any particular brands that stand out? Any brands to avoid?
  23. Engine build of #692

    Hi rdomeck,There is a decently active Indy DSM community that might be able to help with some of your questions. I don't know the guys personally, but from the Indy Stars forum,it seems that there are some really competent people. At least a few of them retail parts and do tuning, too. In...
  24. DSM Tein SS coilovers on GVR4

    Does anyone here have first hand experience using 1g DSM Tein SS coilovers on their Galant? Aside from the differences in the front upper mount, I've read that it would work, but it wasn't a great option due to the short rear damper. I'm interested in any real world experience. I found a set...
  25. 2g Koni Yellows on a GVR4?

    Yeah... Guess I was vague. I was referring to the rears only. Thanks for that clarification though.
  26. 2g Koni Yellows on a GVR4?

    Hi,I'm sorting out my suspension choices for 1190. I'm really interested in running Ground Controls and Koni yellows. Since finding them for a vr4/1g is difficult, I'm entertaining using the 2g models. I've read both here and on dsmtuners that 2g Koni yellows will work, but there is no clear...
  27. WTB: Koni Yellows - Rear

    Hi,Just like the title states, I'm interested in finding some Koni Yellows for the rear. Thanks in advance!
  28. Fuel Cell and Fuel Level Sending Unit

    1190's gas tank is a nasty mess inside. The sending unit is in rough shape, too, so I'm seriously contemplating a fuel cell. Does anyone have experience with fuel cells on a street car? Any recommendations? I've searched hear and on Tuners but didn't find much.I'd also like to find a...
  29. Rear drive shaft U-joint

    I've got my drive shaft off and noticed that the rear u-joint is binding a little. I'd like to replace it, so I looked on It just shows "universal joints" and doesn't give specifics. Could anyone please provide a part number or other guidance? I really want to make sure...
  30. Reconditioning rods and balancing rotating assembly?

    Does anyone have suggestions for shops in the Midwest that would reliably recondition stock rods and balance rotating assemblies? Thanks in advance!
  31. New to this forum

    Yeah, the engine was warm when I did the compression test.
  32. New to this forum

    Thanks for that info. Supposedly, the motor was rebuilt a couple of years and two owners ago, but the PO wasn't able to confirm this. The bores do have a good bit of cross hatch with only a few shiny spots, so maybe I am ok. Before pulling the head, I did a wet test and the numbers increased...
  33. New to this forum

    Hi,I've been a lurker on this forum for about a month since buying 1190/2000 and thought that I'd take a second to hi and thanks for this great collection of knowledge.A while back I had a 2g GSX that I lightly modified, but after having kids it proved to be impractical, so I sold it...
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