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Recent content by number3

  1. FS: HKS Wastegate to exhaust manifold flange

    HKS Wastegate to exhaust manifold flange Roughly $40 new or at least it was when I bought it. $18 shipped or free if you buy a Scatter Shieldlink
  2. sold: Hallman Manual Boost Controller - Evolution Pro - $109.00 shipped

    HBC (Hallman Boost Controller) Evolution Pro. BNIB (brand new in box) Click link below for details. The lowest cost and best way to adjust your boost pressure. $172.00 new$109.00 shipped to lower 48
  3. FS: QNAP TS-869 Pro with 24TB harddrives

    I use these too. Good stuff.
  4. FS: E39A Harness bar - NOW ON SALE SAVE $80.00! special

    Step right up! Please get in line... no pushing! I will have 2 maybe 3 more E39a (Galant) harness bars ready to ship in the very near future. It is first come first serve.$200.00 each shipped to the lower 48 [email protected] is paypal I also take check and money orders. Check...
  5. FS: 1G/GVR4 AWD transmission scatter shield

    Brian,It is on it's way. Look for extra sticker logos and a T shirt the box.
  6. FS: 1G/GVR4 AWD transmission scatter shield

    Yes.Please paypal to [email protected] you very much.
  7. FS: 1G/GVR4 AWD transmission scatter shield

    I responded to you private message here on the board.
  8. FS: 1G/GVR4 AWD transmission scatter shield

    I will also include a 2" x 6" sticker with your order with the free t-Shirt. While supplies last.All the profits go to charity by the way, as they always have.
  9. FS: Three-Speed Stickers

    Paypal is in the first post.thank you,
  10. FS: Three-Speed Stickers

    Correct.$1 is my cost but I want everyone to have one!
  11. FS: Three-Speed Stickers

    Details [email protected] is the paypal address