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Recent content by Vr4junkie

  1. FS: the best shop lights you could ever buy

    Are you still selling these lights?
  2. WTB: full stock exhaust

    I have one but im in bakersfield like 5hrs away
  3. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    Well I got it apart put it in the oven and sprayed the center section with a can of air duster upside down still had a hard time but it came apart eventually.
  4. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    Quoting Tommyd: Just had issues with the same thing on a holset. I put the whole turbo in the oven for 45 mintues, took it out then upside can of compressed air the center section. Came apart very easily after. Tried soaking/heating/Hammer and nothing worked before that.How many degrees...
  5. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    I been using a hammer with a flat head screw driver to open it but nothing even with the housing heated up.
  6. Need help taking a holset turbo apart .

    I have this Holset HY35 that I'm trying to take apart but the exhaust housing seems to be really stuck on there I tried heating it up but still no luck any tips.
  7. Help with water/air intercooling

    I asked a similar question like this while back click ...Belize1334 is running a setup like this.
  8. Pics of dsm input shaft

    Looking to see if anybody here has a picture or can take a pic of a dsm input shaft I plan on using the dsm first gear a member here has some transmission parts but doesn't know how it looks like and neither do I so if anybody can help I would appreciate it.
  9. FS: JDM ETERNA - amber corners, Valve Cover, dogleg, door panels, sideskirts,

    What's the part number for the rear left dogleg?
  10. wet headgasket

    When you received the block and head how smooth was the finish ? On my build I asked for a diamond cut resurface had to ask around since not too many shops did that but the surface was mirror like.At this point if you don't wanna chance it then a composite head gasket would be the safest...
  11. SOLD $5k: 92 White Galant VR4 137k miles (741/1000) $7,500 OBO (San Diego, CA)

    20k click</a> not trying to bash on you but lets be realistic its clean and all but not for 20k not unless your throwing in 3 bad bitches that we don’t know about <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rofl.gif" alt="" />anyways GLWS.
  12. FS: Engine Wiring harness

    Any pics
  13. FS: MI jdm galant vr4 rs $10k

    Why not buy a cheap honda or toyota for mean while.
  14. Rear subframe bushings question

    Well I would re-use the washers just to be on the safe side I had to but I'm using the boostx bushings.
  15. Replacing front wheel studs

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quoting matt92vr4:</font><hr /> Question...maybe we can agree on it lol. With the axles out, how much wiggle is acceptable in the hub? With my axles in, there is no wiggle and everything spins nice. With them out, I can wiggle the hub a little.<hr...
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