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  1. Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Chris, my login here hasn’t worked in years, thanks for resetting it!
  2. SOLD: 1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD $8000 Boston Ma

    Sale pending . Looks like Spyder will be going back to Florida.
  3. SOLD: 1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD $8000 Boston Ma

    The car is 3200 lbs.I didn’t really do much documentation, but I contributed to a mega AWD swap threat on Tuners with some of my custom parts.clickThey is some really good and really bad information in that threat. Unfortunately you need to read ALL OF IT it see what is what <img...
  4. SOLD: 1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD $8000 Boston Ma

    1996 Eagle Talon Spyder AWD. It started as a rust free, GST from Florida.It is an awesome summer daily driver and Autox car, with very street-able mods. This car took second place in 2016 DSM shootout AutoX! It isn’t a drag car, but it ran high 12’s on a mild tune.Engine mods: ECM Link...
  5. FS: SOLD PTT twin clutch 6 bolt AWD LIKE NEW! SOLD

    Price drop: $580/shipped
  6. FS: SOLD PTT twin clutch 6 bolt AWD LIKE NEW! SOLD

    PTT twin disc for 6 bolt AWD DSM. All wear items are replaced (floaters and ceramic discs). Basically like new! There is just minor wear on the flywheel. $620 shipped!
  7. FS: Nib GAB Shocks &amp; struts

    WOW! I haven't seen a set sense 2000! That is some vintage gold, GLWS!
  8. 1994 Eagle Summit

    The tranny is basically same as 2G AWD. The only difference is the size of viscous coupling.But yes, that was a steal! I have seen rust free(ish) Summits selling $2000-$4000! It is probably worth $300-500 in scrap valueMake sure to join Facebook group for these vans! It is pretty...
  9. FS: FP3052 turbo kit SOLD

    New price: $880 + shippingEDIT: SOLD
  10. FS: Moroso Oil Pan 6 bolt NIB $440

    Brand new! Only taken out of the box to take photos. Those are $550 and you can't find them cheaper!Because of its relatively large size, I prefer to deal locally. But will ship it at buyer's expense.Price: $440
  11. FS: FP3052 turbo kit SOLD

    Price lowered: $900
  12. FS: FP3052 turbo kit SOLD

    Price lowered to $950
  13. SOLD: Cyclone intake with actuator $120

    Final price drop, it will now sit in my basement until it sells for $120 + shippingEdit: SOLD!
  14. FS: FIC 850 injectors SOLD

    SOLDGreat condition, all o-rings are still good! Never ran e85.$150/shipped
  15. FS: FP3052 turbo kit SOLD

    Everything you need to bolt it into DSM or GVR4:Turbo water lines Oil lines with oil filter (recommend getting new filter media, $4 from FP) O2 housing 44mm Tiag Wastegate Dump pipeI can provide more photos.$950 plus shipping or pick it up in Mass
  16. SOLD: Cyclone intake with actuator $120

    I have seen another sell for $80 not to long ago, but it was "ruined" by removal of butterfly valves. I feel like there is ether none available and people pay crazy money for them (over $300), or... it is for sale forever for sub-$100. And nothing in-betweenthis one has a gasket with small...
  17. 89Mirageman Throttlebody Modification

    Can you just use a soda can to make a gasket that has opening for ISC, but blocks off the FIAV?
  18. SOLD: Cyclone intake with actuator $120

    Even lower. I am curious if there is ANY interest in these
  19. SOLD: Cyclone intake with actuator $120

    Another price drop!
  20. SOLD: Cyclone intake with actuator $120

    Lower price. Make me an offer!
  21. SOLD: Cyclone intake with actuator $120

    $140/OBO plus shipping or pick up in Mass
  22. starion/conquest tsi engine

    But cracking heads aside, it is a very different engine. Lots of low end torque and NOTHING at top! I had '86 back in 1991, when I test drove my first DSM (90 GSX). It remember thinking: "This Eclipse engine so happy to rev high!". Both cars were 100% stock
  23. 1993 expo trans

    I used van tranny with upgraded DSM viscous coupler and Shep Racing 4 spyder center diff
  24. starion/conquest tsi engine

    4g54 cracks heads at stock boost levels, I can't ever imagine anyone going to it...
  25. 1993 expo trans

