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Recent content by newpoppop

  1. FS: 91 gvr4 part out cedar falls ia

    im looking for good (grey)visors, and clips. price to 08027thanksChris
  2. quick AC relay question 91 GVR4

    Well, I didn't get any direct reply here so. the relays are all the same. pn 056700-5260, for teh next guy that gets a car with none installed. thanks POT,Chris
  3. Much needed help sent by way of POT

    I was stuck trying to figure out the relays for my AC since PO had removed most of them. no replies to the post for info here. I reached out to POT who was parting a 91. he was able to verify that all relays were working and sent me both the under hood ones as well as the under dash ones for a...
  4. quick AC relay question 91 GVR4

    can someone please tell me what the part numbers are for the relays in your fuse box?? i found mine were empty, and in researching them at rockauto, they show multiple parts with differing pin out descriptions. like 1-2 coil, and 3-4 switch., then another right under neath it in the list for a...
  5. Cold starting issue

    thanks, I will check that tonight.
  6. Cold starting issue

    I have searched on here and have not found this issue, here goes. cold start, have to initiate cranking 3 times before engine fires up, all the time when cold. when warm, it fires right up, if hot, may take a couple tries, on the first couple hot tries, it may run, but sputter, and die when I...
  7. FS: DNP Manifold and 2.5" Exhaust! - NJ

    woodbury is in south jersey.
  8. shifting is still the same after new parts installed.. Please help

    can that be put in the right position and welded??
  9. WTB: ECU Extension parts.

    sorry, found one locally. thanks for the offer though
  10. WTB: ECU Extension parts.

    cool. how much shipped to 08027?thanks Chris
  11. WTB: ECU Extension parts.

    I need to make an ECU extension, and need to locate both connectors, any help or guidance would be appreciated. thanksCHris
  12. WTB: good cond visors and clips

    sorry, sunroof car. thanks
  13. WTB: good cond visors and clips

    Looking for good cond visors and clips that hold them up. For a 91 VR-4. shipped to 08027thanks Chris
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