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  1. tyeler18

    Wrong Timing Belt Pulley Installed?

    I've been using gates full timing kits for nearly 15 years without issue. Just use an OEM hydro tensioner. It's like $43 for the gates kit on rock auto.
  2. tyeler18

    Engine Coolant Temp Switch (A/C)

    Left, push the wire in towards the tool, flip the lock then pull out.
  3. tyeler18

    Scirocco radiator question

    Sorry I misread, we are using the AFCO which uses 1" cores, I assume this uses a 3/4" core if it's saying 1.5" width. The extra width your measuring is probably just end tanks and not actual core thickness. The AFCO core is definitely plenty here in AZ on 115F days it has no issue. I'd think...
  4. tyeler18

    Scirocco radiator question

    I put the same radiator into a customers 2g with the same spal fan. He's an FP black/2.3 stroker and has zero issue cooling the car. I use the same fan on my X-line in 736 with an FP red and it can cool with the A/C on on it's own almost.
  5. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    Oh i thought you were on a red and that's why you were asking. 260 on a dynojet still sounds low for an HTA at 20lbs. We made 325 on 21lbs on a stock 6 bolt with intercooler and exhaust with a V1 HTA68. Car trapped 118? IIRC. Who tuned it?
  6. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    Never been on a dyno so now clue what power it makes. I'm on pump gas and 22lbs of boost right now so it's nothing crazy. Intake is just a 3.25" pipe into an evo MAF, the evo maf has made 500+ without issue, is there power to be gained without it? Sure, but not enough to make it life or death to...
  7. tyeler18

    TMZ Throttlebody Rebuild or S90

    You're not going to see any performance benefits from the s90 that a stock throttle body wont have. They're leaky POS throttle bodies. Stick to OEM
  8. tyeler18

    Fight with insurance--We won

    How about a thread dedicated to the galant sales? That's how we track the price of e30's on the R3v forum. Makes it easy to pick through previous ad's for insurance.I will say that progressive wouldn't honor any sales ads from forums, craigslist, facebook marketplace, or similar sites because...
  9. tyeler18

    Daily racecar, 736/2000

    This is the Build Thread for Daily racecar, 736/2000. Reply below.
  10. tyeler18

    Coolant issues

    Coolant wont boil at 226 if your radiator cap is holding pressure. You either have a leak in the system or the cap isnt holding pressure. Also if the upper hose was empty when you drove it you don't have enough coolant and probably have an air bubble trapped, hence the small bubbles you're...
  11. tyeler18

    bent power steering hard lines

    Any good hydraulic shop can braze on fittings to the hard line and then build hydraulic hoses between the fittings. My power steering hose on my montero and BMW are both -6 JIC lines brazed onto stock lines with a -6 JIC hydraulic hose then built to connect them. You need steel fittings for...
  12. tyeler18

    VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    736/2000 checking in
  13. tyeler18


    Update time! Had a roller coaster of the past few months since my last post. I had just turned the FP red up some more and a few days later while passing someone, top of 3rd I let out to decel and was greeted by a cloud of mosquito repellent out the back. My intake vent in my hood has ruined a...
  14. tyeler18

    USDM bumpers to JDM bumpers E39A

    Yes you need the JDM brackets and crash bar.