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  1. isc 106 failed how do i test when thier is no fpr solenoid or boost sel.

    thanks guys thats what i figured id end up doing since thier not used anyway im not an electrical genuis, i can build motors all kinds of other stuff but i suck at electrical, i have depined many cars before, changed a bunch crx from odb0 to obd1 depining most of the wire harneswhat i meant...
  2. isc 106 failed how do i test when thier is no fpr solenoid or boost sel.

    i have a 92 vr4 sent in the ecu to have ecm link installed and was told isc 106 driver failed when tested. they installed a new one and are sending ecu back soon my question is how do i fix this dont want to burnout the new one once my ecu comes back.106 is the fuel pressure selenioid, and...
  3. front motor mount install problems

    i have the wrong bracket thanks you guys for trying to help me anbody on here slot that front braket and use it without it moving in the slot all the time
  4. front motor mount install problems

    so where would i drill to have it properly lined up currently i drilled it out larger to fit the prothane bushings sleeve for a 5/8 bolt thats going in their so when i took the pic trans was jacked up to line up the hole and saw its a couple inches off so when i take it off the jack it will go...
  5. front motor mount install problems

    Thanks everyone for the help hopefully getting the bracket from someone on here If i did not Where can i buy a new one is that possible ?
  6. front motor mount install problems

    how can i tell if its the gr4 motor or something else timing belt side motor mount is tore as well thats why i was changing the front it looked tore but really was not bad once i got it out
  7. front motor mount install problems

    Yep its a gvr4 Why the hell would it even be on the car Where would i get the right bracket hopefully not the stealership
  8. front motor mount install problems

    having trouble getting my front mount in is there a way to do this...yes its the oe mount with a prothane bushing pressed in.. do i need to loosen the trans or rear mount to get some more play in thie...have the 2 bolts mounted to crossmember and a jack on the trans hole is high enough but needs...
  9. please delete

    pm sent are they still for sale
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