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Recent content by rost

  1. - WTB/WTT: Galant VR4 -

    Price Range:your asking price Location: Monument,CO Range: any,will pay for shipping to CO Contact: email: [email protected] or text 8182902764 Details: Looking for galant vr4,eclipse gsx,evo.Not looking for a project,the car needs to be in good running condition,with everything sorted...
  2. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    SOLD! Quoting trexn8: You better act a little nicer if you want to sell that thing.
  3. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    Please,do your own research.This is for sale post,not a discussion post.Thank you.
  4. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    Yes.Stiffen the chassis.Very rare piece for our cars.Pretty sure you cant find it for sale for our cars,but who knows.Quoting mooserage: Yeah I believe its just meant to stiffen the chassis across the c-pillars. I've never seen one for a galant before though. Is it a custom piece?
  5. FS: interior brace bar or c-pillar bar

    Hi,i have this brace bar i want to sell.$100 shipped continental US.
  6. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    Wheels are sold.
  7. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    First pic was just a reference pic only.They are 4 x 114.3Quoting belize1334: 1st pic is 5-lug wheels. But the ones on car are 4-lug. Odd.Also, what dunlops are those?
  8. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    Wheels and tires are almost new,no damage or even scratches on the wheels.One of the tires has some fender rub scratches(not from the galant),tire itself is great.Less than 1k miles on the whole setup.Rims are 17x8j,30 offset.On my car they were flush in the rear,front almost flush.I will post...
  9. FS: Rays ( Volk ) 707 daytona wheels

    I have a set of almost new 17 inch Rays 707 daytona wheels with almost new dunlop tires 225/45zr/17(less than 1k miles),asking 650 obo.
  10. N00b

    Wow,this thread went south quickly Anyway,Ligo,welcome to the forums.And dont crush that car What are your plans for the gvr4?Are you going to build it?
  11. Power door locks?

    Adorsey,could your problem be 100amp fusible link related?When my alternator went out,it burned 100amp fusible link and it took all the good stuff with it(windows,heat,a/c,etc.) Replaced the alternator and the fuse,and all back to normal.
  12. Hello.... New to the forum....

    Looks like a spam to me.
  13. Bump stops on a lowered car?

    Nobody knows?
  14. Bump stops on a lowered car?

    Im about to replace my struts/shocks and i got a set of new bumpstops to go with them.What i was wondering is,since the car will be lowered about 2" all around,do i need to cut the bumpstops?I've read in one of the posts that you have to cut rear bumpstops,but i dont remember how much...
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