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Recent content by VR4Scott

  1. WTB: Several Parts

    GVR4 Harness Bar Manual seat belt conversion Evo 9 steering wheel with horn Driver front fender (preferable white) CF hood and truck (preferably RS hood)Will need shipped to FL or able to be picked up in Southeast region.Please PM or text 321-274-3759
  2. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

  3. FS: 1991 VR-4 Evolution for sale

    You're going to be hard pressed to get nearly 10,000 USD for that thing. People are selling the JDM models here already in the USA with titles for less than that.

    I guess they aren't on there anymore. You're right. Here is one for $499, free shipping:click

    They are on eBay
  6. WTB: wideband o2 (AEM/Innovate), rustfree rear bumper & shift boot

    I have a brand new in box aem wideband for $155 shipped
  7. FS: Vr4 JDM Manual seatbelts >> $79 <<

    I'll take the fronts but I need the plastic trim pieces as well.
  8. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    4146640130662262exp: 4/17/16
  9. WTB: 1g Eprom ECU or DSMLink/ECMLink(NY)

    Got an ecu with dsmlink v2.5 for $400 shipped
  10. Ebay Aluminum Radiators

    I bought that $138 unit from lasvegasradiators. I have not run it yet but the lower pins are not spaced properly and the upper pins are too close to the engine side to allow the upper mounts to fit properly. The end tanks are also a good bit larger than the actual core, so that adds to the poor...
  11. Partout: #1365/2000 Black 91 CRASHED

    Got any trunk trim pieces? All I have are the big side covers and the rear piece around the tail lights.
  12. 3000GT brakes installed.

    Do you use the ebrake cables from the gvr4 or from the 3000gt? Is there a difference between 1g and 2g 3000gt trailing arms?Cables on the 3000gt arms seem to be about a foot too short. I laid the cables side by side and they are almost identical in length.
  13. WTB: Manual seatbelts

    Want to buy as complete as possible manual seatbelt conversion parts. Shipped to 32807.
  14. FS: Rare Front JDM Galant VR4 AMG Leather Seats

    Quoting 988: VR4Scott... i looked JUAN NAVA have JDM Fender, Front Bumper and Rear Bumper....If he has them, then he isn't sharing with me lol. But on the other hand, why would I want to pay Juan for parts he got from you when I could just give you the money?
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