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  1. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    Well now I don't have 12v at the CAS with KOEO. I give up for tonight. I'll be back at it early next week. Your help in spoon feeding me information is majorly appreciated.
  2. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    So...that's the thing. The diagnostic post isn't hooked up in the chassis. I was going to wire it in but that is basically only to get a logger connected but I have no way of writing to a palm pilot with my current PC setup.I'm of the opinion that the CAS is bad.
  3. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    When spinning the CAS manually I have no 5v signal at the ECU plug on either pin 21 or 22 with the key on, I can't hear any injectors clicking either. I also checked resistance on the injector resistor pack (I think I had the right ohmmeter settings) and everything measured zero to pin 3. I...
  4. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    Maybe the ECU is sh*t? There's slight corrosion behind the eprom chip on the board. The capacitors seem to be in good shape with no acid leaks but I'm not so sure about the rest.
  5. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    ECU wire 107 does back trace to the MAF sensor. I'm going to assume that isn't the problem, I'll try spinning the CAS by hand next.
  6. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    Yeah, I had a test light hooked up and fired it a couple times on starting fluid to confirm spark. So the CAS is doing something.I'll check that diagram today. I haven't read .org in a while and am glad this place is still cool, very helpful tech info supplied on a picture with a dick drawn...
  7. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    The car has been parked for a while, I just put 5 gallons of fresh 92 in it. It had barely any fuel in it so I was able to hear the rail fill. I put a few extra grounds from the motor to the chassis. Coolant sensor is plugged in and wires are in good condition. I'll have to try manually spinning...
  8. Injectors not firing on BMW E30 4G63 swap, MPI related?

    Backstory: Complete motor setup has run in a previous vehicle and I've driven the current car recently. I idled it for a while two weeks ago and the next day it wouldn't start. I have tested and have power to the injector plugs, the injector plug ground wires have continuity to ground, and I...
  9. FS: 2G TB Elbow, Fuel Filter w/ -6 adapter

    With the BMW mostly finished I'm cleaning out the parts stash.SOLD Valve Cover in good shape with no cracks or stripped threads. $60 shipped. SOLD2G throttle body elbow, it has a small piece chipped off on the inlet but it doesn't effect function or performance. $12 shipped.VR4...
  10. FS: NGK wires & Walbro pump

    Selling two brand new NGK plug wires, one marked "1" and the other "2". $20 shipped for the pair.Also selling a used Walbro inline 190 lph pump. $30 shipped.
  11. Not running a thermostat?

    Stopped and got fittings after work today. They didn't have exactly what I wanted but I think what I got will get the job done.Now I'm a little concerned that there doesn't seem like there's any room for water to flow around the sender inside the hex shaped fitting but I think as long as...
  12. Not running a thermostat?

    Amazon sells what I need to retain the sender location in the housing itself, so I'm going to order it if I can't find that part locally.1/2" npt adapter.
  13. Not running a thermostat?

    Yeah, it's an E30 chassis with a 4G63 swap. Here's the build thread.
  14. Not running a thermostat?

    Is a 1/2" long chunk of pipe with a 1/2" npt female on one end and make on the other a thing? Spacing it out sounds like the best solution.
  15. Not running a thermostat?

    No go, I switched to a 1.8l upper thermostat housing so there's a radiator cap in that location.
  16. Not running a thermostat?

    I thought about it but where else could I run the sender? We've run the flow restricting plates in our small blocks previously and also gutted a thermostat to create a ghetto one in other cars. Worst case I put one of those in and hook up a temp switch to the fan.It's all apart now so I...
  17. Not running a thermostat?

    I tapped my lower thermostat housing for a mechanical water temp gauge on my motor swap project and the gauge (parts store special) sender I used to mock it up was shorter than the actual gauge (autometer) sender I ended up using. Now it hits the thermostat where it cleared previously. Any...
  18. FS: Volk CE28N 15x7 wheels for GVR4

    Quoting citymunky: James, what size tire did you run? 205/60/15?Don't remember but that sounds about right.
  19. FS: Volk CE28N 15x7 wheels for GVR4

    sh*t my bad, I knew it was somebody you knew who repaired them.Here's what they look like on a Galant in a picture taken with my old 3GS. I'm not sure you would need to worry about them clearing a brake setup either. Remember less weight means less material to get in the way of the calipers...
  20. FS: Volk CE28N 15x7 wheels for GVR4

    Quoting citymunky: If that one rim was streetable, I would have pick them up a long time ago.Nate got them from a car he parted out and had one rim repaired by his Dad who does professional wheel repair iirc. I drove on them for at least a year and noticed that same wheel stopped holding...
  21. WTB: Front doglegs

    What color?
  22. WTB: NT lower thermostat housing & MPI relay

    There's my junk yard angel. It's for my bmw project but I've deleted all of the turbo water lines and like the less cluttered thermostat housing.
  23. WTB: NT lower thermostat housing & MPI relay

    Looking for a non turbo lower thermostat housing and a MPI relay shipped to 55439.
  24. Longer spark plug wires

    Thanks for the information guys, I'll have to call around and see what's available.
  25. Longer spark plug wires

    I wonder if ngk will sell individual wires? I only really need one of the four to be longer.
  26. Longer spark plug wires

    I mounted the coil on the strut tower in my car and now I need longer plug wires, I googled but the signal to noise was bad. I saw 1051 is running them but it was a passing mention. Where can I get a set?
  27. how many of you have a "budget"build on your GVR4?

