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  1. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Still have shells left and dsm parts, don't be afraid to buy all this stuff
  2. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Quoting coyotes: worst for sale thread ever!!!Actually for me it has been one of the most profitable threads I've ever posted.. But thanks for your opinion, and the bump!
  3. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Quoting Lglracer352: He said on $10-15 items. Im trying to get a lot at once. But it was worth a try.Its a good try, but I only have 1 or 2 of he things you are looking for. Sorry.Also, anyone that reads this, which obviously isn't the ones that reply on the thread, I DO NOT check the...
  4. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Only if you buy the entire car.
  5. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Well i'm done.(Please read this entire post before you even think of contacting me!!!)I have been receiving a ton of text that have been very short with 2 or 3 words... Please, if you can't text complete sentences, DO NOT TEXT ME!All sales are cash and carry... I.e. I...
  6. 90 awd trans yes or no?

    Oh, im sorry... maybe I should have put a smiley face there also?
  7. 90 awd trans yes or no?

    Quoting RichHenry: iid just like a simple answer. i ahev a 92 vr4. i found a 90 awd trans in mint condition for a super great price. kid says the shifter bracket is the only different. does the 90 awd trans fit into the 92 vr4? yes or no. i dont want a discription. jsut an answer. k thanks
  8. Carbon Fibre Hoods and Trunks ... Hardcore Racers Only!

    Yeah I tried this my self, but never heard back from Karter. click
  9. Exhaust trouble!!!

    I have the Megan 2G cat delete D.P. on mine. The 2 G seems to work a little better on the VR4's from what I have found. I had a 1G D.P. also and the clerance was a little closer to the driveshaft then the 2G.Just my $.02
  10. Quick Question: Which Way -PIston Ring Top/Bottom

    Quoting mitsuturbo: Since when?Most rings have a marking on them. This marking always goes UP, afaik.The Mahle rings i just installed have a beveled inside lower edge on the 2nd ring. They're clearly marked "up" on the top of the ring. This has been my experience with ALL piston rings. There...
  11. Hello to all the recent NEW Memebers!

    Just wanted to say hello since I have been slacking in my usual contact P.M.'s for the new members. Also I wanted to remind everyone about the Picture Post that is in the General VR4 discussion forums.If you would, Please leave a picture of your VR4 in the post with the #(s)Thank you all...
  12. engine rebuild

    The first tip is to search the site. This has been covered many many times. It all depends on what you are looking for and the mods that you are running or planning to run.I personally was running a set of web street grinds, they were just right for what I was doing. Fairly mild. My webs on...
  13. Resonably priced intercooler plumbing, etc.

    Ive purchased from them before also. Its decent stuff, and cheap.
  14. No spark on 1 and 4

    I have run into the problem also, Mine turned out to be the power transistor was bad.
  15. lost dog leg

    They fall off cause they arent held on worth a damn in the first place.
  16. 8.8 in a GVR4

    You could also go for something like this... clickclick
  17. What is this sensor for???

    Try to Convert your picture from a bitmap to a jpeg and you will beable to upload your pictures
  18. FS: 92 Talon 4bolt 6 bolt Combo in Michigan: $900-SOLD!

    Bump for some newbie intrest
  19. deteriorated coil pack outlet. What would cause this?

    Yeah, there was something on tv when I was writeing that.. I didnt even realize it until i typed it.. Subconcious I guess. I just went with it.Also, get some of the wire grease that they sell at the parts store. It will help against the corrossion.
  20. deteriorated coil pack outlet. What would cause this?

    I have seen this numerous times. It is from a worn out wire and a crack in the dated plastic/ bakealite. It just happens to the old coil packs. The one thing that I have noticed, its most generally the same outlet for the #1 wire. This is because of the shorter wire which produces a greater...
  21. Wiseco HD Pistons HIT the oil squirters...

    Sweet. Give me a call when your on your way.231-250-5972
  22. Which 90A alternators will fit these cars?

    Yeah, They changed it because of the "dura-blast" swap out. Before they had all that, they had a different system which allowed them to source their parts from other reman suppliers. Duralast is all their "own" name brand, but buy their parts from certain reputiable suppliers, which package it...
  23. Wiseco HD Pistons HIT the oil squirters...

    Quoting bmod530: BiggerYour squirter is not positioned correctly.It is supost to be angled to the center of the piston a little bit more. It should just clear the side a little so that it sprays the "cup" of the piston. Just CAREFULLY bend it so it clears the side of the piston web.
  24. Which 90A alternators will fit these cars?

