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  1. Replace your ECU Capacitors or your car will explode. Srsly

    Hi guys. I make a habit of replacing the capacitors on any electronic control board including ECU's that are over 10 years old. It's very easy to do yourself. With Mitsubishi ECU'S, I also replace the ignition power circuit diode. (Only very fat on the circuit board) Costs about $15 Australian...
  2. Replace your ECU Capacitors or your car will explode. Srsly

    Have done mine and also replaced the large ignition diode. Very easy to do and huge difference
  3. E39A engine and transmition identification

    hi there.I have a 1988 E39A VR4 sedan as my daily driver. At 235 thousand kms the engine is getting a bit tired and am going to replace it. I have 3 spare good ones to choose from and would like to use one as close as possible to the build date of the car. I would like to know if it is possible...