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  1. AMS 15th Anniversary OPEN HOUSE Sunday July 10th

    So our open house is July 10th, one week from this Sunday and we draw a LOT of people. I expect over 2000 this year with the one time only specials we are offering for those that buy that day in the showroom.Anyone that has been here understands parking is not the best. we have to get really...
  2. AMS 15th Anniversary OPEN HOUSE Sunday July 10th

    It’s been 15 years since AMS opened its doors and in just 4 short weeks our 15th Anniversary Open House kicks off. As we get closer the details for the event are starting to take shape and what an event it will be.Those looking to attend have the following to look forward to:Massive...
  3. FS: SOLD

    I Still have the IBM laptop I boughvt from you @ AMS swap meet WAYYYYY back.. Works perfect still.
  4. Ever wonder whats inside Mitsu MLS heas gasket?

    Quoting tektic: This:And the flip sides:Now you won't get metal splinters cutting yours up! Your welcomeWelcome to 7 years ago..
  5. FS: 91 Eclipse GSX Auto - Memphis, TN - $3250

    There is way to much wrong with this car for it to be worth $3250.. Its worth way less. Such a high asking price.
  6. Is this a real TRE Transmission?

    Jons a good guy gets busy doesn't really pick up the phone.. Keep trying... send him an email w/the pictures.HOURS: 10am-6pm EST Tuesday - Friday. Closed Saturday-Monday.PHONE: 269.382.2669 closed on MONDAY. I will try my best to respond daily.EMAIL: [email protected] Make sure to provide...
  7. SOLD $5k: 92 White Galant VR4 137k miles (741/1000) $7,500 OBO (San Diego, CA)

    Let the guy ask what he wants for his car. Is it yours? No? Did he ask if he overpriced it? This is what its worth to him let him ask it.GLWS
  8. SOLD

    Didnt goto anybody on board... sold off C/L.. No idea what it went for sorry
  9. SOLD

    car was sold... good luck to new owner. please take care of it
  10. Auto engine brackets + mounts

    -A/T FlexPlate x2 MD735674 -Crank Bushing MD732972 -A/T Plate – MD952138 -Rear Engine Mount Bracket – MD143793 -Both Passenger Side mounts – MD143844 Trans Bracket, Body Side Mount -Starters are Same -The Inner shaft on the Axel on the...
  11. SOLD

    Friend asked me to put this up since hes not a member here.1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (aka EVO "0") #721 of 1000 produced 131kThis is the holy grail of Galant VR4's. Garage kept, all stock and one owner for first 21 years. Original window sticker, new car delivery check list and all...
  12. 22nd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 15-17th 2014 Norwalk,Ohio

    I remember bringing the first auto vr4 there.. Got plenty of WTF's.. Now everybody is doing it..
  13. why it doesnt hurt to clean your used fmic

    simple green works well
  14. Removing tree sap.

    Isopropyl alcohol 70% or more let it sit for a bit so it works in and wash off..
  15. FS: 89 Merkur XR4TI $1000....... Clarksville TN

    Quoting G: Maybe ams wants it?lol i doubt that =)however we still get people calling to this day asking for the 2.3 AMS cam.
  16. Automatic swap into galant vr4 NEED HELP

    I have an IPT shift box sitting around if somebody wants it.. It plugs direct into the auto trans. Just pay shipping..
  17. FS: 2003 Mitsu Evolution VIII GSR $15,900 IL ***SOLD**

    Nah it isnt mine listing it for one of guys here =) No way i'd do an auto evo..
  18. Thinking about converting to automatic..

    and people thought I was crazy when I was one of the first ones doing it... Now everybody is doing it.
  19. FS: 40GB PS3, Dual Shock, new style BD remote, in box - sold

    Dammit!! I was just gonna pm you about this today to!
  20. automatic shifter options?

