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Recent content by scottinalaska

  1. Installing new engine - Engine and trans out the top, bottom? or just the engine

    Curious what methods folks have found most effective. I am putting in a new engine and clutch. No work on the transmission. Does it come out easily enough through the top by itself or do I go ahead and pull the whole engine/trans together? Or...out the bottom?Thanks for your contributions...
  2. when upgrading to a 2.2 stroker, should I upgrade to bigger injectors?

    Perhaps you are right. I also run a 97 Toyota GT4 AWD and have those pressures with my uprated turbo. I figured this could happen here as well, but I risked running it lean if I couldn't support it with more fuel. That was what I was trying to avoid.
  3. FS: left front Motor mount -Torque Solution - sold

    I used it for 100 miles and the wife complained she didn't like the extra vibration. So back to factory! All yours for 50 bucks and I'll cover the postage too.907-885-7700 [email protected] hating life trying to integrate a photo here. Wish it was easier. click
  4. when upgrading to a 2.2 stroker, should I upgrade to bigger injectors?

    It comes with a Stage2 head and upgraded turbo and exhaust manifold, but still running a stock ECM. I understand I may have just walked into having to support this fresh engines with more and more stuff (should have just rebuilt the factory one!). But I was checking with the experts on their...
  5. WTB: 2.5" or 3" downpipe? Anyone?

    Decent shape is fine with me. Or any other exhaust component further down the line?Thanks, Scott
  6. Just bought a stroker and have a head question

    Donnie, what do you mean put "copper wire" in the grooves if I wanted to run a metal gasket? I don't see what grooves I'd put it in, let alone copper wire. Thanks.
  7. Just bought a stroker and have a head question

    The head has raised metal O-rings. The block, as pictured below has no corresponding grooves. There appears some faint marking like "maybe" there was some kind of grooving in the past. But it came with a Multiple layer metal gasket. It was a build from ten years ago that was NEVER run, just...
  8. Just bought a stroker and have a head question

    He built this a few years ago and never finished assembly. He has no paperwork on it but a few notes. The bottom end has Arias stuff all together in the block (I'll post about that later. But the head with the 3 layer metal gasket is sure pretty. Apparently, he has some nice cams and titanium...
  9. WTB: Built engine or partially built or some rods and pistons?

    Real simple. Call me lazy, but maybe someone has a ready to go engine...or a long block or short block that needs little or a little something? Mine lost a seal and then lost the oil. So, lots of swarf throughout before it locked up. My poor 92 is due for another 2.0 or maybe a stroker. What...
  10. Is a JDM VR4 2.0 engine any better than a US one?

    So it sounds like really, if I found that rare Evo one or two engine, I am really only getting 4 bigger injectors and a better turbo. Everything else is the same. Am I correct?
  11. Is a JDM VR4 2.0 engine any better than a US one?

    Thanks for the insight there. Is there a visual way to tell the difference easily? Would yellow top injectors be a giveaway? or something on the turbo? These are just situated on pallets usually. When you say a "later Evolution" model, would this be post 1992? Meaning maybe I should be looking...
  12. Is a JDM VR4 2.0 engine any better than a US one?

    Since I blew mine up, , I was thinking about dropping in a 50K mile JDM one. It has this "Cool" "Cyclone" intake on it and all too! It comes with the ECM and transmission. So I was wondering if there was any advantage from the Jap market. I realize the Jap ECU will request better octane, so...
  13. WTB: driver's automatic seatbelt assembly - the motor part

    Anyone? I had a large driver in my car who didn't realize that the seatbelt clicking away and not all the way engaging down was not correct. After 15 miles, she pretty much stripped it out, I am afraid. Geez. Last time I load the car out to a fatty.