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Recent content by Scott Y

  1. New Owner Of 1546/2000

    It may not mean anything, but just in case... If the car hasn't had spark for a long time, and you've done a lot of cranking without the engine running, the cylinders might be washed out with gas and compression readings become very unpredictable. You might get a different result if you can...
  2. SOLD: White '92 953/1000 CO, $7000

    So, who got this car? What's happened with it? Just curious, I used to own it and stumbled back onto the board and saw that the car has moved again.
  3. May 18th VR4 meet&greet COLORADO

    Something you guys should consider is having a meet during the monthly Golden supercruise. If you've never been to one, you're missing out. A couple thousand cars, I spend hours and hours just watching the sheetmetal roll by . Back in the days when I still had the GVR4 I took it there and it...
  4. FS: Noah Galant-specific car cover $120 + ship

    This was on the car for a few months in '08, and has been in its box ever since. Car was intensively washed before the cover went on, and the cover remains in nearly perfect condition. Includes cable lock.
  5. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Sale pending. Thanks for all of the kind words, I'll post when the car is either sold or still available.
  6. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Did a compression test with the engine up to temp. Right around 120 across the board, for this 6000' altitude that's pretty darn good. Applying conversion of .839 for altitude (from here ), and it puts compression at 143+. Pics of the measurements:cyl1:cyl2:cyl3:cyl4:
  7. Ideas for new battery/relocate

    Bunch of pictures here . It puts the battery where the stock aircleaner used to be. I haven't had a lick of trouble with it in this location. I did have to drill a hole in the front stock aircan mount and lower it a little bit so the battery sits level.
  8. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Tuned by: me, with help from fellow DSMers with a specific call out to BigLady112 who donated his tuning expertise on multiple occasions. In that tune the best the car ran was [email protected]13.5 at 5800' elevation. It ran consistent mid 12s at 112+, weight w/o me was 3350lbs, it's a full weight car. I...
  9. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Additionally, I have a spreadsheet with the maintenance records of when things were done to the car, I tried to cut/paste it but it doesn't format very well.
  10. ------SOLD----- FS: White '92 953/1K. CO, $6000

    Pre-emptive first question: why are you selling it? Answer: We had an emergency and had to take our daughter to the hospital last week. None of our vehicles were appropriate for the task. I couldn't sit directly beside her in our Mazda5, my wife won't drive the Galant, and the Civic was too...
  11. Going back to a single disk clutch

    Another report for how awesome Mr. Zimmer is. He dealt with countless emails/phone calls/IMs when I was searching for a clutch and then settled on the SS-X based on his recommendation.When I first got the SS-X and the kevlar disk it was good. The car is probably around the 400hp mark, runs low...
  12. Why do you love this car?

    It's really hard to qualify. I've got many years into it, and I know all of the goodies and all of the foibles. Invisibility on the street is a good thing, and it's nice to have something different at the strip, something that generates interest and conversation after making a decent pass. I'd...
  13. Trying to look for a Good radiator, your thoughts?

    I went to radiator barn years ago, and it's been fine. All metal, no worries, perfect fitment.
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