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  1. christo

    Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Ludachris,Sent you a PM. Couldn't get my old account to reset, I would never get an email. Started this one but could you merge it with my old one? Username: ChristoThank you!
  2. christo

    Non-Destructive Rear Lower Damper Removal

    Small gear puller maybe, see if you can spray some silicon and use a small screwdriver or something to see if you can work the bushing loose from the metal.
  3. christo

    Front Lower Control Arms

    I used some Mevotech ball joints and tie rod ends before on my wifes old Honda Accord. I ended up having to replace one of the ball joints a year later due to the ball rusting out FWIW. I might have just got a bad one Ended up selling the car not too long after that so I am not sure how the...
  4. christo

    Alternator - which would you choose?

    I purchased an ACE 140 amp unit many years ago, maybe 5-6 IIRC.It has been doing well for me, I don't daily my car and I also have it relocated to the back side of the motor which has a lot less heat so that also plays a big part in longevity.
  5. christo

    windows 8 with ecm link 2.5

    You can download V3 software and run V2.5.
  6. christo


    Good seller, smooth transaction.
  7. christo

    RRE Camber and Caster Plates

    I have the RRE cmaber plates on my JICs, they are nice.I opted not to get the caster/camber plates as I didn't feel like cutting the towers, I went with the Whiteline caster bushing instead.
  8. christo


    Great transaction and quick shipping
  9. christo

    Building a real WRC style Rally Car

    Great build!I am curious to see how the FFWD coating does, keep us updated.
  10. christo

    Driving with a welded center diff?

    I didn't like it.It wasn't bad once you got moving but trying to park in tight spaces or any tight maneuvers IE: city driving was a not enjoyable.Everyone is different though, some it doesn't bother and some it does.
  11. christo

    solid mounts?

    If you are not worried about vibration/rattling go for it.I had a poly mounts on my talon weekender and ended up putting new stockers in the timing belt side and transmission side due to vibration. I left the front and rear poly mounts in.I couldn't handle the vibration of everything in the...
  12. christo

    2013 DSM/EVO Shootout Pics by GSX_TC

    Great pictures, thank you for sharing.
  13. christo

    504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Love it, this car gets better and better.
  14. christo

    what brand is this subframe bush? i cant remember..

    Boostx has the rear subframe
  15. christo

    504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Quoting bobdole: Cleaned the car today. Had a chance to take some pictures.Love it, looks so good.
  16. christo

    GSX_TC's Photoshoot Pics

    Looks great!
  17. christo

    FS: Evo 1-3 Ralliart engine mounts Group N (MA) $80 plus ship

    Do you have another picture of the timing belt side mount? Thanks.
  18. christo

    Looking for solutions to very annoying problem

    I finally switched out the timing side poly mount for a new oem one. All the other mounts are poly, but just changing that one made a huge difference.I couldn't take the rattleing anymore, when there was one I couldn't track down it turned out to be the key in the cylinder. I also had...
  19. christo

    ATR exhaust

    I don't think ATR is even around anymore? Your best bet I would think is ebay.
  20. christo

    Engine oil level gauge

    looking at that picture it looks like the new one has a longer handle? Is the metal part longer?
  21. christo

    Water pump pulley... Custom?

    Unorthodox racing made aluminum replacement pulleys for awhile, not sure if they still make them or not.
  22. christo

    Where to buy Stainless steel exhaust manifold studs?

    Got mine from here, no problems so
  23. christo

    Tubular K member any interest???

    Interested for sure.
  24. christo

    Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Bought headlights and corners from Pot, good price and fast shipping!
  25. christo

    yay or nay

    looks great.
  26. christo

    Some advice needed for Uber build

    Quote: would just like to know an approximate price for this build I would say atleast 20k plus.Quote: 3000gt brakes Stoptechs.
  27. christo

    Front Subframe Bushings Question

    I don't think so. But you can use the smaller set that comes with it on the front cross member.
  28. christo

    BOOSTX rear subframe bushing install

    I installed these quite sometime ago; however, I have not driven the car since. I am waiting on some things, mainly an engine.
  29. christo

    Hotbits with external reservoir

    I know my front JIC's look like they are huge because they are inverted so you see the shock tube, not the shaft. My guess is the DMSs' are as well.
  30. christo

    Soon to come... Tubular control arms & K members and more!

    I also put a payment on a set of arms as well over a year ago and have not seen or heard anything.
  31. christo

    Poly Bushing Grease

    I use white lithium grease on mine.
  32. christo

    Jackstand Balling Crew...

    Quote: on a side note. this sh*t is crazy!! got any pics of that? with out the car on it?
  33. christo

    Jackstand Balling Crew...

    Quote: what kind of balling stands are those anodized red ones?Jack Stands
  34. christo

    Jackstand Balling Crew...

    Not a gvr4 but can i be in
  35. christo

    JNZ Finishing

    Just got my valve cover back from Joe at Jnz finishing. Great turn around time, great price and it came out awesome. I definitly will be sending him some more stuff in the future.
  36. christo

    FS: Rear Wiper delete silicone plug for e39a or evo 1~6 *

    Any idea if it will fit 1G T/E/L?
  37. christo

    Rear Subframe poly Bushings **comming to a end**

    Nice, looking forward to it. Green I hope, I would hate not to match.
  38. christo

    Rear Subframe poly Bushings **comming to a end**

    Got mine, thanks.Glad to hear y'all are working on the mustache brace as well.
  39. christo

    Rear Subframe poly Bushings **comming to a end**

    Boostx,Those look sweet, can't wait to get them.Would you consider doing the Mustache brace bushings as well?
  40. christo

    Rear Subframe poly Bushings **comming to a end**

    Payment sent.Any chance you might do the mustache brace bushings as well?
  41. christo

    Rear Subframe poly Bushings **comming to a end**

    Quote: I have a set of the rear energy units new in the box... they are years old and have been sitting in my garage for some time....Gotcha, I thought they only did the front. Could you possibly take a look at them and grab the part numbers off of them?
  42. christo

    Rear Subframe poly Bushings **comming to a end**

    The only subframe bushings that Energy Susp. makes are for the front. They do not offer them for the rear.
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