    They are close, but not the same as DSM trannies. The viscous coupler is about 2/3rd the thickness of the DSM, which means that center diff and the other cover are also different. But they are strong! Well, just as strong as AWD trannies, if you want to call them strong
  26. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    Sorry, I just noticed that this thread was bumped up.I haven't put it on the road this year. I am not actively trying to sell it, but I suppose I can be convinced to part with it, for the right price.I bought some RVR rear disc brakes for it (I had them shipped from Australia!), I was...
  27. FS: 1998 Eclipse Spyder AWD swapped SOLD

    Quoting JoeDaddy0: Funny that all replacement parts are Talon. Why not keep it an Eclipse with the awd logo?Because if you are going to create a unicorn, you go ALL OUT!
  28. FS: 1998 Eclipse Spyder AWD swapped SOLD

    Quoting JoeDaddy0: How difficult would it be to put in a Evo X engine and auto in that? Any thoughts?About as easy as installing an STI motor...I can't believe this hasn't been purchased yet!
  29. FS: 1998 Eclipse Spyder AWD swapped SOLD

    I just took three years to do the same project:It would have been SOOOOOO much easier to start with something like this!GLWS!
  30. Fix for Crank Walk

    You need to rebuild the engine with a new crank. If you know why it might have walked, avoid doing the same mistake, if you do not know, get a new crank AND block, just to be sure...
  31. FS: Mofugas Rally Radiator/Intercooler Setup

    That is some vintage awesomeness! But decade of $1000+ FMIC kits is long gone
  32. 3000gt rear diff conversion

    That is the problem, I keep hearing same type of "second hand" information, but nothing specific. I might try PM Nate.
  33. 3000gt rear diff conversion

    I search and search, but can't find any definitive threads about this swap. Has anyone gone ahead with this swap? I ready that English racing did it a while back, nothing specific.
  34. FS: Volk TE37 Wheels 4x114 $1300 SOLD

    Buyer backed out, so wheels are back on the market.
  35. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    TE37s are no longer an option. So price is adjusted accordingly.
  36. FS: Volk TE37 Wheels 4x114 $1300 SOLD

    Sale pending, sorry guys
  37. New guy from Mass with a 4G63 Ram 50 and now a GVR4

    Jeremy, you are a master at restoring cars but you SUCK at presenting them! Now, that it is mostly complete, MAKE IT COMPLETE (install all matching body panels, with dog legs). Then, do a photo-shoot with a good camera! This car will be irresistible!Do I have to bring Mark over to your...
  38. FS: Volk TE37 Wheels 4x114 $1300 SOLD

    Thanks! They look even better with blue lugs . I have been so busy this year rebuilding motors, that I never installed those lugs
  39. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    Officially posted Volk's for sale, so the high price option is about to go away
  40. FS: Volk TE37 Wheels 4x114 $1300 SOLD

    The Holly Grail of wheels!16x7 42mm offset wheels in great shape, no curb rash and true (I had to straighten two when I got them). Comes with 225/50/16 Toyo Proxy R1A tires (with 90% thread left). One tire is a bit cut from rubbing on the fender, otherwise tires are in great shape! I was...
  41. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    Thanks guys! I have added some photos.
  42. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    It used to have AC and cruise control (and I still have most of those parts). So you could reinstall them if you really want to <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> But fitting around the Front mount I/C and piping might be difficult. The 10” front mount core is the...
  43. FS: 93 Eagle Summit AWD TSI - MA - my ultimate sleeper project $9000

    OK, guys, I can’t believe I am even considering this, but… certain opportunities in life have me looking into reducing my car collection. I am not 100% committed to selling it, but I just want test out the waters. I want to see if anyone is interested in buying my Summit. Most of you know...
  44. 23rd Annual DSM/EVO/GTR Shootout August 7-9th 2015 Norwalk,Ohio

    Quoting vr4play: Great to see some of you there. Great to see so many Galants racing this year. I finally placed 1st on max effort even with an almost broken car. Burned up the spark plugs on my second drag pass after turning up the boost. Went 11.9 coasting through. New set of plugs and she's...
  45. WTB: full 1g AwD auto swap or an entire 1g awd auto car.

    If you decide to step up to 2G parts, I have a complete 2G engine/tranny harness. This way you can have an ECU with more inputs and a better tranny
  46. WTB: 6 bolt rod and main bearings - standard

    Please let me know what you have.
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