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Recent content by Vince

  1. WTB OEM rear Differential (Stock with pump)

    My diff is in desperate need of repair or replacement. I'm looking for an original to R&R my bad one. If the teeth are still in good shape, but needs seals or shims is fine. Washington State area is preferable as I can pick up. Otherwise we can talk about shipping costs.Thanks Vince
  2. Hard to believe I kept my VR4

    Ooohh! Fun with an early Goat!
  3. Hard to believe I kept my VR4

    Do it before parts become a seriously hard to get.BTW I bought 1212 in '93 (second owner), and still have her! Totally unmolested and running strong!
  4. Windshield trim installation question

    Darn.... Gotta go with VR485 on this I guess... Still on OEM glass, so it is hard to refuteI wanted it to be flush Soooooo bad.... But I'll accept the lifted edge on the glass as normal!Thanks all!
  5. Windshield trim installation question

    OuchAfter 100+ reads, I have one yea, and one Nay.Not meaning to annoy anyone, but my memory is having fits thinkin it was all flush. Just a consensus so I can leave the poor guy at the glass shop alone, or jump down his throat and get it re-seated.Have a great weekend!
  6. Windshield trim installation question

    The shop told me they were getting hard to find. Even recomended I consider buying another and storing it just in case.$160ish for the glass...
  7. Windshield trim installation question

    Ouch,39 views, and not a one of them that own a Galant....
  8. Windshield trim installation question

    GreetingsSo after having the windshield replaced, I noticed the side trim pieces did not set flush to the glass but were raised. I was told this was by design as a rain channel.Hard to get a pic with the reflection n such, but if you look close, the red line indicates the widths edge, and...
  9. 15's on the Galant

    Agreed, and good to know, as I was looking at OEM sizes. Probably should buy a set soon before they disappear!Still unfortunate that none of the available compounds are a match to what I run on all other (and past) cars, but they are certainly better than basic All Seasons!Thanks!
  10. 15's on the Galant

    The bad part about even considering 15" rims is that the size tire itself is being discontinued. All performance 15" tires have vanished except for a few remaining basic all season tires with dismal 'soccer mom' compounds.I need tires, but have to look at bumping to 16s rims just to get a...
  11. Help replacong rear axle bearings.

    Thanks IcemanMitsu actually sold the whole assembly (MB569254), hub, bearings, gear, back flange and all (about $200/ea). This was my preference as I can accomplish a swap without serious effort.Now seeing that the assembly is no longer available, I'll have to resort to replacing the...
  12. Help replacong rear axle bearings.

    Sigh...... Well after that fiasco, it turns out the correct rear hub assembly is no longer available from Mitsu..... That leaves me with just having the bearings replaced, which I cant do myself... grrrrrBefore I go to the WTB section, do any of you know of a source outside Mitsu that might...
  13. Help replacong rear axle bearings.

    Awesome... Well, kinda, cause i gotta return and reorder.Thank you all for your advice and words of wisdom.Vince
  14. Help replacong rear axle bearings.

    OK, Thanks... I think...So here (see link) is the replacement clickIt has both inner and outer bearings, so if I understand correctly, a slide puller will separate the existing hub from its mounting without further disassembly on the back side of the trailing arm. Correct?I assume that...
  15. Help replacong rear axle bearings.

    Just another delay that is slightly annoying. I have new Rear axle bearings and hub assembly.Looking at the shop manual, (and other FWD cars I have done) it is a straight forward job.... Until I pull the rotor, and see there is no axle nut or washer. Just a solid unit with no visible...