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Recent content by tsitalon1

  1. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Sale pending
  2. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Buy it for her
  3. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Yes, AC works as well. Compressor, expansion valve and dryer were replaced about 3 years ago. Using R134a as I couldn't get my hands on R12
  4. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Price reduction
  5. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: Originally a BG car I assume?Yes Sir!
  6. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Quoting fuel: Nice example at a good price! I would be tempted if it weren't for the distance!- How many miles on the odo? - Original 3-bolt rear end I'm guessing? If so is 4WS still intact? - Was a DSM engine swapped in or does it just have the DSM valve cover? - When was it sprayed white...
  7. FS: 91 GVR4 in Great Condition

    Hey guys, the time has come to let the VR4 go.I've had it for over 12 years and it's been one of my most reliable cars.We have to many cars at my home and it's time to say goodbye.The GVR4 has been in my daily driver rotation the entire 12 years and 2-3 of those years was my only...
  8. Headlights - randomly shutting off

    Haven't done the whole schematic troubleshooting effort but will if necessary..Have any of you had your headlights shut of randomly for seconds at a time?Mostly over bumps, but it "feels" like it's related to the hi/low headlight switch.
  9. FS: galant vr4 part out

    Looking for a good high side AC line with good Schrader valve threads.
  10. A/C line - exchange with Dsm?

    Upper part of valve broke off while trying to remove it...lower portion is still in and sealing....apparentlyNot sure how to get it out once the upper portion (the part the tool grabs) breaks off.
  11. A/C line - exchange with Dsm?

    Thanks guys!Believe it or not, I got the AC working with a broken schrader valve in the High-side port.While I couldn't measure the HS pressure, I was able to vacuum and fill low side till the LS gauge read 30-35, 2 cans.I will look for a new HS line as soon as time permits.
  12. FS: 2 galants are being parted!

    Got a good high side A.C. Line from compressor to condenser?
  13. A/C line - exchange with Dsm?

    Hey guys, I've somehow managed to bugger up my high side ac connection and will require a new high side line.Can I grab one from any 1g dsm or are these specific to the gvr4 (length)?
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