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  1. So what was your answer to a dead MFI Injector relay?

    VinceSince you were messing around with this, what was your voltage coming out of the MPI relay going to the fuel pump? Mines rewired to an aftermarket relay and have changed the MPI thinking it was bad. I only get a coulple volts to and figured it should be 12. Now thinking ecu has something...
  2. Fixing transfer case mounting threads or use longer bolt

    Have a Helicoil in the front hole on mine also. Plus another one for the front lower trans to engine. I think you might have to trim the coil down a few threads for proper length but its a pretty straight forward deal. Like the others have said, couple youtube videos and once you've done it...
  3. Since the car has been sitting my brakes are rocks.

    I didn't think about the booster. Thanks guys.
  4. Since the car has been sitting my brakes are rocks.

    I haven't had time to try and bleed the system. I don't see any leaks. It will still stop but I'm thinking master cylinder?Any opinions.
  5. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    4532555527189845Good until July 10th.
  6. Feal Coilovers!!

    7k front and rear.
  7. FS: JDM Dash mat $40 shipped ** LAST ONE **

    Sent you $40 for the dash mat
  8. Feal Coilovers!!

    Got everything installed. Unbelievable difference. Car will take a 90 degree left hand turn turn at 45 mph like its on rails. Does not bounce like a lowrider like it did with the AGX struts and the HR springs. I've never had Coilovers before but I'm loving these. Now to get it cornerweighted in...
  9. Feal Coilovers!!

    UPS brought me these today.They came packaged very well and can't wait to see how the car handles after it gets cornerweighted.Yes these are the first ones with the GVR4 front brackets.
  10. WTB: oem carbon fiber hood?

    First post ever and he brings this up. Ban this guy.
  11. Sway bar bushings - what/where?

    I ordered a set from the post above. 4-6 weeks until arrival. I'll let you guys know if they are the same as the Whiteline when I get them.
  12. Sway bar bushings - what/where?

    I called JNZ for a set of 22mm whiteline bushings and they said Whiteline isn't making them anymore. Whiteline said the same thing. I bought a set of the universal 22mm and sanded and ground on them and and by the time i made them fit they were to thin. If anyone finds a line on th e22mm...
  13. Sway bar bushings - what/where? or PM bobdole.The 1G and GVR4 should be the same.
  14. Bulfab Mustache Bar

    How wa the ride on the street? It says solid mount but looks like there is a bushing in the ends.
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