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Search results

  1. JDM Window Wiring (As requested by AllanL)

    thank you very much Rich!
  2. Misterfixit's information archive and scans index

    JDM power window scans here:clickthanks Rich!
  3. headlight rubber cover

    i'm looking for these... thanks!*thanks to bobdole for the photos
  4. front end panel

  5. front end panel

    sure will do. thanks!
  6. front end panel

    hey! got pics?
  7. front end panel

    hi! anyone have this part lying around? it's the panel beside the radiator where the top intercooler hose/pipe passes through thanks!*pic courtesy of bobdole
  8. WTB driver side windshield wiper arm

    you have one [or two]? let me know. thanks!
  9. WTB: rear defogger switch

    hi! got one? let me know. thanks!
  10. AC evap plastic drain tube

    looking for this part that goes from the evap through the firewall on the passenger side? looking for 2 possibly... thanks!
  11. So what was your answer to a dead MFI Injector relay?

    they're basically just 2 relays integrated into one housing. you can wire them yourself. maybe relays off 97~00 galants are still available
  12. Evo X turbo

    i would be in if the price is reasonable... :bowdown:
  13. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    thanks Rich!got any for the Pajero/Montero/Shogun MkII?
  14. Can I engine swap a 4G67 to 4G63?

    driver and passenger side supports may be the same.but front and rear roll stoppers may be different between the FWD and 4WD as Iceman said...
  15. Can I engine swap a 4G67 to 4G63?

    possibleecu should be swapped as well.depending on the 4g67 year, some parts of the engine control harness need to be modified.
  16. hello everyone how to define this car..

    adjustable damping panel appears to be just for 'display' front shock mounts do not have the extra covers to the adjustable photos of the underside?euro LHD GTi hatch body with US bumpers..
  17. MAF Question

    maybe for a galant gti?try to search using the e5txxxxx number...
  18. WTB: GVR4 or 1G ECU

    need one. thanks!
  19. Anyone know a part number for JDM GVR4 o2 Sensor?

    JDM O2 sensor:MD127426 for up to 07.1900 modelsMD166841 for onwards models
  20. Factory "boost gauge" signal?

    supply max 5V to corresponding meter panel for the boost gauge.if you have a variable resistor, use it to regulate the 5v signal to check each boost gauge LED.
  21. Correct wiring of JDM fog lights on USDM VR4

    here:in japanese
  22. Get your Galant badges in the right place! Factory specs inside :)

    hey Rich:do you have the decal placement details for the 88~91 Lancer/Colt GTi C5x~C7x?willing to share?thanks!
  23. JDM Galant VR4 Brake Master Cylinder?

    does your rhd vr4 have abs or not?below are the part numbers for the seal kit...non-ABS: MB857841/MR235421 ABS: MB928042/MB928459
  24. WTB: rear doglegs

    anybody got one of each side?color is not an pics?thanks!
  25. Part number On JDM bumpers / Hood

    manuals... part catalog...
  26. Part number On JDM bumpers / Hood

    here you go...i'd be interested to tag along if you could get some of the bumper parts...
  27. CT9A Ohlins & E39A Camber plates

    below might
  28. Is a Evo engine swap on a Galant vr4 possible?

    Evo 123 blocks, though 7 bolt, do not have the mount points for the front roll stopper on the block...
  29. Headlight Chime / Buzzer

    buzzer sits behind the driver side under dash folding pocket.C-08 connector on the European models, as below:
  30. Spatchana (aka Pot)

    Quoting AllanL: Quoting AllanL: thanks Pot!and again...and again...and then again...
  31. Removing engine harness

    no, don't just pull the rubber grommet back...pull the rubber grommet back... AND THEN check the plastic tabs for how it locks onto the firewall.if i am not mistaken these tabs are 180 degrees apart, and need to be PUSHED in/towards the center of the harness.i hope you understand...
  32. Removing engine harness

    behind the rubber grommet, there's a plastic collar with tabs that lock the grommet assembly in place on the firewall.if you remove the tape covering the grommet, the plastic collar will be exposed'll understand how to remove it [i hope] once you see the plastic collar.
  33. Aftermarket rear engine mount (roll stop)

    no chance the press the bushing out of the FWD bracket and press it in the 4WD bracket?
  34. WTB: 2G MAF

    got one? shipping to CA. thanks!
  35. Just signed up - ‘90 JDM Galant VR4

    did the rs have rear wipers?
  36. gotbl4d3

  37. Cad file for camber plates?

    maybe G ha some sources of non-Mitsu CUSCO camber plate assemblies..?just snag the bearing housings...
  38. FS: Part out 91 GVR4, #597, aftermarket and stock

    has anyone received any replies to their pm's?
  39. Cad file for camber plates?

    if anybody has tein or cusco bearing housings for any car, these are universal, I believe.and will fit.the drawing i provided for a 6g galant-specific cusco plate.
  40. Cad file for camber plates?

    you need the rear as well?
  41. Cad file for camber plates?

    which holes?
  42. First log in Tuner Pro..... now what...

    a manual is handy for such...
  43. Is the E38A a vr4?

    go with what your heart pleases. no need to impress anybody. modify the car as you wish. what makes you happy is all that dandanger.
  44. Throttle plate and IPS proper adjustment

    0.5V is 10% 9f 5V. It is the throttle closed voltage.5V is basically WOT.You're basically spot on.And TP is showing it.
  45. Throttle plate and IPS proper adjustment

    This is for a 1G:Before setting the TPS, the IPS needs to be set.Screw in the IPS until it has continuity to GND [using a multimeter]. Screw it in 3/4 of a full turn more. Then lock the IPS hold down nut.TPS voltage range at closed position is 0.48~0.52V.If you have access to a 2G...
  46. Interior Chassis Connector

    pot,looking at the back of the connector:pin 13 is Blue-Yellow? [Check Engine Light] pin 14 is Yellow? [Diagnosis] pin 15 is White? [Diagnosis]if so, this is connector C-09.the harness of the rear lights is on the driver's side...
  47. Rear 3-pont Seatbelt Install

    7/16 x 25mm with lock washer is the bolt size
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