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Recent content by Sean92AWD

  1. 372/1000 build thread

    The wheels were 17 Rota SVN. Yes it was the JMF small battery kit. I was going to put the battery in the trunk.
  2. 372/1000 build thread

    The previous owner to me it had a VPC GCC 50 trim and ran absolutely horrid. they were the ones who hacked up the harness and put the mismatched panels on the car. They also removed the power steering which i was going to replace. I bought it pulled out the VPC/GCC the bad turbo and the damaged...
  3. 372/1000 build thread

    Looks good man! Ill have to look around and find some pics when i had it.
  4. NO LONGER FS: 92 galant vr4 372/1000 k grey western ny $4000

    Man i shoulda kept this car. I did alot of work tryig to fix all of the hacked up stuff in it and spent alot of money on the bumpers and other misc stuff i had. Do you still have the certified exhaust with the HKS carbon Ti?
  5. water somehow leaking into the inside of car, what is it?

    I managed a body shop for 6 years and dealt with numerous water leaks. First as someone said pull the seats and carpet out then have a buddy spray water in certain areas of the windshield/cowl(dont just spray randomly youll never know where it was coming from. First instance you see water have...
  6. #139 - CF hood & Nitrous install

    Looks good Nate! Good luck!
  7. FS: Go Away People

    My hood fit pretty good. I will never buy another trunk though. 5 hours of drilling and cutting and my center light section still didnt fit.
  8. FS: 372/1000 Hartford CT $4500

    1992 Kensington Grey VR4187xxx milesBought it last April with plans to make it a fun weekend car to go cruise in or whatever. Times hae changed and i am extremely slow at work now so i am forced to sell it. The only thing it needs is a pint job. The previous owner put silver fenders on...
  9. Don't Buy a NY VR4 or Anything!!!

    May be only Mass. In CT i put in the mileage and they put it on the title.
  10. turboflanagan

    Just got the mats today. OUTSTANDING!
  11. Dyno Day Results!

    Nice numbers man. I am hoping to be right in that area on my E3 before i upgrade.Only differences are. I have a 255 rewired, 660's, AFPR and a MAFT and stock cams.
  12. ??? how many 1992 Galant VR4 out of 1,000 is there left ????

    I have 372/2000. JSB currently.
  13. New paint

    Quoting G: ^ You have any experience with glasurit?I never like spraying glasurit it seemed too always orange peel and not lay flat. I sprayed Sikkens at the shop i managed and its probably the best out there.
  14. 1781/2000 now in Antioch CA...

    Quoting uncleben4rice: Brian and Turbowop... you are both on the west coast... lets stop all this talking and bickering and do some VR4 drag racing this summer...and then I can show you how much I know about aint rocket science..big bank will always take little bank in racing ... 16g...
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