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  1. FS: 1991 Summit White Galant Vr4 #50/2000 $2500 OBO Chicago *SOLD*

    I just had it out a couple of nights ago. Late night run from the south burbs, down e-way, then lake shore dr., buzzed through the lower wacker tunnel (no silencer in the n1; lol), and back home via the e-way. That was a 30 mi trip, didn't see "the man", at all. I was riding dirty with expired...
  2. FS: 1991 Summit White Galant Vr4 #50/2000 $2500 OBO Chicago *SOLD*

    Due to family and life the time has come for #50 to go. I would like to get $2500. She still fires right up, runs, and drives, when the battery is charged. The trans shifts well, the clutch starts to slip when you drive it really hard. She sit alot these days. It's night time right now, I'll...
  3. FS: Southbend Clutch Kit.

    Would you be willing to just sell the pp and disc?
  4. FS: trunk lid from 431

    What's the likelihood of you shipping this to Chicago.?
  5. FS: Full 2G partout, 1G/GVR4 parts, Everything

    Wish you were closer I'd take that summit white hood off your hands.
  6. Mystery no start

    I'm happy you guys bumped this topic back up. Here is my clicking no start issue. Turn the key and all I would get is click from under the dashboard on pass side from ecu area. Look closely at the following pics. My clutch switch is good, however, you can see the switch button is going right...
  7. bnib holset hx40 & AMG Rear spoiler (SOLD!)

    Just responded to the pm's. I'm sorry for the delay, I work the 3rd shift and I've been really busy lately.
  8. bnib holset hx40 & AMG Rear spoiler (SOLD!)

    Yep, still available. Boxed and ready to ship.
  9. bnib holset hx40 & AMG Rear spoiler (SOLD!)

    Come on guys, I know someone want these items. My prices may be a little high, but I'm willing to work something out. I just don't want to get low balled, when I know there's some value here. So, are there any offers. I'm negotiable.
  10. bnib holset hx40 & AMG Rear spoiler (SOLD!)

    This is a brand new,never installed, never rebuilt holset hx40 turbo. It has a 7 blade comp side and 12 blade turbine side. All I did to it was add a new bullseye exhaust housing.Here's a link on 'Tuners about these turbos clickAMG Rear Spoiler (3 pc)- It's in great shape and...
  11. FS: Lots of parts! *UPDATED 09SEP!!!* PRICES DROPPED!

    You've got mail, payment sent.
  12. FS: Lots of parts! *UPDATED 09SEP!!!* PRICES DROPPED!

    Interested in the tb/accessories, pm sent.
  13. FS: AEM Air Filter, Tire and Wheel Package in DC

    Pics. A potential buyer might want to see what shape it's in...
  14. FREE: 3 bolt AWS rear end.

    Just sent you a pm, I'm not that far.
  15. FS: Volk TE37 Wheels 4x114 $1300 SOLD

    I've been waiting for someone to sell these wheels in white, bronze, or silver for over a year now. I got out bid by a few bucks on ebay in January '14 on a super deal on a silver set. I'm still 4 lug too, DAMN, I wish I had the doe right now!!!
  16. FS: Momo Hub Adapter Kit - $45+shipping

    Will this work with a Nardi steering wheel?
  17. FS: JDM rear bumper SOLD

    To bad for me I have to save for our family trip in a few weeks. The wife would definitely love that you are 7.5 hrs away in the wrong direction of the sunshine state.
  18. FS: rota slipstream 16x8 4x114

    got any pics?
  19. FS: 4WS stuff

    Can you send me some pics
  20. FS: 4WS stuff

    Hard lines to the rear. How much shipped?

    Do these include the j - bolt?
  22. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    Just got the ignition lock cylinder back from the locksmith. Now to finish up this job and to move on to another.
  23. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    No special socket needed. When you torque it down continue on until the nut part breaks off. This leaves you or someone else no ability to back these now headless bolts out, except for cutting them out.
  24. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    Okay, this is where I'm at with this.1. New parts minus the lock cylinder, its at the locksmith for rekeying.2. New parts go onYou can see the new security bolts here. I'm thinking of not breaking these off, it would've definitely made the job easier by not having to...
  25. FS: Rear AMG Bumper

    Shipped to Chicago. What will it cost me?
  26. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    This is what I did, I had to cut off the security bolts to remove the ignition assembly. That's my knee under the blue towel applying pressure to the hacksaw. Yeah, I know I could've cut this with many different tools. The hacksaw is what I had handy.Instead of repairing my old 23 year old...
  27. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    What I end up doing was removing the ignition switch and wheel lock as a complete unit. I then took it to a locksmith to see if he could remove the lock cylinder. Dropped it off Saturday, I haven't had chance to stop back through there yet.
  28. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    Okay I tried all the above and no luck. My key will not turn at all in the ignition switch.
  29. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    The key will not turn (rotate). Yeah you are right it seem like the lock is on and usually I can just pull and rotate the steering will slightly and the key would turn. Not this time time though, the key will not turn.
  30. Ignition switch and mount replacement

    Every week I fire up #50 and drive her a short distance. The other day the electric company (ComEd) was trying to get in my yard to put up a new pole and hang new service lines, so I go out to move #50 out of the driveway so they can get in the yard. When I get in and turn the key, nothing, the...
  31. FS: 95 BMW 325i convt (southern car) $6500 obo - Chicago, IL

    no offers on this gorgeous bimmer?
  32. ETS intercooler and piping.brand new never used BLACK 695.00 plus shipping

    Tried to reach you on Facebook, no luck...
  33. ETS intercooler and piping.brand new never used BLACK 695.00 plus shipping

    Sent you another pm, still no response...
  34. ETS intercooler and piping.brand new never used BLACK 695.00 plus shipping

    Payment was sent on 8/2/14, let me know when you ship. Thanx!
  35. FS: Subframe connectors made by Curtis.

    Do you have any pictures?
  36. FS: 95 BMW 325i convt (southern car) $6500 obo - Chicago, IL

    1995 e36 325ic 5sp convertible, 140k, gorgeous red/tan/black color combo, southern car, well maintained, great runner, new top, exterior and interior in excellent condition. This car was shipped to Chicago from the south only a few weeks ago, this is truly a beautiful RUST FREE southern car.
  37. FS: AMG sparkplug cover, VC, Misc Injectors

    What's the impedance on the fic 1600cc?
  38. FS: AMG sparkplug cover, VC, Misc Injectors

    How much for the 1600cc FIC's
  39. bigblock4g63

    Ditto. Would do business with again! Bought the 1g fuel pump hanger. Deal was completed without a hitch and he through in some freebies from Morales Racing.
  40. FS: 1702/2000 Part Out SOLD!!!

    Fuel pump sending unit? How much to 60637?
  41. WTB: Fuel Sending Unit

    Quoting johnnyRacer: Got any pics? How much to ship to zip code 60637?Apologies Hittman, I just realize that this wasn't my thread I started looking for the same part. My thread is a little further down. Didn't mean to step on your toes, brother.
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