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  1. FS: 1991 G-VR-4 #665 Rolling Chasis and Parts bundle - $4500 - Lexington, KY

    Hello every, sorry I haven't responded to PM's. for some reason I'm not getting e-mail notice.I have accepted a deposit on the vehicle, and it is currently pending local sale.
  2. FS: 1991 G-VR-4 #665 Rolling Chasis and Parts bundle - $4500 - Lexington, KY

    ***SOLD***I've had this car for over 15 years. Unfortunately the car was taken off the road 10 years ago, and life has gotten in the way to putting it all back together. I've since lost interest in the project, and am looking to sell off the chassis and all parts as a bulk sale.Currently...
  3. looking for ideas on a bolt-on exhaust sound dampener???

    Quoting turbophein: will choking the exhaust down to say 1.5" exhaust piping hurt anything?Nope. Wont hurt a thing. You'll choke airflow from a WOT perspective, but you just want to quiet it when idling in your driveway, so no problems. You know those aftermarket mufflers that come with...
  4. Febest drive shaft center bearing support ..Any body here ever used this before?

    For u-joints buy the yoke recall kit. Each one comes with a u-joint, and it's MUCH cheaper than just buying the u-joint separate. You'll just have to press it out of the yolk.
  5. BITCHIN TOOL!!!! Coolant

    Interesting. How much did I run you?That's basically how OEM's fill cooling and brake systems.
  6. Absolutely true of every vr4 ive owned

    Wow, welcome to like, 2 years ago? Maybe longer?
  7. What turbo do you run?

    My point is someone who just wants a quick 300hp dd and someone who wants a 600hp beast will have two very different setup's. One will respond saying they have an Evo 3 16g the other a FP HTA GT3586R. What does that tell you, that is relevant to your setup, if they don't tell you what the car is...
  8. What turbo do you run?

    This thread is basically worthless. Choose your turbo based on your application.What are your goals?
  9. PCV Valve Elimination

    Ideal:Keep the stock hose routing, just put a catch can in the middle of each.So you'd have:PCV valve > CC > IMandCrankcase Vent > CC > Intake Pipe (pre-turbo)There are catch can's designed to accommodate this. I have one of these: click
  10. Have not started the vr4 in a year. Any tips?

    Change the oil, put fresh gas in her, and crank her over.Probably going to need a new battery too.
  11. alignment, still pulls left - am I missing something?

    Do you know accident history on the car?Sometimes the frame is tweaked, and even though the numbers are in spec, it wont drive straight.See if you can find a good shop with alignment tech who definitely know what they are doing. Not just those guys who throw it on the rack and let the...
  12. Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line for a Galant Vr4. Where can get some?

    ^ thisNo reason to replace the hard line unless it's busted.
  13. FEELER: 1991 Galant Gsx Wheels

    From the forum rules:Quote:3. Post must contain asking prices, this is not eBay and we don't do auctions.
  14. missing undercarriage brace...

    Go to the Junk Yard. I think any 1g 4g63 DSM will have it.
  15. Front axle length?

    Quoting PreskitVR4: State side, the L and R axles are very different. The drivers side(us) is twice the length of the passenger.Not quite.The axles themselves are the same length. There is a carrier bearing that plugs into the transmission and bolts to the block that takes up the...
  16. gas tank

    If it;s anything like modern plastic tanks (and I'm sure it is) it's not just one type of material, but a few different types of material that are extruded together in the blow molding process.You can't safely patch the tank. Replace it.
  17. Custom Sway bar?

    ^+1 to what Barnes said.It's actually really cool to see these things made. The straight bars come out of a furnace red hot, and are bent up by a robot in about 3 seconds. It's crazy. I even saw one place where they were moved from the bender to the quench fixture by hand. Just a guy with a...
  18. Evo seats

    Evo seats are basically just Recaro Sport seats. Any car that has those should, in theory, work. If I remember right, curtis's brackets require you to drill the mounting holes anyway, so slight differences in the sliders could be accounted for. It may be possible to make them work with other...
  19. Different sized wheels and tires on car. Dangerous/Harmful?

    Because the wheels need to turn at different speeds, it induced more stresses into the mechanical drive system. While it's wont really do any damage for a short drive, don't drive on it for an extended period. Many manufacturer's supply an undersized spare with their vehicle, but they caution to...
  20. technology brainstorm

    What's the range on the bluetooth? Or are you proposing some other way of transmitting to inside your house?
  21. Hydraulic System Failure: Clutch and ACT 2600

    Doesn't sound like an issue the ACT caused. Probably either corrosion, or my favorite failure diagnosis RPO (retarded previous owner).
  22. Hydraulic System Failure: Clutch and ACT 2600

    What part actually failed?
  23. Another cam thread - different set-up

    Go at it guys. I've been reading along, not much to add though at this point.I think I have decided to give the FP1x a go in my build though.
  24. $200 Turbo

    I'll admit, that's what I thought when I first saw it.But really, who cares? If you know it isn't than use it.
  25. Fans Sensor

    There are actually two temp sensors. The main one is mounted on the lower radiator tank. At a certain temp it'll kick on low, running through that big resistor on the back of the fan. There's also a switch on the t-stat housing which will kick the fan on high if it needs to. Some people remove...
  26. FP RED or FP GREEN?????

    All I see is a lot of e-peen measuring going on, and not a lot of technical discussion. Can we get back on topic or drop this thread? Please?
  27. what are these connections?

