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  1. 1g or VR4 fuel sending unit

    Yeah, the level sender didn't work and there was corrosion everywhere.
  2. 1g or VR4 fuel sending unit

    I pulled it and it was not usable.
  3. WTB: 1G AWD DSM Fuel Level Sending Unit

    Ed I have a few text me today and I'll take some pictures. 973-557-6186. Shane.
  4. Found

    No idea.
  5. Found

    Well let me make sure it's white and if it is and you like how it looks we can go from there.
  6. Found

    Where are you located. I think inhave a white wing, I def have a wing. And someone is heading down tomorrow from the Seattle area, he could probably bring whatever you need up.
  7. 1g or VR4 fuel sending unit

    Everything I have is for a 1g dsm not vr4. I only have 1 vr4 and it's in a tank right now., yet to pull it to verify condition
  8. 1g or VR4 fuel sending unit

    i have 1 or 3 my phone number is 973-557-6186, shoot me a text im in klamath falls oregon
  9. WTB - Coilovers for VR4

    I have a set of hot bits ive been thinking of selling if your interested, my number is 541-887-0014, shoot me a text and i can get you some pictures and information on them.
  10. WTB: passenger knuckle and hub

    i have one. shoot me a text 541-887-0014, i can have it removed and shipped tomorrow
  11. WTB: Rear bumper support

    i have one. shoot me a text 541-887-0014
  12. 2021 calendar

    unfortunately there were not enough photos submitted and I had some personal things come in to play causing my attention to be drawn elsewhere. I was unable to make it happen this year, but im hoping for a better year and to try and make some things happen in my area to get a galant meet or two...
  13. BROKEN BELL HOUSING, get welded or replace? Also has anyone seen this happen?

    that hole looks to be the size of one of your pucks from the disc. id pull the trans and pressure plate and see what that clutch looks like.
  14. 2021 calendar

    Bump. Please help fill up this post with pictures guys I'd love to actually make a nice calendar this yeah and have it done and available 2-3 weeks before Christmas.
  15. WTB: trans / flywheel inspection cover

    sent you a FB message.
  16. New owner of 763/2000

    glad you made it home, glad we figured out the clutch drag with just some slight adjustments over texts and super glad your enjoying the car. cant wait to see what you do with it.
  17. FOR SALE: evo flip key reopened!!! 40$ shipped 35$ for 2 or more

    still havent found something i like and with this covid stuff its hard to source anything.
  18. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    And car is sold, $4500, thanks everyone.
  19. Gear box replacement?

    Get a matching t-case from whoever you get the trans from
  20. WTB: 2020 org calendar

    back up for sale
  21. WTB: 2020 org calendar

    i resubmitted the calendar and once its approved it will be for sale againthis is the link once its
  22. WTB: 2020 org calendar

    let me see what i can do about getting you one.
  23. 2021 calendar

    im bumping this post, lets go people!!! post those pictures!!!!!
  24. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    I just ran out and checked and its a sunroof is a sunroof car
  25. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    Quoting ktmrider: Agree, very nice!Just went thru KF, drive down hwy 58 was gorgeous. GL with the sale.thanks and Mike next time you come through let me know well have a beer at the shop and hang out for a bit.
  26. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    Quoting fuel: Looks like a clean base GLWS!What number is it?its 763/2000, and thanks, its a really clean car and if i had the extra room id buy it for myself.
  27. the rebuild of 1384

    Hell yeah, everything seems to be coming along nicely.
  28. SOLD: 1991 Galant VR4 763/2000, Klamath Falls, Or $4500

    Hey everyone, so to start it actually isn't my car it's a customer of mine who asked me to sell it for him. He owns a lot of cars and unfortunately this car is close to the bottom of his list.He would like $6,000 or best offer for it.It's a 91 badge number 763/2000 with 180k miles on...
  29. Looking into buying a galant vr4

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quoting Odion1776:</font><hr /> I’ve been looking into getting a galant vr4 recently but it’s super hard to find info on these cars. I currently own 2 Miatas which I I’m looking to sell to purchase a vr4. The Miatas are great but I want something that’s not...
  30. JDM Galant VR4 Brake Master Cylinder?

    I know it's a different model, but a v6 master cylinder from a usdm Montero will work in my 4d56t JDM Pajero. Maybe the Galant is the same.
  31. WTB: 1G DSM 5-Lug Rear Spindles

    I have this stuff. Need fronts as well? See if he wants to meet somewhere. I'm in southern Oregon
  32. Please help- engine swap, won't start- RESOLVED

    glad to hear its running. its always a great feeling of victory when you figure something out. i had a similar issue with a volvo i worked on except it would run till it got warm and then shut off. turned out one of the CAS sensors wasnt fully seated. pushed it down a little, heard a click noise...
  33. Please help- engine swap, won't start- RESOLVED

    did you pull the rubber boot back? mine was soft as well, but from how it is bent and positioned from the factory it had broken wires under the boot. from my experience you have 3 options if your not getting spark. coil pack/harness, PTU/harness or the ECU is bad.
  34. Please help- engine swap, won't start- RESOLVED

    Uncover the wiring harness for the PTU, I was just working on a 90 tsi that had no spark and it ended up being a bunch of old, brittle and splintered wiring.Edit, I also replaced the harness with a 91+ PTU harness and 91+ PTU as my wires were all broken to close to the plug to repair and I...
  35. where to find OEM replacement for rear caliper

    I may have a set in stock. Send me a text tomorrow morning and remind me to look. 530-208-9548
  36. Source for knock sensor

    my only concern is the CSM and miata were mostly non-turbo models. the real question is does the non turbo CSM/miata and turbo model CSM/miata have the same part number. if not then id say wrong frequency, never thought of looking at different vehicles for a matching knock sensor...
  37. Source for knock sensor

    I plan on storing mine in a cool, dark place and hope they last once I receive them.
  38. Source for knock sensor

    I have 3 knock sensor sitting on order from an eBay company. They claimed to be in the states and ended up being in China. I'm still waiting, as I couldn't find them anywhere else.
  39. FOR SALE: evo flip key reopened!!! 40$ shipped 35$ for 2 or more

    still working on finding a solution here. i cant seem to find any evo x flip keys anywhere. im probably going to start trying to source a new flip key for it and try to make something for galant owners only.
  40. What number is my VR4?

    thank you iceman.
  41. What's a good quality aftermarket starter?

    Would you like to buy an OEM starter from me. ?
  42. WTB: Green Top CAS

    shoot me a text 530-208-9548 i should have one in my shop. my name is shane.
  43. #461... Soon to be a real car again (again)

    DaMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking good buddy.
  44. 1:64 diecast models of the '91 Galant VR-4 - need photos of underside!

    ok these are the photos i got for ya. hope they help.
  45. Back into the Scene with 886/1000

    Sweet! And glad to lead you in the right direction.
  46. Back into the Scene with 886/1000

    Only place I can think of is Rock Auto, I might have a k&n 1g filter that is cleanable and reusable if you want me to look for it.
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