    I used a B&M Ratchet shifter
  21. Auto swap

    If you search I posted a list of parts needed and part #'s when I did my swap way back when.If your looking for an IPT shift box I have one here left over ill see you cheap.
  22. 1g vs 2g auto trans

    Will also need a TCU or shifter box (easier way).The swap is lot of work but it's fun/different when its done.
  23. FS: ipad 2 16gb

    these can be had for $300 if you look hard enough.
  24. FS: Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student - $30

    I'll take it if by some chance he doesn't.
  25. 10th Annual AMS Open House, Sunday July 24th , Time: 11AM

    Just ordered 200 papa johns pizza's for the event.
  26. 10th Annual AMS Open House, Sunday July 24th , Time: 11AM

    Many of you have been asking and NOW the date has been officially set for our 10th Annual AMS Open House! This year's open house is particularly special as we celebrate our tenth anniversary so be sure to join us. This is an AMS Open House you will not want to miss!What to expect this year...
  27. Anyone AUTO Galant VR4

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a pm.
  28. 1901/2000 has a new home and is getting a makeover!

    Quoting dewman: Congrats on the purchase,Mr. Jones. I too would like to see pictures of your previous Galant. daily driver,huh. You know you gotta go quicker than Mark.If only I had it anymore =)
  29. Splurged on a DSS driveshaft

    Thats very weird when I put mine on there was 0 fitment issues bolted right up.
  30. A/T Swap Parts List

    -A/T FlexPlate x2 MD735674 -Crank Bushing MD732972 -A/T Plate – MD952138 -Rear Engine Mount Bracket – MD143793 -Both Passenger Side mounts – MD143844 Trans Bracket, Body Side MountAll off the part #'s I have on record that I used. I double...
  31. SOLD: AMS GT "850R" Turbo aka Precision Billet w/ PICS

    aits a one of a kind manifold made for that car.
  32. slicks or no slicks?

    Personally I think you could get away with drag radials..I didn't need slicks till I hit 600+ awhp with the auto.. Yea it's a little different but i also had nitrous for spool and that hit hard off the line. Then it was a 1-3 spin w/ drag radials so I upgraded to slicks. Plus I didn't need...
  33. need vented hood, suggestions?

    Here is mine.
  34. Automatic Trans Dipstick Length

    Do you still need this? I'll pull out my dipstick and measure it see if it meets your requirements.
  35. Ebay radiator/hoses

    1g hoses fit pretty much perfect just need to trim the upper..
  36. Auto trans, a good investment?

    I speak from experience.. I have one of the origonal vr4 auto swaps.I ran a stock 1g dsm trans a full season a few seasons ago. Multiple 550+ awhp dyno runs, 20+ trips down the strip, drove to and from track and daily drove it never missed a beat. I even through nitrous at it. If you...
  37. evo dash in a gvr4

    I say do it.. Nobody has done it good luck..
  38. My New AMS VSR Intake Manifold

    All the sales guys are aware he have parts and ready to sell =)
  39. My New AMS VSR Intake Manifold

    We have parts to build 1G/Galant VSR's. I just had them look into it.
  40. My New AMS VSR Intake Manifold

    I Talked to our used parts guy it actually is sold. I am going to check into us making more.
  41. My New AMS VSR Intake Manifold

    Ye unfortunetley we are not making them anymore. The one on ebay is dirt cheap.
  42. #139 goal accomplished: broke into the 10's

    Its really a hard decision. I am in the same boat. DD the car a lot and need a cage.. Which to do? I still havent figured it out and im sure nate is thinking the same way.
  43. I dont want my sunroof...

    It's a easy solution.Make more power to compensate for that 42lbs or whatever it is.. There are more things to be had to remove...
  44. #139 goal accomplished: broke into the 10's

    yea I know I CANT find my 10.2 slip I have looked high and low!! I do have the picture however lol
  45. #139 - CF hood & Nitrous install

    From experience I dont recommend more then 100-125 on a dsm motor =)
  46. [email protected] 21psi.

    brian you should buy my 850R =)
  47. #139: so close to a 10.

    Awesome good job sooo close..
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