    I see you pretty much have this cleared up, but I figured I would put in my $.02.I found that the Auto AWD E, T, &L all had the 90amp. The reason that I found for this was because of the extra power draw for the tcu and electronics in the transmission. When I bought my first alt from autozone...
  25. Bad ecu??

    If you can move the plug on the ECU and have stall out issues, then that is where your first point of issue is. The plugs are known to build up some corrossion and create shorts. I do not remember which pin is the most common, but if you search you might find it.After you figure the plug out...
  26. bad oil leak in oil pump area

    It sounds like you have a bad seal. But you should start with degreassing everything and see if you can spot the source. If it is coming from the crank seal or one of the shaft seals, you will see it start to seep out of the timning cover. If it is something external like the oil line, you will...
  27. FS:1991 Eagle Talon FWD TURBO AUTO $600obo MI.

    Sorry Jeff. I was in a hurry and didnt even realize. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  28. FS:1991 Eagle Talon FWD TURBO AUTO $600obo MI.

    I have a 1991 Eagle Talon that is in need of a new home. It has been sitting in a garage since i did the body work, but the roof is about to fall in on it. Id much rather sell it then to see the building destroy it.The body needs to be painted. I started this project about 6 years ago and...
  29. VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    Bump for new guys and a reminder Pictures with #'s only. No banter please! Thank you.
  30. FS: 92 Talon 4bolt 6 bolt Combo in Michigan: $900-SOLD!

    Price drop! $900 some one please take this from me!!!
  31. Lug nuts whats good and whats not...

    Quoting jepherz: You wouldn't trust titanium lug nuts? Not sure I've ever even seen them.I find it hard to believe bad lug nuts caused anybody's wheels to fall off. I'm guessing they were using the wrong style for the wheels they were running.I beg to differ on the junk lug issue...
  32. Numbers matching car

    +1 Curtis.I started a vin # re-do on a block to see how it would be. I tigged over the vin on a junk block to see how it would stamp. However, I need to find the correct stamps to do it right. The ones I have arent the same script.The tig weld turned out really nice, but it didnt look...
  33. I know I have seen this VR4 before...

    Quoting Charles: Quoting 4Grim: Did Galant VR4's come A/T?Other than Marks AMS GVR4 which he converted to A/T .....I always thought all E39a Galant VR4's were 5 speeds.If you look at the engine bay picture it looks like there is a slot for a clutch master cylinder that was removed. So...
  34. fivestardsm

    Thank you! I forgot to drop you a P.M. to ask how it made it.
  35. 447/1000 vr4

    As everyone else says, its a matter of oppinion. on the other hand though, you live in a state that has very few of these cars. I have only been informed of I belive 4 of them now, with this one being one of them now.Yeah, it is probably $1000 more than youd pay for it in the lower 48, but...
  36. 447/1000 vr4

    Just buy it so you can put up some pictures and get it into the registartion. I dont belive it has ever been on here before, exspecially becasue of the location of it.
  37. What you would like made in Carbon Fiber

    Quoting curtis: Quoting slugsgomoo: Seems like an entire cf roof panel (like AMS does for the evos) or just cutting out the panel and just welding in aluminum rather than just a sunroof plug.If you're really serious about weight that is.I need to get me a dissimilar metal welder...
  38. I know I have seen this VR4 before...

    I found it again... click
  39. I know I have seen this VR4 before...

    Gas savers? click
  40. What you would like made in Carbon Fiber

    Quoting Red_Bird: Spark plug cover in carbon would be nice as well.They have been for sale for quite some time.. clickclickclick
  41. What you would like made in Carbon Fiber

    Here are some mor eideas and suggestions click
  42. What you would like made in Carbon Fiber

    I made it. clickHowever, I am not the first to do this. click Got to give aknowledgment.
  43. What you would like made in Carbon Fiber

    EHhh, something like this?
  44. FS: 1280/2000..SOLD!

    Where are the pics?
  45. VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    Bump for the new guys. Make sure you read the first post.
  46. tein or hotbits?

    The price is the only thing I would say would be better.
  47. My Introduction

  48. New kid on the block

  49. Noob BooB ? about galant #1

    Quoting turbowoplite: Hello. I'm here to answer your question to the best of my abilities, without any abrasive or harsh additives.#1 has yet to be found.I hope this helps with your quest to find this car. Thank you.I definetly need some of your drugs wop... I might even beble to stand...
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