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Recent content by SRDK

  1. OEM Radio Pinout

    HiI have this gorgeous looking OEM Mitsubishi radio that I'm dying to get installed. Unfortunately it is not from a Galant VR4, I guess it is from a 1. Gen Eclipse (because the light is orange).When er plug in the radio the display lights up but I can't turn anything on and it responds to...
  2. Floor mats

    I need a set of new floor mats but I want them to be just like they were back in 1991. Any one has a picture of the orginal floor mats?What color were they? Did they even come with VR4 logos? Were there options? USDM/JDM?
  3. The "Registry"

    799/2000 in Denmark
  4. FS: Original vr4 radio

    I would Like to seen some pictures of it. Sure it is from a 90?
  5. Member Cars section - do you want one?

    Do it ! :)
  6. Spare engine - should I buy?

    Is it correctly assumed that as long as it is a 6-bolt motor then it is the right motor? I'm wondering if there could be internal differences? Strength of the block, crankshaft, pistons, camshafts ect? Even the cylinder head?I only want the best candidate, I would rather skip that deal than...
  7. Spare engine - should I buy?

    Unfortunately, it seems that it is not currently possible to upload pictures to the forum :/I dropboxed em: pictures
  8. Spare engine - should I buy?

    A 4G63T engine just came up for sale. According to the sales ad, the engine comes from an ´94 Eclipse with 124k km (77k miles).The ad contains a picture of a tag used by junkyards in Denmark. The tag suggest that the motor has been dismantled in ´09 and that the condition is “B2” (May have...
  9. Sold: CM 3" Stainless Exhaust

    How much for that cat?
  10. Correct wiring of JDM fog lights on USDM VR4

    Finally, I have now acquired a JDM Evo spec front bumper and the correct fog lights. I have an ambition to connect the fog lights OEM style. Is there a good guide to it?
  11. OEM steering wheel options

    Just Got this JDM wheel today Will be needing a retrim
  12. Part number On JDM bumpers / Hood

    Prepare to wet yourself - just got this today
  13. Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    When I saw that the light was orange, I also suspected that the radio probably came from another Mitsubishi. However, I imagine that it is possible for me to change the color.I have no reason to believe that my wiring harness should have been anything other than original.I do not think my...
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