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  1. FS: Speed density set up

    Wow. Crazy to come back and see all this. Havent had time to respond. With my name being so bashed around already theres probably no point anyways.Ill explain though.The guy with the ecu, the soldering was done professionally. The pics he posted made the ecu look way worse then it was. I...
  2. FS: evo 8 ecu with plug and play, injen intake with 2g maf, 950 fic,headlights e

    Just what the title says. Evo 8 ecu with plug and play harness, tactrix cable, injen intake with 2g maf and plug and play, fic 950cc injectors, fp2 cams that were just cleaned up by delta cams, also have a coupld good a/c compressors, a good condenser, a couple 10" electric fans, a honda half...
  3. FS: FP2 cams, Bastard 20g, F.I.C 950cc

    I have for sale some FP2 cams, a rebuilt bastard 20g with around 3k on it and some F.I.C 950cc injectorsIm asking 325 for the FP2 cams, they were sent off and cleaned up by Delta cams325 for the bastard 20g turbo200 for the F.I.C injectorsPlease call or text me at 512-994-81 five nine...
  4. FS: FP2 cams and Rebuilt Cylinder head

    I have a rebuilt 1g cylinder head and some FP2 cams for saleAsking 225 for the cylinder head and 325 for the cams. Will sell together for a better pricePlease call or text 512-994-eight one five nineTHanks
  5. Selling price?

    I have a pretty clean, stock appearing 1991 GVR4. It has a walbro 255, FIC 950's, bastard 20g turbo, injen intake with maf and plug n play adapter, 1g vrsf front mount modified to fit, and an evo 8 ecu with plug n play harness. It also has an innovative wideband and autometer boost gauge. Might...
  6. evo 8 ecu question that hasn't been asked?

    But the injector only fires on TDC for the compression stroke correct? It does not fire on the exhaust stroke. So I would still need to find TDC on the compression stroke?So correct me if I'm wrong again, but the evo 8 ecu is going to fire the number four injector as the number one injector...
  7. evo 8 ecu question that hasn't been asked?

    But they don't fire at the same time correct?
  8. evo 8 ecu question that hasn't been asked?

    I searched and found nothing about this question at all. I found ignition timing but not mechanic.With running an evo 8 ecu, shouldn't the mechanical timing be switch with the ignition timing? As in the timing should be set with the number four cylinder at TDC instead of the number one? Since...
  9. Cam vs battery acid

    I hate to just throw them away, how dumb would it be to run an fp2 intake with a stock exhaust cam?
  10. Cam vs battery acid

    So no doubt its ruined?
  11. Cam vs battery acid

    Do you think it would actually break? My only concern is if it would mess up how it rotates? It melted through about a 1/4 of the end on one side only...just enough to flatten it out some
  12. Cam vs battery acid

    I basically had some parts laying on a tarp including my battery and cams. One way or another the battery got knocked over (cough cough wife). And the battery acid ended up on my fp2's. Its on the exhaust cam on the end opposite of the cam gear.Ruined or useable?
  13. FS: help me clear out some parts! Manifold, turbine housings, etc.

    Interestd in the 2g exhaust manifold. Please text me at 512-994- eight one five nine if you still have it. I'd like to see a pictureTHanks!
  14. FS: 960 Full partout UPDATED

    Interested in the 2g exhaust manifold, the radiator and the spal fan.....please text me at 512-994 eight one five nine if you still have these. Id like to see a picture of each.Thanks!
  15. FS: Speed density set up

    I have for sale a complete speed density set up...includes everything you need to run and tune with speed density. Change fuel/timing ect ect.Im selling this cheap...ill start the bid at 300MAKE ME AN OFFER, FIRST REASONABLE OFFER GETS IT!Please text me at 512-994-8159..Thanks!
  16. FS: Complete Speed Density Tuning SET UP!

    bump!make an offer, ill sell this cheap!!! just need it gone!!
  17. FS: Complete Speed Density Tuning SET UP!

    I have a complete Speed Density Tuning set up for sale. It consists of a 1g eprom ecu, an Ostrich 2.0, a logging cable, a tuning cable, one IAT sensor with pigtail, and one 4 bar map sensor with pigtail. I was using the Jackal program and I loved it. There are a couple other programs that can be...
  18. FS: Two complete tuning packages! Evo 8 ecu and Jackal SD

    I have two different complete tuning packages available for a 1g dsm.First one is an evo 8 ecu with a plug and play harness, 1.3 tactrix cable logging/tuning cable and an injen intake pipe with 2g maf sensor and plug n play harness.Second is an eprom ecu with an ostrich 2.0, logging cable...
  19. Need Help on AC

    Whats wrong with it? Pretty simple system
  20. FS: 2.5" CX half radiator w/ 14" fan, 10" slim fan, and BNIB OEM upper rad hos

    Please call or text me if you still have the radiator/fan setup512-nine nine four- 8159Thanks!
  21. Not enough room for 2" half radiator

    So I just finished up mocking up a 1g VRSF front mount intercooler. I had to do some trimming here and there but was able to keep the bumper beam fully intact with no trimming and also kept my a/c. For those of you wondering if its possible.I now am looking into a Honda half radiator. I see...
  22. Evo 8 or 1g ignition timing?