    This Diagram may help you out, as well. All those connections are in the main engine/ecu harness.
  28. Im looking for VR4 4g63 NA Cyclone ECU Pinout Diagram

    Quoting ralliartgreece: As far as i know all 1g ecu's have the same pinout so there you go one with wire colors ready.If it doesn't help i have it also on pdfLook in the How-to section. I adjusted that diagram for what was actually on my 1991 VR4 harness. There are differences in...
  29. Another cam thread - different set-up

    Cheeky, if your looking for low end power, I'd actually go with a standard cyclone, not the AMG.Here's some comparison pictures. Also pay attention to Curtis' comments: click (I know you've seen this before, you posted in the thread )I was always under the impression that for our cars...
  30. Another cam thread - different set-up

    Great info, thanks.As far as power band, I'm hoping the cyclone and 8.5 cr will help make up some down low torque, and am looking for a broad power band from the mid to high rpm range. Like DR, I'm not looking for something that's super peaky.DR: did you have a type-o on the Kelfords...
  31. Rock pistons and cyl wall question

    ^1 on what's been said.1) It's a stress riser.2) It's a heat riser.When/if that block fails, I bet it cracks in that groove. I'd stay away from it. No reason to buy a questionable block, unless you plan to bore it out anyway.
  32. Flapper on exhaust side of turbo stuck open

    I'm guessing you want to know why the flapper got stuck? (wasn't really clear in the post)I'd say just examine it vs the good one you have and you should be able to figure it out. Something wore out/broke that retains the flapper it sounds like. Try and figure out how it was put assembled...
  33. check engine light after fresh new rebuild Really? You couldn't put two and two together?Yes, the light lights up (or "flashes"), what else would it do? It'll light up longer when the guide says "long pulse" and light up for less time when the guide says "short pulse".Better yet, get yourself a datalogger setup...
  34. I was told my turbo is not spooling?

    ^ It's a feature keydiver puts on his re-flashed EPROM chips. It's not something you're going to do youself, unless you have the right equipment, and the right knowledge. Some tuning packages also let you do it (ECMLink).The stock 'boost gauge' estimates boost pressure based on the signals...
  35. check engine light after fresh new rebuild

    Go to radio shack and buy one.Quote: and is the light just gonna flash or how does the light work??Did you even read the link geno gave you?
  36. Another cam thread - different set-up

    I was just going piggyback off cheeky's question, as a lot of the information there pertains to this - so no need to double post that stuff - but I didn't want to have info for two different setups in the same thread, confusing people.Starting from the inlet my set-up will be:Evo MAS to...
  37. inputs: evo 8 ecu vs dsmlink in a 1g

    Take this with a grain of salt, as I haven't screwed around with, or really looked at, the Evo ecu, but here's my impression:The Evo ecu is probably cheaper to get/set-up, but requires more work, where as ECMlink is more expensive, but relatively easy to get up and running.They both have...
  38. crank sprocket removal?

    Unrelated, but geno's answered your question, and this has been bugging me in all your posts:It's seize, not cease.Cease means to bring to a stop (an action).Seize means to hold firmly and forcefully.It's a fine distinction, but in the case of an engine that stops rotating: it...
  39. where do I get the connector for the temp sensor in the tstat housing?

    Spade terminals work in a pinch too.
  40. No start when hot..?

    ^ Not that. The valve in the bottom left.
  41. What are these symbols?

    I believe it's the character code for the symbol/letter not translating correctly, so it shows the code instead of what it represents. In that case, it looks like it's a quotation mark/apostrophe
  42. SnoDrift 2011 Jan. 28 & 29

    Who's heading up to SnoDrift this year?I'll be going with a few friends, and volunteering.
  43. source for electrical wire

    Did you at least enlighten him that these cars are FWD or AWD, and therefore very desirable in that climate? Make HIM bang his head against the wall too!
  44. source for electrical wire

    See if you can find a good condition wiring harness from a DSM or Galant in a junk yard. Get the whole thing, then de-pin wires from the ecu connector and pull the wires you need. You probably wont need to find a turbo model, just one with a 4g63 engine. Don't buy a JDM harness, some of their...
  45. Please identify these connectors. *pic inside*

    Here's a little bit of info from when I was wondering about those same connectors:clickFWIW I ended up just taking wires from the JDM harness to repair the busted ones on mine. It was easier than figuring out all the differences and pinouts, so I can't help with how exactly those connectors...
  46. Stock car on e85

    Not to nit-pick, but:Quote:Can i run e85 on my bone stock car with just injectors, fuel pump, safc, chip and a logger?That's not bone stock anymore. That's modified.Lets look at the math, using 300 miles/tank for e10, and 230 mile/tank with e85, with e85 at the numbers you...
  47. Need some help troubleshooting

    Your engine is under a higher load in higher gears. Put simply, this causes cylinder pressures and temperatures to rise, which leads to higher exhaust gas velocity as it exits the cylinder, which then drives the turbo faster. This is why you see different pressures in different gears, with poor...
  48. clutch adjustment?

    If you knew it was a newbie question, why didn't you post in that forum?Also: VFAQ will have the answer to this, and many other questions.
  49. Engine build update Bad news

    Tools you need:Metric socket setPry BarBreaker Bara little ingenuity for those stubborn piecesEngine StandShop CraneTorque wrenchsBaggies for bolts and a sharpie to mark themThat's basically it. Same tools if you want to buy a complete engine and just swap it...
  50. Noise: Only when driving straight and turning to the left

    Wheel bearings would be my first guess.
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