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Recent content by Specter

  1. Need your opinion on crank and bearing (PICS)

    I guess you need a very good machinist to run machined cranks. I am running a machined crankshaft right now, the bearings are weak and crank has marks you can feel. It might be a bad machinist, or contamination during assembly, or could be oiling issues.But I cannot trust the machinist around...
  2. Need your opinion on crank and bearing (PICS)

    Thanks for the response.I have read the post on our forum regarding drilling out the balls to clean out the crud behind them and allow better cleaning. Sadly, the machine shops are not very good around here. So lets see how that goes.I was also of the opinion that i need bearings. Although i...
  3. Need your opinion on crank and bearing (PICS)

    Hi AllJust to give you the background, the existing block I am running is weak. Therefore, I got a seperate engine as backup since I anticipate that existing crank would be spinning bearing soon.Following are the crank pics (Rod only)Following are the rod bearing picsJudging...
  4. No Spark. Found no pulse at Pin 10 of Ecu - EVO III ecu/ wiring - HELP PLEASE

    Firstly, that is a pretty decent kit! Would get one soon.Secondly, prior to firstly, my car ran for 2 days straight no issues, it was fine when I had a female friend for a long drive in the car .It has been parked for three days and now that i am cranking it, its doing the same crap again...
  5. No Spark. Found no pulse at Pin 10 of Ecu - EVO III ecu/ wiring - HELP PLEASE

    Hey toybreaker!Good to see your post after a long time! I dont visit these forums much, caught up with life.I found the problem. Its cam angle or crank angle sensor grips. As soon as i unplugged them both and plugged them back, i had pulses flowing through both the pin outs and car started...
  6. No Spark. Found no pulse at Pin 10 of Ecu - EVO III ecu/ wiring - HELP PLEASE

    Dear AllLately, on several occassions, my car started sputtering after cranking, as if running on 2 cylinders. However, it stablized after few seconds. Now the problem is permanent. The car starts, sputters, and shut itself down. I looked at the transistor out towards the coil pack, there was...
  7. 7 Bolt Cranks

    Hello Guys!I read somewhere online that all the 7bolt cranks from Evo 1-3 and Evo 4-9 are the same. Is it so? I tried searching for discussion on this topic but didn't find any.
  8. WTB: Dash AC Vents

    I forgot to mention I have a RHD galant. I don't know if the vents between LHD and RHD are different
  9. WTB: Dash AC Vents

    Hey!I am looking for the dash ac vents, all of them, the small ones on both end of the dash board, and bigger center one. I need to the complete working instrument with the option of moving inside vents to left and right, and the outer vents to up and down directions. However, I am located in...
  10. Dogleg with more "flare"?

    You could also find the same mudflap with thicker rib cage. That one looks way better then this thinner rib cage flap.
  11. Any one from Riyadh -Saudi Arabia?

    Oh...only if I had a time machine through which I could go back in time and meet you :P
  12. Any one from Riyadh -Saudi Arabia?

    Any member here from the city of Riyadh - Saudi Arabia? I am here for a couple of weeks and would like to meet some fellow member, if there is one.
  13. Built Evo 8 : PT6766 or PT7175 turbo?

    I have also heard about a hybrid setup, running a twin scroll manifold and a single scroll PT7175 turbo. I would like your opinions on this too..though i dont see how it can benefit.
  14. Built Evo 8 : PT6766 or PT7175 turbo?

    My friend here is building his evo 8, he has already imported a totally built head and block from USA which has costed him a lot of $$$$$ and is waiting for his drivetrain parts. The next thing he has to order is his turbo and manifold. His goals for his evo are around 900hp-1000hp mark.My...
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