    The firing order is swapped. Meaning number 1 on the stock 1g firing order is number 4 on the evo firing order. So basically the plug wires need to be swapped around.I believe our stock firing order goes 4-3-2-1 looking at the motor The Evo is 1-2-3-4 while looking at the motor, so they need...
  23. Evo 8 or 1g ignition timing?

    Put an evo 8 ecu in my gvr4. I need to redo my ignition timing but im trying to figure out the best way. I cant go back to my 1g ecu anymore so im stuck trying with this one.Basically should I just put it to 5 btdc? Also since the firing order is opposite id use the number four plug wire as...
  24. FS: 1g eprom ecu

    I have a good working 1g eprom ecu. Came out of my running car, caps aren't leaking and the board looks greatJust need to get rid of it.Please call or text me at 512-994-eight one five nineThanks!150 oboSOLD SOLD SOLD!

    Want to get 150, it works great, was recalibrated about 7 months ago.Not sure the part number but I can get it for you if still interested

    I have some used but in great working condition name brand tools for sale.1/2 inch Snap on torque wrench 5 piece mac tools plier set basically new 3/8 blue point electric impact with charger, 2 battRies and case Large 1/2 cornwell impact socket set with case 3/8 ingersoll rand air wrench...
  27. Eprom ECU

    I have a good working 1g eprom ecu for sale. I have a socket I can sell with it also. No issues, caps aren't leakingEasiest to text if possible 512-nine nine four-8159Thanks!
  28. Can't find a direct answer to FMIC question

    Yea but the ETS kit is 900 bucks
  29. Can't find a direct answer to FMIC question

    Also Cupajoe, were you able to just use the piping included in the 1g kit or did you have to source out some other piping?
  30. Can't find a direct answer to FMIC question

    Do you have a picture cuppajoe?
  31. Can't find a direct answer to FMIC question

    Were you able to keep your a/c?Also where did you find the extra piping and if you can recall what you needed?
  32. Can't find a direct answer to FMIC question

    I am looking to purchase a FMIC. I know this topic has been brought up several times but I can't seem to find a definite answer. I am wanting to buy either a 1g VRSF kit or a 2g VRSF kit. Just depending on what is truly easier to set up. I've read of people doing the 1g and the 2g but not with a...
  33. FS: FIC 750cc SOLD!!

    Please text me at 512 nine nine four 8159 if you still have theseThanks
  34. FS: Full AWD 2g Partout

    Still have the cams? If so please text me at 512-994-eight one five nine
  35. Not lifter tick! Valvetrain noise

    I know its been said above, but to me it sounds like a bad hydraulic tensioner. I had one sound like that right before it sounded like rod knock. Couldn't figure out the sound just like you can't, until I thought my motor was knocking.I hoped it was just the tensioner, so I removed it and...
  36. FS: rolling shell, lots performance and stock parts

    Pm sent, need lots of the parts you have.text me on the number if possible, its easier. Or pm me backThanks
  37. FS: Moates Ostrich 2.0

    Please text me at 5129948159 if you still have this. Thanks!
  38. FS: hks264/272 combo

    I have an offer for you, might be something your intersted in. Please text me at 512-994-8159 if possible.Thanks!
  39. any1 want this stuf i already junked a bunch!!

    I'll take the evo 8 maf with plug and the ss o2 housing...ill pay decent money for themPlease text or call me at 512-994-8159, my computer has a virus and its hard to get from page to page.Thanks!
  40. A/C blower question?

    Man, you got me excited thinking someone knew an answer. LolYes there is an a/c belt tensioner. It's hard to recognize, but if you look straight down at the compressor from the top you'll see a 14mm bolt head facing straight down. That is the tensioner bolt.
  41. Do I have evo 8 knock sensor?

    So I recently hooked up an evo 8 ecu in my 1991 gvr4. Just wanted to do a little slow test run, before I bought a knock sensor, to see how things went. I had the CEL on knock activated and the car I assume knocked a little as the CEL flashed while I was driving. Like I said I've never changed it...
  42. A/C blower question?

    Recently purchased a vr4 with the a/c not working. Lookin into fixing it. Blower motor wasn't working, no a/c belt and the compressor might be bad, drier was missing blah blah. I started off with the blower motor, got my power probe 2 and did some poking around. Traced it back to a little relay...
  43. Evo 8 ecu clicks?

    Okay so im understanding now that pin 66 and 63 are a ground source?
  44. Evo 8 ecu clicks?

    Okay so im still thinking its the mpi relay clicking off in the run position. I actually know it is, because when the car starts to die I can turn the ignition to start (not good for the starter I know) and it'll run for another second or two.I have pin 38 on the evo ecu hooked up to both pin...
  45. Evo 8 ecu clicks?

    No, the original ecu worked fine. Car still runs great if I switch it back. Once I get a min ill test power to the mpi fuse in the run position. I'm almost certain that's what it is
  46. Evo 8 ecu clicks?

    Ahh, yea that's a good idea. Ill give that a shot. Thank you for your time, ill post up how it goes
  47. Evo 8 ecu clicks?

    Yea I was thinking that also, but no power to the mpi fuse would cause a no start. Unless I'm mistaken and unless somehow the mpi fuse is getting power on initial start up and then loosing power?
  48. Evo 8 ecu clicks?

    Got everything set up with the evo 8 ecu, the cars starts and runs great for about 5-10 seconds. Then the ecu clicks and its as if the air and or fuel cuts off and the car slowly does?Anyone have this issue before?
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