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Recent content by ozlancer1

  1. ozlancer1

    Super VR-4

    No sir I am not. I just got it a couple months ago. Why do you ask?
  2. ozlancer1

    Super VR-4

    Took the car to it's first show this weekend. An event called the Junkfood Meet, which is a combination car show and food truck festival. The car got a ton of attention and I met and talked to so many people about it. Was a great day and I was honored to take home the award for Best JDM!
  3. ozlancer1

    Super VR-4

    So I was able to dig up some more info on the car. The build was significantly more in-depth than I had realized. Really found a true gem with this one.Motor was built, balanced and installed by Naprec in Japan Evo 2 +1mm oversized pistons Aftermarket springs AMG titanium retainers Mirror...
  4. ozlancer1

    I'm Back

    Damn that's a serious build! Looks like you're gonna make some crazy power. Looking forward to seeing some pull videos!
  5. ozlancer1

    Hey. New 6G Owner

    Love what you've done with this thing. That paint refresh made a world of difference. (y)
  6. ozlancer1

    Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    Wow what a project! I love seeing all the progress though! You're definitely a braver man than I though lol. Excited to see more progress on this!
  7. ozlancer1

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    It's awesome! Very well built, tons of fun to drive and gets a lot of attention everywhere it goes. Had a few small things to address, which most I've already taken care of. Just kind of stinks I didn't get it until the end of the summer. Been trying to enjoy it as much as I can before putting...
  8. ozlancer1

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyone! I just recently purchased a JDM 1990 Galant Super VR-4 and found this forum as I was doing some research. I've been a car guy since before I could drive, and have a love for pretty much all things automotive. I've always leaned more toward the show car world, and built several show...
  9. Super VR-4

    Super VR-4

  10. ozlancer1

    Super VR-4

    This is the Build Thread for Super VR-4. Reply below.
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