    I'm at or below $5k on the BMW engine swap. Mine won't be a HP monster build and I'm making most of everything I can but I'm still trying to do it as cheaply as possible. Getting the chassis for $700 helped a bunch too though.
  28. FS: Carbon Fiber Hood Group Buy (Feeler)

  29. FS: 3G MAS Adapter Harness SOLD!

    Donation made, it went to a worthy cause.
  30. FS: 3G MAS Adapter Harness SOLD!

    I'll take it. I'll PM you my info and get a confirmation from hertz tomorrow. I'm going to bed now and will make the payment tomorrow AM.
  31. Starter/ECU/MPI wiring

    Okay, sweet. The key position/wire power state information was super helpful. The problem is that I won't be connecting the wires to a factory harness, so simply tracing the wires on the diagram didn't get me very far.
  32. Starter/ECU/MPI wiring

    Yeah, that was the best post explaining things. I'm starting to remember how I had it wired, I believe one is my fuel pump signal that I ran to there wire relay. The other wire I'm just going to run to constant 12v, pretty sure that'll be correct.
  33. Starter/ECU/MPI wiring

    I saw that but I don't read schematics very well and all I got out of it is that one wire is involved with the fuel pump and the other is involved with power. I wasn't able to determine where the wires should actually go.Your link is helpful, I'm not just able to utilize it.
  34. Starter/ECU/MPI wiring

    I'm wiring up my motor swap project and it's been years since I figured this all out for the Chevette. I forgot how it was wired up and I'm reaching a dead end in my googling so I'm hoping you guys can help.I'm trying to figure out what pin 110 and 108 are. I'm pretty sure I run 102...
  35. 89Mirageman

    Sold me a set of 2G injector clips, shipped quickly and they arrived safely due to excellent packaging.
  36. WTB: 2G injector clip pigtails

    Clips arrived safely today, I'll do a good guy post too.
  37. WTB: 2G injector clip pigtails

    Sweet, I'll send payment out for you.
  38. WTB: 2G injector clip pigtails

    Looking for some 2G injector clips with wiring pigtails so I can solder them onto a 1G harness. Thanks.
  39. WTB: Stock Suspension

    I'm pretty sure I have fronts under my garage work bench. They've been sitting for a couple years but they're yours for free if you pick them up. I'm going to throw them away otherwise.
  40. FS: BG doglegs and door panels

    Selling the dog legs and door panels from my Belize Green car. No cracks that I saw, normal wear and tear otherwise. I didn't clean them up from storage in my garage either, so they'll probably look better after a cleaning.$25 per piece plus shipping. I accept paypal, no extra 3% as that's...
  41. eBay intake manifolds

    I need an intake manifold on my swap project but I'm going to cut it apart to make it fit my rwd setup, so I don't see the point in paying for a decent manifold. With that in mind I'm looking for any info on who to buy a cheap ebay intake from.Thanks for any info.
  42. Took the VR-4 to Buttonwillow last weekend

    Glad you got to experience a track, definitely worth doing if you're able like you said. Awesome pictures and thanks for sharing them. You able to get your tires greasy at all? That's a weird experience the first time you feel that. Brake fade is also scary the first time that happens.Hope...
  43. FEELER: a'pex exhaust

    Quoting G: No it's just cat back. Accepting offers. It's 70 - 75mm.Post a price or the mods will delete your ad.
  44. GSTwithPSI

    Sold him a part without any issues and his communications was prompt.

    I have a 9t turbo off of our Chevette racecar, we ran it at 10psi for three races and it ran like a champ. We shift at 6000rpm too, so it didn't spin for forever either. The shaft play feels minimal and all the threads are intact. I don't recall any cracks in the turbine housing but I'm not 100%...
  46. rst100

    Prompt payment for a part he bought from me and he communicated well.
  47. FS: OEM 92 Wheel center caps - $20

    Center caps from 92 style OEM wheels. They are KG in color and have some chipped paint. $20 plus shipping.
  48. FS: 30 Round AR15 Magazines!! SHIP TO CA OK

    Are the numbers the prices?
  49. Se7enine

    Sent him a fan and he received it and paid promptly. Thanks.
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