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  1. jnava

    Fast and Professional. Look forward to continued business.
  2. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    Anyone coming? If you aren't in a VR4 text me 860 383 6272
  3. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    I'll definitely have more free time soon. My EAOS is September and I'm ready to find a contracting job
  4. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    Hehe I expect maybe more non-VR4s to show.
  5. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    James Foster: No worries man! There will be more. I needed to have this one to satisfy initiating the group. The future ones will be much better and over time, all faces will be quite familiar.Besides, I am about to go to sea for 2+ months and did not want to wait too long for the first one.
  6. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    Dave & Buster's 2931 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA ‎ (619) 280-7115 ‎ daveandbusters.comSUNDAY 9th, 1PM.Park in an isolated area of the lot, so its identifiable.RSVP, pm me.Event was created on facebook group.
  7. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    I haven't had a good time lately advertising this, but the weekend of 8th/9th is coming up. Join the facebook group if you can. I would love to meet new people and have some GVR4s displayed out. If you can't make it, no worries, we should be scheduling something at later dates, as I'd like to...
  8. #996/1000

    On Saturday, January 25th 2014, #996 has suffered from Crankwalk.A new block is in search at the moment. If you would like to visit the GVR4 memorial, the car is located at Tony's Lube n Tune (San Diego).-- "I thought it was just a small clutch slippage at first. Before I knew it, it wasn't...
  9. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    Yea I thought of this already. I don't want to be responsible for gathering people with cars and booze. Although, DnB has beer, it's still an option. I'm still prepping the itinerary. I plan on us meeting together in that massive parking lot and including a Rancho Santa Fe cruise for a video. I...
  10. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    Update: Meet will be @Dave & Buster's 2931 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA ‎ (619) 280-7115 ‎ daveandbusters.comDate is still to be determined, but im looking at the weekend; either 1/2nd or 8/9th of March. If you have other inputs, please let me know. I chose this time frame...
  11. Official SoCAL GVR4 Group

    clicktype in the search 'san diego' & '100 miles' radius.
  12. #996/1000

    More good advice, thanks GST. The vinyl would also just be there to hold off my OCD. All the oxidiation and peeling bugs me. But perhaps I might just set it aside and continue to make the car run better before I try to check off all the aesthetics stuff.
  13. #996/1000

    Quoting cutlassjim: Your car is so clean I almost don't trust it. If that makes any sense. Which I know it doesn't.I kinda get where you are going with this, but where would you put this WB? Placement for everything is a big deal. I figured putting it in place of the clock would retain the...
  14. #996/1000

    Thanks GST! I trust your advice. As for the vinyl, I was just doing it for looks, I know it will work. I just havent seen it on the forums yet.
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